Tornado is a anime/manga character
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He's an S-Class superhero for the Heroes Association, settled in Z-City.


Nothing is currently known about Tornado's origins. She has been a hero and an S class hero for an as of yet unknown period of time.


Tornado was created by a mangaka who uses the pseudonym "ONE" for his webcomic One-Punch Man in 2009. In 2012, ONE was approached by Yusuke Murata to consider a collaboration between the two, and the One-Punch Man remake was the result. She is a supporting protagonist in the series.


Not much has changed with Tornado's character. Her presence in the story is still fairly limited.


Tornado full profile
Tornado full profile

Tornado appears as a very young lady of small stature with light skin and deep green hair with matching eyes. She wears a green dress that separates into flutters at the hem.


Tornado has a rather conceited and patronizing attitude. She insulted Saitama and Blizzard as low ranked heroes and she did not acknowledge even her fellow S class heroes beyond the fact that they were superior to lower ranked heroes.


  • Miss Blizzard - Tornado's sister and also a hero although of lower rank. While it appears that she cares for Blizzard as she rescued her, she does not appear to be a kind sister as she ridiculed her sister's life-risking efforts at stopping Demonic Fan.

Story Arcs

Demonic Fan Arc

Upon Demonic Fan defeating the Blizzard Group including highest ranked B-Class hero Miss Blizzard, Tornado arrived and even though she insulted Miss Blizzard who was her own sister, she rapidly disposed of Demonic Fan, then left with her injured sister.

S Class Hero Arc

Tornado heeded the summons of the Heroes Association and was present at the S Class only Hero meeting. She was there when B class hero Saitama at the invite of Bang arrived alongside the latter and Genos. Tornado, immediately taking notice of Saitama's presence asked why Saitama was there and that heroes below S class were not allowed in the meeting. She accused him of just wanting to bask in the presence of S class heroes. Saitama casually retaliated by stating that he mistook her for a child and wondered if she was lost. Genos broke the tension by explaining Tornado's status then took note that nearly everyone was now present for the meeting.

During the meeting where in it was explained that a pending threat to the city was calculated to occur soon, the actual threat occurred. The City was suddenly invaded by the Dark Matter Thieves, a Crew of powerful Alien warriors.

After some discussion, Tornado decided to ignore Genos and her other fellow heroes and intended to take on the giant UFO by herself. Despite not taking down the UFO, Tornado's efforts proved very helpful as she deflected attacks launched at the other heroes and put fellow S class hero Tanktop Master to shame when she revealed that her telekinesis could hurl far more than Tanktop's brute strength, something the latter had to admit.

Powers & Abilities

Tornado is currently ranked second in the S class of heroes. This means that she is considered the second most powerful hero in the world, second only to the thus far evasive hero Blast.


Tornado's crushing a concrete wall with telekinesis
Tornado's crushing a concrete wall with telekinesis

Tornado's power appears exclusively to be telekinesis, the same as her sister, but Tornado's proficiency is far greater.

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Name: Tornado
Gender: Female
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