Toriko is a anime/manga character in the Toriko franchise
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Toriko, the "Glutton" is the main character of his titular series, Toriko, a Gourmet Hunter and one of the Four Heavenly Kings.


While delivering food to a poverty stricken country, Ichiryuu and Mansam found a young, orphaned Toriko lying on the ground. Noticing the potential he saw in the young child, Ichiryuu decided to take Toriko in and train him in the ways of the Bishokuya. He was presumably injected with gourmet cells and underwent harsh training alongside Sunny, Zebra and Coco. After the training Toriko went on to become one of the greatest and well known Bishokuya for discovering the most ingredients in the Gourmet Age.


Toriko is created by Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro as one of the main characters. At this moment, there is no information on any inspirations used in Toriko's concept design or his name. Like most Shonen heroes, it's assumed that Shimabukuro is inspired by Akira Toriyama's character, Son Goku of Dragon Ball Z. The following reasons are the color of Toriko's vest, his appetite, and his drive to fight tougher opponents.

In the Toriko Jump Super Anime Tour Special 2009, he is voiced by Takashi Kondo while in the anime, he is voiced by Ryotaro Okiayu.



Toriko is a tall, blue haired man with a medium build. He has a 3 clawed scar on the left side of his face. He usually wears an orange jumpsuit with a black shirt underneath.


Despite being a hunter, Toriko is a caring, compassionate purpose. He is quite protective of his two main partners, Komatsu, the 5 star chef, and Terry, the legendary battlewolf cub. During a battle between multiple high level monsters, Toriko punched through 2.5 meters of super-reinforced plate to help Terry's when she went into labor. During his ascension to the sky to find Ozone Herb, Toriko allowed Komatsu to ride on his back while he fought through the deadly storms in the thin atmosphere.

Toriko does not enjoy killing animals for no purpose. He has no qualms with killing for food, but he prefers not to kill anything he has no interest in eating. He is very particular about the foods in his full course meal, wanting it to be the best, he picks only the rarest, flavorful foods he discovers to serve in his meal. He also puts much faith in his partners, believing that Terry, as only a cub, can surpass his own strength when she needs to. He also puts his faith in Komatsu's cooking abilities, allowing Komatsu the one drop of Century Soup, believing that Komatsu will the be able to replicate the recipe, a feat nobody in the world had been able to do before.

Note: For his Full Course Menu, please see concept page.


  • Komatsu - The two are close friends who go out on adventures together most of the time. With Komatsu being a chef, Toriko gets treated to meals after Toriko finishes hunting. While Komatsu trusts Toriko with his life, Toriko places a lot of trust in Komatsu's cooking skills.
  • Zebra - While always getting into fights with one another, Toriko seems to be the one to most get along with Zebra out of all of the heavenly kings. While fighting the Salamander Sphinx and a Nitro, they display great team work together, as they are in sync with with specific way to obtain the Mellow Cola.

Major Story Arcs

Galala Gator Arc

Komatsu meets Toriko fishing near his home.
Komatsu meets Toriko fishing near his home.

We first meet Toriko while he was fishing on the edge of a cliff for a Pincer Fish, before he is approached by a young chef called Komatsu, who contracts Toriko to help him catch the Gararagator on behalf of his restaurant and the IGO. Toriko agrees to assist Komatsu in its capture but expresses his view that he would also love to have a taste of its high-quality meat.

As Toriko and Komatsu left in the morning for the Baron Archipelago, the area where the Galala Gator currently resided, they pass through Baron Bog and Toriko notices some odd things going on with the creatures of the swamp. As they settle down for the night, they come across a group of starving animals, and Toriko wonders what exactly could be stealing all the food on the island. Komatsu informs him that the IGO believed the Galala Gator could actually be a capture level 8 due to its highly advanced age of around 300 years, something which excites Toriko, as he informs Komatsu that they old get tastier with age.

Toriko and Komatsu come face to face with the Galala Gator.
Toriko and Komatsu come face to face with the Galala Gator.

