Touhoushinki is a anime/manga concept
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The four leaders of the delinquent forces in Ishiyama High: Hidetora Toujou, Aoi Kunieda, Hajime Kanzaki, and Tatsuya Himekawa.


The Touhoushinki is composed of Ishiyama High's strongest leaders of the delinquent forces at the school and its name is an acronym of the members' last names respectively, with the english subtitled version by Crunchyroll using the first letters of their last names (TKKH). 
Hidetora Toujo 

The strongest member of the Touhoushinki, who always seeks a worthy opponent and a good fight. Despite his aggressive nature, he has a soft spot for small animals and creatures. Although he managed to win the first round against Oga, he lost a very close battle against the man in their last fight. 
Underlings: Kaoru and Shoji.
Aoi Kunieda

The second strongest and only female member of the Touhoushinki. She is the leader of an all girls delinquent gang called the Red Tails, and is skilled in swordsmanship and a martial artist. In fact, she is so talented that the speed of her sword can reach 250km/h and can cut with just a mere ruler. After encountering and fighting Oga, she had developed a small crush on him and admitted defeat, which is why she has resigned as the Red Tails' leader. 
Underlings: Nene and Chiaki.
Hajime Kanzaki

The weakest of the Touhoushinki with a malicious and sinister character. He uses a raw and brutal style, often a high kick that can knock out an average thug.  Oga had hoped that he would be the perfect parent for Beel until he defeated him with ease. 
Underlings: Shiroyama and Natsume.
Tatsuya Himekawa

Another of the weakest of the Touhoushinki, Himekawa uses money to solve his problems, bribing his friends and enemies into his employment. In addition, he uses numerous underhanded tactics to win many of his battles, with a common one being a shock baton. Nonetheless they proved to be useless against Oga, who beat him with ease. 
Underlings: None except those he pays.
Interesting Note: All the members of the Touhoushinki, except Himekawa, have two close underlings.
General Information Edit
Concept Name Touhoushinki
Japanese Name: 東邦神姫,
Romaji Name: Tōhōshinki
Aliases TKKH
1st manga book: Beelzebub #1
1st anime episode:
1st anime movie:
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