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Tournament is a anime/manga concept
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A sport where teams of five attempt to sink an orange ball into a hoop. It is a western sport in origin but is popular in Anime as well.


A person who is the best at a sport/tournament/contest etc.

Fan Service Fight

A battle that features excessive fanservice.


The character knows well how to defend him or herself.

Martial Arts

Seen in just about every form of anime at least at one point. The key component that makes Shounen popular among boys. As well as Ancient art in itself


One of the strongest teams in Fairy Tail, they are Laxus's personal bodyguards. It consist of Fried, Bixlow, and Evergreen.


A common theme in many mangas and animes.

Vampire Lord Tournament

VLT is the main event in Rebirth, lasting almost 2 vol's (21-22). In in the underworld will decide is the lord of the vampires and who will rule over the vampires of the world.

World Martial Arts Tournament

The World Martial Arts tournament is the largest gathering of the greatest fighters across of the world in the Dragon Ball series.


Known as Puroresu in Japan which is a mode of spectacle, combining athletics and theatrical performance.

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