After begin startled by the sudden arrival of a seemingly dangerous Swamp Snake which dies before it could attack them, Toriko notices some strange leaches on the body of the anime, including a large chunk of its body missing by what he presumed to be a bite. Before they have the chance to investigate further however, the Galala Gator appears and starts to attack them. During their battle Toriko surmises that the Galala Gator has been using the Baron Leeches that it keeps in its mouth as a method of both weakening and tracking its prey, which gives the Galala Gator an easy kill as the Baron Leech’s not only drain the blood of the prey, but the wounds left by them are hard to heal, making it easy for the Galala Gator to sniff them out over great distances. Toriko then quickly ends the battle using his signature techniques to swiftly remove the head of the Galala Gator and restore balance to Baron Archipelago.

Toriko quickly kills the Galala Gator
Toriko quickly kills the Galala Gator

After the battle, both Komatsu and Toriko both sit down and have a taste of the Galala Gators meat, which they both enjoy tremendously. They set aside some for the IGO Contract and continue to eat well into the night. Komatsu awakens the next day and is surprised to see that Toriko ended up eating all of the meat, including the part they set aside for the contract. Toriko notes that while it tastes great, it's not quite worthy of a spot of his Full Course Menu, as they set out to return home.

Fruit of Rainbow Arc

Toriko brings a Sharkenodon to the World Ktchen.
Toriko brings a Sharkenodon to the World Ktchen.

The arc starts off with Toriko setting out from his home, a house made entirely out of sweets, in search of a Sharkenodon in the cliff caves near his home to sell at the Gourmet Wholesale Market. While there he meets Komatsu, Tom and the IGO Food Development Chief, Johannes. Johannes explains to them that the incredible Rainbow Fruit has finally grown in their private garden and that a next of Troll Kong have set up their nest around it, making it impossible for the IGO to get near it. Johannes asks Toriko if he would consider going in to solve the problem, which Toriko agrees to the contract, stating that he would love to try the Rainbow Fruit out and see the "nostalgic" garden once more.

Toriko breaches the wall of the 8th Biotope.
Toriko breaches the wall of the 8th Biotope.

Johannes personally drives both Toriko and Komatsu to the wall of the 8th Biotope, and while there they experience the intimidating drumming sound of a Troll Kong on the other side of the massive wall, warning them not to enter into the Garden. Toriko unfazed by this intimidation tactic walks up to the extremely thick and durable wall and unleashes his 3 Ren Kugi Punch, which obliterates a large hole in the side of the wall through which Toriko and Komatsu enter into the Garden. However after walking into the Garden, Toriko is ambushed by a few Zombie Taipans that were thrown by the Troll Kong. Komatsu becomes worried for his safety but again Toriko is unfazed and just lets them bite straight into his body as he lights up a cigar tree and burns it out almost instantly, as he releases the smoke through the pores on his body, warding the Zombie Taipans away from him. he explains to Komatsu that they hate the smell of the smoke given off by the Cigar Tree. Komatsu still worried for his safety, tells Toriko that he should use some anti-venom to counter their poison, but Toriko tells him that he already has, something which confuses Komatsu.

Toriko intimidates the Silverback.
Toriko intimidates the Silverback.

Before Komatsu could press the issue the bridge is lowered and they cross over into the main area of the Garden. While walking through towards the Rainbow Fruit Tree, they sample some of the unique plants, until they stumble into a trap left by the Troll Kong. Toriko however manages to use a Knocking Gun on it, causing it to collapse into a ragdoll like state before it could do anything to harm them. They continue on deeper into the 8th Biotope Garden, until they finally reach the Troll Kong Nest surrounding the Rainbow Fruit Tree. Toriko begins to search for the leader of the pack, but is interrupted by an all-out attack of the Troll Kongs in the area. Toriko tells Komatsu to get onto his back and hold on tight, as he began to dodge his way through their frenzied attacks, while taking them down one by one with his Knocking Gun. As the fighting continued, Toriko managed to spot the leader of the entire pack, the Silverback itself. The silverback came out to fight Toriko directly, but Toriko ended the battle quickly by using a powerful intimidation to subjugate the beast before the fighting started, finally opening a path to the Rainbow Fruit itself.

Toriko prepares to eat the Rainbow Fruit.
Toriko prepares to eat the Rainbow Fruit.

