Touko Aozaki

Touko Aozaki is a anime/manga character in the Kara no Kyoukai franchise
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An extremely powerful sorcerer, she runs a detective agency with Mikiya Kokutou and Ryougi Shiki.


Touko was the elder daughter of the Aozaki family who had a long legacy of producing magus within their bloodline. While the quality of the family's magic circuits had degraded in recent generations, Touko had been born with twenty of them. This led her to originally be the family successor until her grandfather switched this over to Touko's younger sister, Aoko, due to gaining the Fifth Magic. This angered Touko as such where she left the Aozaki residence and took up a role with the Mage's Association. While at the Clock Tower, the main branch of the Association, Touko became acquaintances to Souren Araya and Cornelius Alba. The three were on good terms with one another up to when they decided to divide up to pursue their own magical research. Touko would later leave the Mage's Association due to finding it problematic. Regardless, she still collected money from the Association due to the family connection she has to Aoko.

Touko would take up the profession of a paranormal detective and would learn of Shiki Ryougi during one of her cases. Learning of the girl's Mystic Eyes of Death Perception, Touko offered to teach Shiki how to use her Mystic Eyes if she would work under her. Upon slaying a group of spirits that attempted to possess Shiki, the two would start up a working relationship to work together in solving paranormal cases alongside Mikiya Kokutou.


Touko is mainly known for being a major character in Kinoko Nasu's Kara no Kyoukai novel series. She also appeared in Nasu's earliest work, Mahou Tsukai no Yoru, which has recently begun to become known to fans of Nasu's works.

Touko's character underwent a great deal of design changes over the years. In the original Kara no Kyoukai novels, Touko was drawn with short blue hair and lavender-colored eyes as she was depicted as such in Mahou Tsukai no Yoru. However, her character's design was changed heavily for Ufotable's Kara no Kyoukai animated film series to give her a more ordinary and "big-sisterly" look.

Aspects of Touko's back story were also changed for a later visual novel game adaptation created by Type-Moon. In the original novel made by Nasu, Touko was strictly raised by her grandfather and did not attend school until she was 18. In addition, there was a two year age difference between her and Aoko. The visual novel featured Touko enrolling at a girl's private high school and the age gap she had with Aoko was raised to four years.

For the Kara no Kyoukai film series, Touko was voiced by Honda Takako.



Touko stands at 165 centimeters (almost '5'5"), having long brown hair tied in a ponytail and brown eyes. She wears glasses and is known for being a heavy smoker, having a preference to smoke a rare Dragon Smoke brand cigarettes despite her distaste for them. Touko is normally dressed in a long-sleeve dress shirt, black pants and black women's shoes.


Touko is known to display differing personality traits depending on how she perceives a situation. While wearing her glasses, her facial expressions appear calm and kind as she displays an objective and ruthless personality. With her glasses off, she appears more cruel with her facial expressions and known to be subjective and emotional. Due to her ability to transfer her memories between puppets, Touko is unsure which personality is her true self.

Touko has a fascination with new things and is known to tinker endlessly with whatever draws her interest. She is very loose with her spending as such where she owns several vehicles and a number of rare magical artifacts. Due to her spending, Touko is often unable to pay salary to her staff. However, she will usually compensate Shiki by improving the quality of her artificial arm or giving her a new knife.

Touko possesses a strong hatred for Aoko as such where she is often willing to buy up anything associated with her younger sister's name. While this runs the risk of her younger sister discovering her whereabouts, Touko seems more committed to making life miserable for her younger sister at any means with little regard for self-preservation. She hates being called the name Dirty Red (translated as Disgraced Scarlet in English releases of Kara no Kyoukai) because it reminds her of the successes Aoko gained and Touko has made it a personal rule to kill anyone who calls her by that name.


Touko, Mikiya and Shiki were involved in investigating a recent string of murders connected to paranormal activity conjured up by several individuals experiencing warped mentalities that involved Kirie Fujou, Fujino Asagami and Lio Shirazumi. The three would later come to learn that the murder sprees of these individuals were triggered by Souren Araya, who made use of an apartment complex as a personal laboratory to perform experiments to try gaining access to Akasha. During the incident, Touko would come to confront Alba, who sought to kill her to prove his superiority as a magus. However, Touko would wind up killing Alba using one of her familiars. After the events are resolved, Touko would leave Mifune City and cut off her ties to Shiki and Mikiya.

Powers and Abilities

Touko is a rather powerful magus who specializes in a number of talents outside her family's lineage. While possessing only twenty magic circuits, they are of high quality and make her among one of the strongest in the Aozaki clan. While a proficient magus, she does not fare well in direct combat against magi like Araya and Alba thus she relies on traps and tricks to deceive her opponents.


Touko is very skilled in creating puppets, being capable as such to transfer the soul of Shiro Emiya into a puppet body she created following the events of the Heaven's Feel route in Fate/Stay Night. She was responsible for creating the puppet arms that Shiki would utilize when her normal arm was battered during her fight with Asagami. The quality of Touko's puppet work is such that she can fool others into thinking her puppets are living beings as she controls them and is even capable of transferring her memories into them. To go along with her "trap and trick" fighting style, Touko has created puppet copies of herself to deceive others where she can transfer her memories into nearby puppet bodies she created to deliver a surprise attack on her foes.


Touko has contracts with several familiars that she utilizes in battle. In her younger days, she had a contract with a werewolf-like creature named Lugh Beowulf who was capable of changing his forms at will, had high regenerative abilities and was durable enough as such to withstand blows from Aoko and absorb impacts from falls or bullet and rocket fire. Touko has a demonic cat familiar sealed within a projector who could not be destroyed unless Touko's suitcase was destroyed and it could heal her by enveloping itself onto her.

She keeps a larger familiar within a larger suitcase called the Sealed Box that is used for sealing a collective of familiars. Within the Sealed Box is a dark mass with two large eyes, numerous thorny tendrils and many small mouths. When this familiar is released, it will go after the first target that it sees by ensnaring them and dragging them into the Sealed Box where the unlucky foe winds up being consumed by the familiar.

Other Magic

Touko possesses the Mystic Eyes of Binding, magic eyes that are capable of trapping her foes in powerful illusions if they make eye contact with her. She normally wears a pair of Magangoroshi (Mystic Eye Killer) glasses to seal their effects.

Touko is also proficient in the use of rune spells as she can create protective spells to protect or entrap foes cast within her runic barriers and she can utilize a runic spell called Ansuz that can easily kill human opponents by burning their hearts, though the spell is ineffective on dead foes. Despite her proficiency though, Touko is not as strong with runic spells as she normally would be with puppetry.

Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Takako Honda
Rank Game #94 in Power Rank
General Information Edit
Name: Touko Aozaki
Name: 蒼崎橙子
Romanji: Aozaki Touko
Gender: Female
1st manga book:
1st anime episode:
1st anime movie: Overlooking View
Aliases Dirty Red
Disgraced Scarlet
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