Toward the Terra Characters

Toward the Terra is an anime series in the Toward the Terra franchise
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Jomy Marquis Shin

The main protagonist of the Toward the Terra series. Jomy inherits the title Soldier and leads the Mu to Terra in order to find peace for the Mu

Jonah Matsuka

Matsuka is a Mu who has unyielding loyalty to Keith Anyan.


Karina is a friend to Jomy and is the first Mu to bear a child.

Keith Anyan

The main antagonist of the Toward the Terra series. Keith is the brightest student on record in the history of Educational Station E-1077. he is best friend to Sam Houston. Keith aims to join the elite organization that leads humanity, The Members.


Maria Shin

Jomy's Adoptive mother


Miss Physis is a fortuneteller of the Mu who helps lead the Mu to a peaceful future. She is often called Goddess of the Mu by Soldier Blue.

Sam Houston

Sam is the kindhearted childhood friend to Jomy Marquis Shin. He was also a student aboard the Educational Station E-1077 where he met and befriended Keith Anyan.

Soldier Blue

Soldier Blue is the first leader of the Mu people. He has grown weak and tired though his long journey.

Swena Dalton

William Shin

Adoptive father of Jomy.

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