Later, back at the Hotel Gourmet, Toriko enjoys a incredibly large, high class meal cooked by Komatsu and his fellow chefs who work at the Hotel Gourmet. When Toriko is finally finished eating the large meal prepared by the chefs, Komatsu finally brings out the hard fought desert, the Rainbow Fruit. As Toriko dug into the desert, he was completely taken aback by it's incredible and seemingly ever-changing taste, and by the time the first bite had reached his stomach, Toriko decided that the Rainbow Fruit would be his Desert Dish on his Full Course Menu, calling for Komatsu to get them something to celebrate the occasion.

Puffer Whale Arc

Shortly after the events of the Fruit of Rainbow Arc, Toriko and Komatsu both set out on another journey for Gourmet Fortune, a town near the coast where Toriko’s good friend and one of the Four Heavenly Kings, Coco lived. They decided to make the journey to see if they could capture the famous Puffer Whale ingredient, which can only be acquired ever 16 years due to breeding habits. And on the train journey to Gourmet Fortune, Toriko exchanges words with fellow Gourmet Hunter, Zonge, and also provides what alcohol he has to a kind elderly man.

When they finally arrive at Gourmet Fortune, they are greeted by Toriko’s good friend and fellow member of the Four Heavenly Kings, Coco, who takes them back to his isolated residence off the coast as they discuss recent events. While there they tell Coco their intentions to capture the Puffer Whales, and request that he assist them in the endeavour, as he would be the only one of them skilled enough to prepare it. Coco agrees to their request and the three of them set out for the one in a decade breeding area of the Puffer Whales, Labyrinthine Cave.

As they venture further into the labyrinth of tunnels in search of the lagoon where the Puffer Whales breed, they encounter some problems, and after Komatsu suddenly disappears they become very concerned. Before they have time to look for him however, Coco and Toriko and ambushed by the powerful Devil Serpent. They enter into an immense battle with the beast before finally slaying it with their combined efforts, and find Komatsu who tells them he was kidnapped by a fellow Gourmet Hunter for use as bait, and then being saved from death by the same old man from on the train who turned out to be the legendary “Knocking Master” Jiro.

They finally find their way into the breeding lagoon for the Puffer Whales and set to work capturing them with their skills in knocking. After having caught a few, Coco tries to prepare them himself only to continuously fail, at which point he passes the task of preparing them off to Komatsu. While reluctant, Komatsu braves the challenge and manages to finally remove the poison sack from a Puffer Whale after many failed attempts on his part. Komatsu then prepared them a celebratory meal using the Puffer Whales and the three of them sat down and had a small feast. Shortly after the meal, they are interrupted by the sudden emergence of a GT Robo from the water in the cave, and when Toriko and Coco realise the power of the intruder they begin to prepare for battle, only to find that it has no intention of fighting them, and simply walks straight into the tunnel network with a net full of Puffer Whales.

The group finally reach the surface once more Toriko, Coco and Komatsu prepare to head home, before the sudden arrival of an IGO helicopter with the IGO Food Development Departments Johannes inside of it, who asks Toriko for his help solving a problem in the IGOs 1st Biotope.

Regal Mammoth Arc

This arc picks up right where the Puffer Whale arc left off, with Toriko en route to the IGOs 1st Biotope with Johannes and Komatsu in tow in order to capture the Regal Mammoth. Upon arriving, they enter into the main facility and admire all of the food processing machines, before finally arriving at the main laboratory, where they had to be completely sterilized of contaminants before being granted access. After taking the lift down into the depths of the facility, they stroll through the lab before encountering an escaped Muscle Crab, but before Toriko has time to act, Chief Mansan appears from nowhere and takes it down with his Fry Pan Punch. After Toriko and Mansan exchanged a friendly greeting, he takes both Toriko and Komatsu with him to the Gourmet Coliseum to witness the legendary Battle Wolf in action.

Upon their arrival at the Gourmet Coliseum, they witness a heated battle between a Troll Kong and a Galala Crocodile, and despite taking a few hits from the Galala Crocodile, the Troll Kong eventually beats it. Mansam then leads them down to their seats in the front row to witness the next battle royal, and they are all amazed when the legendary Battle Wolf emerges from one of the gates in the arena. As they realise that the rest of the beasts in the arena are shaking with fear at the sight of the Battle Wolf, Mansam calls for Rin to use some Battle Fragrance to get them fired up and ready to fight.

