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Asuna Kagurazaka

Asuna Kagurazaka is a member of Negi's class and his surrogate guardian. A hot headed girl who has great strength and an ability to cancel magics. Most of her own past is unknown to her.


One of Laxus's bodyguards who help him to start the battle for Fairy Tail during the Harvest festival. He has the power to control souls and place them into objects.

Chiho Masuda

A ninja who appears in Variable Geo.

Choi Dal Dal

Choi Dal Dal is a cute and bubbly girlŲˆ an S-Class Wild's High School second year student and the president of the Taekwondo club in Wild's High. Dal-dal wears tiger ears

Elder Toguro

Elder Toguro is the older brother of the much feared Toguro.

Evangeline Athanasia Katherine McDowell

Evangeline is a vampire that is cursed to remain within the borders of Mahora Academy by Negi's father, the Thousand Master. She is the master of Negi's magical combat training.


A Member of the Fairy Tail guild with the ability to turn anybody to stone who looks into her eyes. She later became a bodyguard for Laxus Dreyar and tried to kill the female members of Fairy Tail but failed. She is still a member of the guild.

Fighter #97

a giant bear competitor of the preliminary rounds of the 21st World Martial Arts Tournament. In the english dub he has an english accent.

Fried Justine

One of Laxus's bodyguards and a member of Fairy Tail. He has the ability to create enchantments that trap people inside and force them to obey specific rules.


Son Gohan is a Saiyan/Human hybrid and the first son of ChiChi and Son Goku.


Goku is one of the last members of the Saiyan race, sent to Earth as a baby and raised among humans. As a powerful martial artist, he defends Earth against the aliens who come to destroy it.

Goku Jr.

Goku's great great grandson who shares his name. He appears at the end of Dragonball GT and is the protagonist of the last Dragonball movie.

Heihachi Mishima


Hercule or Mr. Satan is the world martial arts tournament champ who also has a daughter named Videl.

Jack Rakan

Jack Rakan is a friend of Nagi Springfield and one of the members of the Ala Rubra. He is known as "The Thousand Blades"


Kalbi the butcher is an anthropomorphic bull who is a ninth-level master at Koukenji.


Kang-Sung is the Three Arts Dragon, a member of the Martial Arts Alliance and a disciple of a master who was killed by Chun-Woo. However, he don't believe in revenge. At the end of part 1 he become the chief of the MAA.

Kohinata Minoru

Karate Shoukoushi Kohinata Minoru main character. Being too weak to protect his girlfriend Mutou Ryuuji dragged him to the world of Karate to make him more manly.

Kotaro Inugami

Originally a enemy of Negi's during his trip to Kyoto but becomes an ally/rival.


Krillin is Goku's best friend and arguably the most powerful human in all of Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT.

Ku Fei

Ku Fei is a member of Negi's class 3-A. A Chinese born girl, she is the master of Kung Fu at Mahora Academy and is Negi's martial arts master.

Laura Bodewig

The IS cadet representative from Germany, who is a genetically-engineered super-soldier and member of the German military and holds the rank of second lieutenant.

Laxus Dreyar

A very powerful S-Class mage of the Fairy Tail guild, and the grandson of Fairy Tail master Makarov and son of Raven Tail master Ivan.He is the heir of the guild and is well known for his immense power and arrogant/confident attitude.

Lee Moon Young

Lee Moon Young is an S-Class Wild's High School second year student, the president of the boxing club and Queen's best friend


The leader of the Shadaloo organization who wants to control the world governments. Bison wields the Psycho Power, an evil energy which manifests as blue or purple flames and electricity.

Mana Tatsumiya

Mana Tatsumiya is a member of Negi's class 3-A, and is a skilled mercenary who specializes in guns as well as a priestess at Tatsumiya Shrine.

Master Roshi

Master Roshi is a legendary martial arts master who trains some of the Z-fighters during Dragon Ball. He also developed the Kamehameha wave.

Mei Sakura

Mei Sakura is a member of the Mahora Magical Association and partnered with the mage Takane D. Goodman.

Momotaro Tsurugi

The main character from the movie, Sakigake Otokojuku. He is a swordsman that is just from the first class of his school, Otokojuku and he goes along with his classmates to beat a contest that involves multiple trials and the last two teams fighting each other.

Nagi Springfield

The father of Negi. He is known as the Thousand Master due to his rumored knowledge of knowing a thousand spells. Missing from the world for some unknown reason.

Negi Springfield

Negi Springfield is a 10-year-old wizard in training. He's teaching in Mahora, an all-girls school and aspiring to become a great Magister Mage like his father the legendary and lost Thousand Master.


Nobunaga is a dry goods merchant and a skilled samurai.


Piccolo is a Namekian warrior on Earth and one of the Z-Fighters. Born from the Demon King Piccolo to kill Goku, he would join him as one of his strongest allies.

Setsuna Sakurazaki

Setsuna is a member of Negi's class 3-A. A half-demon thrown out of her own tribe, and later taken in by Eishun Konoe. She's a devoted guardian of her childhood friend, Konoka; and master of the sword.

Sky Dragon

The leader of the Panther-Fang School.

Song Jae Gu

Song Jae Gu is the first and only male students in the wild high a former girls only school that excel in martial arts.

Suzuki Hajime

A friend of both Akira Hongo and Shio Sakaki. Due to illness he could not keep doing Martial Arts he wished to die as Martial Artist which Hongo fulfilled his wish much to Sakaki dismay.

Takamichi Takahata

The previous teacher of Class 3-A.

Takane D. Goodman

Takane D. Goodman is a member of the Mahora Magical Association. She's a dedicated witch that dreams to be a Magister Magi, but more often just loses her clothes.

Tien Shinhan

Trained by Master Roshi's rival, the Crane Hermit (Tsuru Senin). Tien Shinhan is widely known as the strongest human in Dragon Ball Z, though Akira Toriyama has stated he is a descendant of alien Tri-Cylops.

Tournament Announcer

Is the host of the world Martial arts competition.


The son of Bulma and Vegeta in the main Dragon Ball timeline.


Vegeta is the prince of the Saiyan race, he is one of the most powerful characters in the Dragon Ball Z universe.

Vegeta Jr.

Vegeta Jr. is the great grandson of Vegeta and Bulma

Vivian Wong

A Duelist from China who participated in Kaiba's KC Grand Prix.

Wang Jinrei

Wang Jinrei is a character from the Tekken series, and the grand farther of Ling Xiaoyu.


Yamcha is one of the most powerful human warriors in the DBZ universe.

Yoon In Gyi

Yoon In Gyi a.k.a Queen is an S-Class Wild's High School second year student. She initially hated boys due to a childhood incident, but begin to like Song Jae Gu as story follows

Younger Toguro

Human who sacrificed his humanity to become a demon, in fear of losing his power due to aging.

Yuka Takeuchi

A professional of karate who resides in Tokyo.

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