Toshima is an anime episode of Togainu no Chi that was released on 10/14/2010

Episode Overview

 After his first experience with Igura fights, Akira takes refuge in an abandoned house, where his closest friend Keisuke finds him. After heading out into the world of Toshima, the young men meet Rin, a feminine boy also playing in Igura. Rin explains, in depth the idea of Toshima and Igura, and how the deadly game started. Rin promises that he will take Keisuke to Arbitro's place, in order to allow Keisuke to participate in Igura along side Akira.


   After Shiki rescues Akira from a gang of thugs, Shiki asks for Akira to beg for his life. Akira refuses, and Shiki gets fed up and bored. It begins to rain and Akira s eeks shelter. Akira finds refuge in an abandoned house. All seems well until he hears the door open. Akira readies his knife and jumps on to the intruder. He then figures out that it is in fact his friend, Keisuke. Akira asks Keisuke why he is there. Keisuke says that he was worried about Akira and followed him there. Akira asks him to leave, and Keisuke r efuses, claiming he doesn’t know how to get back and even if he did, he wouldn’t leave Akira’s side. Akira begrudgingly allows Keisuke to stay. The two then rest in the abandoned shelter until the rain stops. 
 It was 
only Keisuke
 It was only Keisuke

 Rin fighting
 Rin fighting
When the sun rises, Akira explains to Keisuke the dangers of Igura, and why he is playing. Keisuke says he want to join too, bu Akira wont let him. Keisuke t hen convinces Akira that he should play, and Akira lends Keisuke his knife. The two head out to fight. While they are walking down the street they see two people fighting,a feminine looking character and another player. Akira and Keisuke leave the two to fight. The feminine character defeats the other player, takes his tags, but leave him alive, then chases after Akira and Keisuke. This character introduces himself as Rin after Keisuke mistakes him for a girl. Rin explains the rules of ‘turfs’ and entry fees. Rin likes Akira and Keisuke and lets them off the hook. In fact, Rin gives Akira a spare knife and leads them around Toshima.  
Rin takes Akira and Keisuke to Arbitro’s castle in order to get Keisuke to join Igura. Rin explains that after the Great War (World War III) a drug cartel family named, Vischio took over and essentially rule Toshima. The currently head is Arbitro. It is revealed that the castle has fallen into chaos. When they enter the house, they see that it is filled with bizarre statues. Keisuke is asked to wear a white mask before he is allowed to see Arbitro. Keisuke wears the mask and heads off the see Arbitro alone. Keisuke returns, and it is revealed that he could not muster the courage to join Igura. The group then leaves, accepting Keisuke's choice, with a bit of heckling on Rin's side.
Rin then says that he needs to meet with a friend, and asks for Keisuke and Akira to join him. Keisuke asks Rin why he’s being so kind and Rin explains it’s because killing people has gotten boring. On their way to meet this person they run into a pair of Executioners. One blonde with long claws, named Gunji. Another one is name Kiriwar and is tall and dark. If somebody breaks the rules of Igura, Executioners come and hunt them down. After the executioners kill two men who broke the rules a man crawling on his hands and knees, arrives and begin to sniff around. Rin explains that that man is Arbitro’s dog, aka Tama (later revealed to be called actually Kau). Kau crawls up to Akira and the executioners interrogate Akira. 
 The Picture.
 The Picture.
 Rin talks his way out of it and they continue to meet Rin’s friend. The group enter a bar, and meet a middle-aged man. The man explains what the Executioners were doing, and Rin hands over some pictures. Rin introduces Akira and Keisuke and Rin introduces the man as Motomi. Motomi explains that Rin works for him, and collects information, then they sell that information. Rin takes a picture of Motomi, Akira, and Keisuke in order to make a ‘memoir of their meeting.’ Akira acts unusually cold to the idea. Then four then see a man take a a drink from a vial and Motomi explains that it was a drug that makes your strong, and faster, but it has intense withdrawl symptoms and it slowly kills the user. This drug is revealed to be called Line or Rain (What it really is called is messed up in the translation). After their meeting Keisuke says that he wants to join Igura. Akira tells Keisuke he can ‘so what every you want’, and so they plan to go to Arbitro’s castle and attempt to join Igura once more. 

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