As the fight begins, all of the beasts in the area attack the Battle Wolf simultaneously, but oddly, the Battle Wolf refuses to fight back, simply standing there and letting the attacks hit. At that moment Toriko notices that something is wrong with the Battle Wolf, as he asks Mansam if the Battle Wolf is actually a female. Upon hearing that the Battle Wolf is in fact a female, Toriko realises that she is with child, and decides to intervene in the battle, breaking his way into the main arena and protecting the pregnant Battle Wolf while she gives birth. Toriko causes so much chaos during the battle, that he inadvertently breaks the protective screen of the arena and it is forced to evacuate.

However the incredible moment is ruined by the arrival of the 6th Beast, the Devil Serpent, as it breaks straight through the wall of its gate and into the arena. However at the same moment, Mansam is brutally attacked by a GT Robo under the guise of the Republic of Roto’s President. The attack proved ineffective however at they began a battle in the stands, just as the Devil Serpent began its own attack against Toriko. However before it can attack, the exhausted female Battle Wolf steps in and kills it with speed and ease, something Toriko was completely shocked by as he was incapable following her movements. Toriko then realises that it exhausted the last of its strength protecting its child, but before her new born Battle Wolf could go to her side for the last time, she is struck by a laser attack from the GT Robo, heaily wounding her. In spite of this however, Toriko witnessed the Battle Wolf use the last of its strength to return to its child’s side for one last time.

Enraged by the GT Robos actions, Toriko asks Rin to watch over the Battle Wolfs as he begins a vicious onslaught against the GT Robo. Torikos attacks prove to be ineffective against the tough body of the GT Robo, and Toriko is hit with a barrage of powerful attacks causing him great injury. Toriko finally overcomes the GT Robo however by using his new ability, the Ice Pick Nail Punch, focusing the power of his Nail Punch into a single point. The power of the attack completely obliterated the GT Robos head, engulfing them in a large explosion. Toriko looks on at the broken GT Robo, but notes that his hand was damaged in the attack too. The GT Robo however tried to self-destruct to kill Toriko regardless, but the attack was mostly stopped by Mansam, who order the laser cannons in the area destroy the GT Robo before it could detonate.

In the aftermath of the attack, the GT Robos core antenna survived the onslaught, but as it tried to get away, Mansam had his animal partner Rikky, destroy it. Toriko then watches as the Battle Wolf dies with dignity, and then comforts the young child by letting him know that he was like it once, but it wasn’t alone now, adopting the young Battle Wolf and naming him “Terrycloth” in the process.

Later in the evening, Toriko and Komatsu sit down with Chief Mansam and enjoy a huge meal comprised of his entire Full Course Menu. During the meal they begin to talk about the reason they arrived there in the first place, the Regal Mammoth. However the chief expresses concern, saying he forgot all about it due to the GT Robos attack. Rin however steps in and lets them know that her brother Sunny has already arrived on the island captured the beast and is bringing it to them as they speak. Toriko is taken aback by the news, as Sunny is one of the Four Heavenly Kings like himself and Coco, and a good friend of his.

Continuing on with the feast, Sunny arrives carrying a huge Regal mammoth above his head with one hand, something Komatsu is amazed by. As he gets closer to them however, he is ambushed by a collection of Gang Hoods, but they are quickly dispatched by Knocking. Sunny threw them the Regal Mammoth and introduced himself to the group, greeting Toriko in the process, and noted how strong he was becoming. As Toriko explained Sunnys abilities to Komatsu, Chief Mansam explained to the group that the Regal Mammoth Sunny captured was only a child, and that the adult is still out there somewhere. The news shocks everyone, as the child itself was of an incredible size, however they prepare to move out into the Garden to track down and capture the adult Regal Mammoth.

