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Uranus, leader of a powerful secret organization cleverly called "The Organization," wants to build an army of indestructible, invincible warriors. To foil the plan, the world's indestructible, invincible warriors reunite. Eiji, Sophia, and tooth-rottingly cute little Ellis are among the chosen ones, but Uranus' minions are gradually picking off the opposition and time is running out. Yet another game-based clone in the Street Fighter II mode-a large cast of two-dimensional video game "characters" brought to the screen in a cynical promotion, each given barely enough screentime to have a fight and use their little combat catchphrases or moves. Meanwhile, the big-haired Eiji embarks on a halfhearted quest for his missing brother, with risible attempts at depth resulting in immortal dialogue like, "We both know your brother killed my dad."

Obari's direction starts off well, with a line of soldiers aiming guns upstaged by a journalist aiming a camera. He pastiches the Akira manga as the robotic Sho takes on a U.S. aircraft carrier, then shifts the scene to a Chinatown setup redolent of his later Virus. But this remains an anime-by-numbers that ticks every perfunctory box of a game adaptation-including a female character in a shower scene (Sofia actually manages to put her clothes back on while jumping through a window), fights between allies engineered through "mind-control," and a big fight at a secret hideout (in this case, two nicely inconspicuous skyscrapers). V

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Name: Toshinden
Release Date: Jan. 1, 1996
Romaji: Toshinden
Release Date:
Rating: None
Runtime: 30 (mins)
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