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When his popular twin brother is killed in an accident, Tatsuya tries to fill his shoes, both on their high school baseball team and romantically with Minami, the team's manager. A moving and involving story based on the 1981 manga in Shonen Sunday by Slow Step-creator Mitsuru Adachi. Touch the anime was a huge hit, both in Japan, where its rating topped 30%, and in Europe. The series transferred into theaters for three movie editions-T: Ace without a Backstop (1986, Sebango no Nai Ace), T2: Goodbye Gift (1986, Sayonara Okurimono), and T3: You Are Too Right (1987, Kimi wa Torisugi Daa to ni)-ending with the team about to play the national championship finals and Tatsuya asking himself if he has succeeded either on the field or in love. The closing credits of the series rolled without showing fans the outcome of the big game, or giving answers to either of Tatsuya's questions. Over a decade later, released in a period that also saw the long-delayed ending of Kimagure Orange Road, the TV special Miss Lonely Yesterday-Are kara, Kimi wa . . . (1998, MLY: Since Then, You've . . . ) takes place three years after that fateful match and shows us how Tatsuya and Minami have dealt with life and their own relationships outside the protective routines of school days. Series director Sugii and original designer Maeda returned for this follow-up. After it gained outstanding 23.3% ratings, it was only a matter of time before a further follow-up was announced: Crossroads: Whereabouts of the Wind (2001, Crossroads: Kaze no Yukue). In this latest installment, Tatsuya joins the minor U.S. team the Emeralds, and he soon finds himself courted by the team owner's young daughter, Alice Vormont. Meanwhile, Minami becomes a sports photographer's assistant, and the two nonlovers' paths are fated to cross once again. Adachi's baseball manga also reached anime in H2, Miyuki, and Nine.
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Mitsuru Adachi

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General Information Edit
Name Touch
Name: タッチ
Romaji: Tacchi
Publisher Animax
Start Year 1985
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Aliases Touch TV
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