Touta Matsuda

Touta Matsuda is a anime/manga character in the Death Note franchise
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The youngest member of the team of officers trying to track down Kira. Sometimes his naivity can get the better of him and he often places himself in huge danger because of his actions

 Matsuda is often outspoken in the group; he always tries to offer his assistance, often without telling the group and putting his life at risk. He takes a liking to Light and is also a fan of Misa, as he is upset when he has to fake his death and cannot be her manager anymore.  
Matsuda is very simple and quite an average man, he often thinks on his feet and makes decisions very quickly and is quick to voice his opinions on the Kira case. He also often wonders whether or not Kira is doing the right thing or not by killing criminals. He is also very good friends with Soichiro Yagami and is often shown speaking to him.
When Light is revealed as Kira at Yellowbox Warehouse, Matsuda is the most shocked of the team. He has always liked Light and is outraged to learn that he had been fooled; he is particularly upset, asserting that Light's actions had led to the death of Soichiro. Matsuda succeeds in saving Near's life by shooting Light's hand, causing him to drop the pen that he was writing Near's name with. Matsuda shoots him several more times to stop Light from writing Near's name in his own blood. The enraged Matsuda nearly kills Light with a shot to the head, but he is stopped by the rest of the Japanese investigation team. 


Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Sota Aoyama
Vincent Tong
Ryo Naito
General Information Edit
Name: Touta Matsuda
Name: 松田 桃太
Romanji: matsuda tōta
Gender: Male
Birthday: 12/14/2010
1st manga book: Death Note #1
1st anime episode: Death Note #2
1st anime movie: Death Note
Aliases Taro Matsui
Tota Matsuda
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Death Note: The Last Name


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