Toshiko Kitabayashi

Toshiko Kitabayashi is a anime/manga character
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Toshiko Kitabayashi is an elderly woman and Seleaco Number III


Toshiko Kitabyashi is an elderly woman who was born in Japan. Not much is known about her life but at some point, she rode in Saizo Ato's taxi cab and was asked what she would do with ten billion yen. The answer she gave was deemed acceptable that she was given a position in the Selecao as Number III. Even though she was given the phone by the anonymous Mr. Outside, she somehow knew it was Saizo who gave it to her, indicating that she may have either known him or about his plans. Her role as a Selecao is low key as many of the other players pay no mind to her, Yutaka Itazu going as far to label her as harmless. It is shown that she has spent a good amount of the money but nothing too extreme that the other Selecao would notice.


Toshiko Kitabayshi was created by Kenji Kamiyama for the series Eden of the East. She makes her only appearance in Eden of the East: Paradise Lost with very small mention of her in the main series or in the first movie. She is voiced by Reiko Seno in the Japanese version and Juli Erickson in the English version.

Character Evolution

Toshiko is shown to be a caring, elderly woman who has done her part to help others but also doing some for herself such as food purchases or checking herself into a hospital. She cares a great deal for Saizo and simply wants to have fun in her old age as opposed to carry the massive burdens that the other members of the Selecao carry. Because of this, she poses no threat to any one in Japan.

Major Story Arcs

Toshiko is mentioned in passing simply as Selecao Number III by the other Selecao and by the Eden group when they conduct their various investigations on the Selecao. Other than that, she makes no notable appearance in the main series.

Other Media

Paradise Lost

During the events between Daiju Mononobe and Akira Takizawa, Toshiko had checked herself into the hospital as she decides to make a purchase for Saizo from an expensive sweet shop. The Eden group and Mononobe take notice of this as Mononobe decides to include a theatening message in the delivery towards Saizo. Saizo laments about Toshiko, indicating that he knows her outside the Selecao. After Akira's message broadcasr, Saizo ends the game as he sends out a signal that erases the memories of the Selecao. As this happens, Toshiko sits contently on her hospital bed as she sincerely thanks Saizo for the chance to play the game.

Voiced by
Name Movies TV Shows
Juli Erickson
Reiko Seno
General Information Edit
Name: Toshiko Kitabayashi
Name: 北林 敏子
Romanji: Kitabayashi Toshiko
Gender: Female
1st manga book:
1st anime episode:
1st anime movie: Eden of the East: King of Eden
Aliases Seleaco Number III
Recent Movies
Eden of the East: Paradise Lost

As Akira Takizawa heads back to Japan, the remaining players of the Selecao are putting everything on the line to win the game as the ...

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