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Diebuster (2004 - 6 Episodes)

In the distant future, a young girl named Nono sets off to become a space pilot so that one day she can meet the legendary "Nonoriri."

1 - 1
Please Let Me Call You "Big Sister!" お姉さまと呼ばせてください! (Onee-sama Mato Yobasete Kudasai!) 03/10/2004
1 - 2
I Don't Want to be Your "Big Sister!" お姉さまなんかになりたくない (Onee-sama Nanka ni Naritakunai!) 02/24/2005
1 - 3
I Hate Topless! トップレスなんて大嫌い (Topless Nante Daikirai!) 06/12/2005
1 - 4
Resurrection!! The Legendary Buster Machine! 復活! 伝説のバスターマシン! (Fukkatsu! Densetsu no Buster Machine!) 10/28/2005
1 - 5
They Who Move The Stars 星を動かすもの (Hoshi wo Ugokasumono) 03/24/2006
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