Toru Nanamine

Toru Nanamine is a anime/manga character in the Bakuman franchise
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A young new Mangaka who grew up loving Ashirogi Muto's series, but now wants nothing more than to take them down. He uses a group of consultants from across the internet to come up with his ideas and views Manga as more cold logic and strategy than raw emotions.


Toru Nanamine was a fan for Ashirogi Muto when they first became sucessful mangakas for Shonen Jump. Sending in fan letters, he told the two through his notes how much he admired their work, especially their first series Detective Trap. Nanamine also comments on how their gag manga "Run, Tanto, Run" is not a true piece of their own work and that their third piece "Perfect Crime Party" is more on the right track. Mashiro and Takagi didn't know Nanamine was a mangaka until he submitted a piece of work for the annual Akamaru Jump contest where new work is showcased. His work was truly unique since he had submitted additional chapters along with the standard name that is required for Jump. 
On the outside, Nanamine appears to be a pleasant but naive new mangaka who aspires to be just as good as his role model Ashirogi Muto. However, it is revealed that he despises the Jump process, especially when Kosugi is made his editor from Jump. His main tactic to write his series "Classroom of Truth" is to get the opinion of fifty people he met online as opposed to one specific voice.     


Toru Nanamine was created by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata and premiered in issue #117. He was the first real antagonist of the series since other mangaka antagonists that premiered in the past turned out to work on their own faults and became friendly.   

Character Evolution 

 Nanamine started out as a fan of Ashirogi Muto who claimed to enjoy their work, even when it wasn't doing as well as it could. When he first emerges, he acts like a naive and pleasant man but turns out to be cruel and unforgiving. He uses dirty tricks to try and get ahead of the competition and does not take other people into consideration. Even as his series begins to fail, he continues to blame other people as opposed to reflecting on his own faults. By the time his series is put on the schedule to be canceled, he refuses to sacrifice his own pride. However, at a New Years Party recently, he quietly acknowledged Takagi and Mashiro as the better mangakas and vowed to beat them one day, showing that he might have come out from the whole experience for the better. 
This proves to be the opposite as Nanamine still continues to cut corners in order to prove he is the best. He recently hired a bunch of teenagers and writers to pool their ideas together in order to give them to old veterans of the manga industry, claiming that the Jump audience don't know any better.     

Plot Summary 

Classroom of Truth

Nanamine first appeared as an entrant for the yearly Akamaru contest held by Jump to find new and aspiring artists. His entry, Classroom of Truth, was a massive talking point in the Jump office since the story was interesting and Nanamine had submitted several chapters to the contest. Takagi and Mashiro were given the chapters since it was their job that year to select a winner for the contest. They enjoyed the story immensely and remembered that Nanamine had sent in several fan letters in the past during their high points and lows too. They gave Nanamine several recognitions but awarded the prize in the end to someone else.  Nanamine was informed of the news but reacted unusually chipper about it. Believing that Nanamine had something, the Jump staff assigned the new editor Kosugi to work with Nanamine to make his series great. However, after they met and Kosugi gave several edits, Nanamine uploaded all of his work to the internet claiming that Jump had held their contest unfairly. He used this publicity to gain recognition in the manga world and forced Sasaki to let him run his series.  
As Nanamine continued to work, he didn't bother to listen to Kosugi's editting opinion and explained to Takagi and Mashiro that he holds an open internet chat room with fifty people and collects their ideas and puts it into his work. The two think that his method is unprofessional and wrong since its their editors that help them, not fifty random people. Nanamine scoffs the two and leaves, vowing to crush him after Hattori and Yujiro let on other details on how Nanamine is cutting corners to avoid work. But when they figure he will lose out, Nanamine's art improves greatly. This is due to him hiring Nakai out of retirement and getting him to work on his comic in return for food and a place to crash. Even with the improved art, Nanamine is still suffering. After Nakai lets it slip to the focus group how poorly the series is doing, they all leave and Nanamine is left with Kosugi to help him out. He calls Takagi and Mashiro to see if they are willing to use the same story in the coming weeks to see who is truly the better artist. They refuse and scold him as Kosugi demands that he get his act together.  Calling his editor useless, he demands Kosugi steal the manuscripts from Takagi and Mashiro in order to beat them at their own game. Kosugi instead tells the two what Nanamine demanded and at first they think its stupid but Hattori points out it is a way to get Nanamine to shape up.  
After the same story competition between the two mangakas, PCP comes out in 3rd while Classroom of Truth comes in 20th. Nanamine blames Kosugi again for his failure as Kosugi beats the tar out of Nanamine, scolding him on what it means to be a manga artist. Nanamine reluctantly agrees to finish his series by himself with no computer or other people than his editor to guide him. He admits to none of his faults but at a New Years Party, he tells Takagi and Mashiro that he will work even harder next time to crush them.  

Return of the Veterans

When Eiji Nizuma ended his manga Crow as per his agreement with the Editor in Chief Hisashi Sasaki, a few older mangakas began to emerge once more with innovative ideas. One of these ideas includes a battle manga where girls compete to keep their panties from showing in an open area. Most of the staff at Shonen Jump agree that these ideas will put the older mangakas back on the map. Mashiro and Takagi wonder how they came up with these ideas as they seem oddly familiar.  
In truth, after Nanamine's cancelation, he went to his father who apparently is a self-made millionare. He demanded some funds from his father where he built an office to house writers to pool their ideas together in person to come up with material for these writers. In turn, they contact what they consider to be washed up mangakas and give them these ideas to illustrate, proving a point that the audience of Shonen Jump are easily pleased. When it is revealed that Nanamine is the one behind these writers and manga samplers coming together to pool ideas, he claims it is for the purpose of taking down Ashirogi Muto once and for all. 
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Name: Toru Nanamine
Romanji: Nanamine Toru
Gender: Male
1st manga book: Bakuman. #12
1st anime episode:
1st anime movie:
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