Totally Spies! Concepts

Totally Spies! is a franchise comprised of 1 movie, 2 anime series
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Beings from another planet.

Anime-influenced animation

Non-japanese animation that emulate certain aspects of the visual style of anime.

Bullies and Bullying

A bully is a person who habitually badgers and intimidates smaller or weaker people.


Girls with cat-like features, primarily ears and tail. Feline mannerisms are also common.

Clothing Damage

When a character's clothes become torn from an attack, such as an explosion or energy blast.


A concept where several characters from different, separate stories and series meet up.


Going on a date with...


This is the act of secretly watching a person or group to gather information, often for political purposes. Spies typically disguise themselves so that they might sneak around. Espionage is also frequently tied to assassination plots.


Used frequently in Anime to either recap past events or provide a back story for a character, either their origin story or their off-screen training of new attack. Sometime and entire episode/chapter would be a entire flashback.


A contemporary subculture found in many countries that is associated with people dressing in black, wearing makeup, associated with music, aesthetics, and fashion. It is also a popular trend in anime and manga.


The ability to live beyond a regular human's lifespan.


Capturing and carrying away a person against their will and holding them in false imprisonment .


Magic is an often used term in fiction. It is the concept of affecting the universe through supernatural methods and breaking the physical laws.

Manga Iconography

Common visual conventions seen in manga and anime to convey emotions, often for comical effect.


Models are known in Japan as Idols. They are young female models who appear in magazines and advertising. They can often be the public faces for companies.


"Mushi" is the Japanese word for "bug" or "insect," but there are various connotations that relate to anime and manga, as well.


A living thing that's been mutated often by unnatural means. Most mutants gain powers or become a completely new species.


An electro-mechanical machine which is guided by computer or electronic programming, and is thus able to do tasks on its own.


A concept where characters have been reduced in size. Frequently happens in Fantasy and Sci-Fi series.

Time Travel

The ability to travel from one era to another, forward and/or backward.


The Idea of a character transforming into a animal, monster, creature, demon, or other types of creatures.


WOOHP is a worldwide spy agency against global crime and is run by Jerry Lewis. WOOHP stands for World Organization Of Human Protection.

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