As they journey through the massive garden, they eat many of the delicacies along the way, however they are suddenly ambushed by a small collection of Rock Drums. Sunny however refused to fight them as he didn’t deem them worth fighting due to their ugly appearance, however after some coercion from Toriko, Sunny finally pitched in and help out, and Toriko and the others watched on as Sunny took care of the Rock Drums himself with his unique abilities. After the battle is concluded, they begin to prepare the Rock Drum as a meal before they continue on with their journey, however Sunny forgot to use Knocking on the Rock Drum and it got up and kicked them far away from their current location, splitting them into two teams of, Komatsu and Sunny, and Toriko and Rin. Toriko and Rin were making their way through the dangerous White Forest, having to find a path through numerous wild and powerful beasts. However they eventually got surrounded and Toriko requested that Rin hit him with the illegal Battle Fragrance so he could then and scare them, and when she used it on him, Torikos intimidation became even more potent, managed to scare all of the wild beasts in the area far away from them.

However they both realised that one beast remained, a small Obsaurus, which Toriko deduces was likely claimed as a partner by one of the invading GT Robo and ordered to try and hold them back. Toriko then resolves to take it as his own partner, and prepares to fight it. After a tough fight Toriko and Rin manage to tame the Obsaurus and move on into the Devil Athletics area of the Garden, a collection of paths with various powerful monsters along each path, some of which are easier to get through than others. Toriko and Rin having chosen one of the paths get stuck fighting a Mysterious Bird Rubanda, until Terrycloth managed to find his way back to Toriko and Rin and forced it back before they could come to harm. Terry then led them out of the Devil Athletics via a much safer path, something Toriko was very thankful for. Terry however sensed an enemy approaching from inside Devil Athletics and turned around to fight it, while Toriko and Rin went onwards towards the Regal Plateau.

Toriko and Rin finally arrive at the Regal Plateau, just as the Regal Mammoth is falling off of the Regal Cliff. Noticing that both Sunny and Komatsu were climbing the cliff face and were in danger of being crushed, he made a large hole in the ground below with his Knife so they could avoid being crushed by the massive beast. The battle was not yet over however as many Heavycliff creatures were also forced down into the ground by the Regal Mammoth, and now began to rise from the ground and prepare to fight the group. Just as Toriko and Sunny prepare to fight, the Heavycliffs are suddenly paralyzed by nerve poison by the sudden arrival of Coco.

After exchanging some quick greetings, Coco Informs them that he has already poisoned the Regal Mammoth and that it should take effect soon, however they are once again interrupted by the arrival of another GT Robo. Coco however, tells them to continue on inside the Regal Mammoth and acquire the Jewel Meat, and that he would stay outside and hold back the GT Robo. Taking this chance Toriko and the others move on towards the Regal Mammoth. Before they could decide on a point of entry however, they are sucked in through the snout of the Regal Mammoth and then blown into its mouth. Sunny and Toriko manage to save the group from being crushed by its massive teeth before they began to make their way down into its body towards the Jewel Meat. When they finally landed in one of the organs, they are met by another GT Robo sent by the Gourmet Corps, however Sunny takes up the task to fight and hold back this one while he tells Toriko and the others to continue down into the Regal Mammoth, stating that only Torikos nose would be capable of navigating the maze that is the insides of the Regal Mammoth and finding the Jewel Meat.

Toriko, Komatsu and Rin briefly stop deeper in the Regal Mammoth for a short rest, and Komatsu and Rin take the time to try some of the meat of the Regal Mammoth. Toriko however tells them to hurry along and keep on moving, as the Regal Mammoth was actively trying to remove all foreign substances from its body. Toriko also couldn’t shake the feeling that they were being closely followed another GT Robo, which was being piloted by the man from the Lagoon in the Puffer Whale cave. Against the odd however, they finally make it down into the area where the Jewel Meat is, but Toriko is shocked to see that the GT Robo had finally caught up with them. Instantly powering himself up to his maximum levels and releasing a powerful intimidation to try and scare the intruder away, he screamed for Komatsu and Rin to get out of the way, attacking the GT Robo with a 5 Hit Nail Punch. The attack mostly failed however, as the GT Robo slapped Toriko away casually and only suffered light damage when the attack grazed his shoulder. Rin then takes it upon herself to attack the GT Robo, but her attack is swiftly dodged and she is impaled through the stomach by its arm.

Toriko wakes up briefly to see Rin being impaled by the GT Robo, and manages to punch it straight through the tissue of the organ they were in before it could attack Komatsu. After sharing a few short words with the dying Rin, Toriko became enraged and turned to fight the GT Robo once more with renewed resolve. Torikos Gourmet Cells had begun to undergo evolution, and he has subconsciously activated Autophagy, the ability where you begin to break down your own bodies muscles and organs in order to keep it operating at 100% efficiency. Toriko couldn’t keep this up for long however, due to how dangerous it is for the body, and so began a brutal onslaught against the GT Robo, exchanging powerful attacks with one another until finally Toriko is heavily wounded by the GT Robo and blasted further from the group by its laser attack.

Ironically however, the attack blasted Toriko straight into the cavern of the Jewel Meat, and after consuming a part of the meat, Torikos Gourmet Cells underwent a powerful Evolution and his body repaired at an incredible rate and became stronger as a result. Toriko then went back to the GT Robo and confronted it once again. Toriko discovered that the pilots name was actually Starjun, and requested that Starjun turn off the GT Robos “sense of pressure excess”, a system in place to reduce incoming damage to the pilot. Starjun complies with his request, mockingly saying that he doesn’t need it. Toriko increases his muscle mass exponentially and prepares to unleash a new ability, however he is stopped by Starjuns attack. After exchanging a few more attacks and heavily damaging Starjuns GT Robo, he unleashes his new 10 Hit Nail Punch, which completely destroys Starjuns GT Robo entirely.

After realising that Rin was in fact still alive, they all managed to get out of the Regal Mammoths body in one piece with the Jewel Meat. Later own they had a huge celebratory meal, and together they ate the wonderful Jewel Meat. Both Toriko and Sunny were so taken aback by the taste of the Jewel Meat that they both wanted it on their Full Course Menu, however Sunny eventually won the rights in the end.

BB Corn Arc

The arc begins three months after the Regal Mammoth incident, and opens with Toriko cooking a rather large meal for himself. Later while searching for more food to eat, he happens across Terry Cloth, who caught a Cheese Rabbit for him. Despite Toriko saying Terry could have it instead as he caught it, Terry refused to consume it at all. Toriko becomes concerned that Terry has not ate anything in the three months that have passed since she came to live with him, and decided to head to the World Kitchen to see if he could find any information about what he could do for Terry. While there he meets up with Tom, and they both convene in a bar later in the evening to discuss Terrys lack of appetite. It’s there that they figure out that Terrys appetite for food could only be sated by ingredients from the Gourmet World, a hostile and dangerous area of the planet. Tom however tells Toriko that an elderly drunk man, had brought an ingredient back from the Gourmet World that he believes Terry could eat, the BB Corn.

With this new information, Toriko and Terry head out for the only place in the Human World where one could find BB Corn, Wul Jungle. When they arrive at the area near the Wul Jungle, Toriko samples some of the ingredients around the vicinity, and after having settled down for the night to rest, they head out in the morning for the edge of the Wul Jungle.

Toriko and Terry, both make their way through Wul Jungles “Plant Hell”, however things take a turn for the worse when Toriko suffers an injury, and Terry gets trapped by a Goblinplant. Terry however manages to escape, and after a tough fight, manages to use the surrounding plants and her speed to take it down, however she is somewhat wounded in the process. Toriko praises her newfound strength regardless, and they both move up above the canopy of the jungle to find the BB Corn growing out of the canopy. Toriko manages to cut free, one small ear of BB Corn, however he noted that even that was a hard affair due to how tough the stalk of the BB Corn was. Both he and Terry then try their hand at getting into the much larger ear of BB Corn, and spend a very long time trying to remove the stalks from around the ear itself to get at the kernels inside. However when they finally managed to reach them through the tough fibre, Toriko finds it near impossible to pull them out. Not defeated however, Toriko hits the BB Corn with his 5 Nail Punch and managed to free some of the kernels from the ear itself.

As Toriko and Terry prepare to leave the Wul Jungle and head off to the Wul Volcano to cook the BB Corn, Toriko notices that a nearby ear of BB Corn was completely removed from the stalk in one clean cut, something which completely shocks him, however they both leave for the Wul Volcano regardless. When they arrive at the Wul Volcano, Toriko and Terry spend a rather long time trying to prepare the kernels of BB Corn, until finally they managed to cook one correctly, and the entire area is flooded with cooked BB Popcorn. Both Toriko and Terry begin to feast on it with excitement, and Toriko is so taken aback by the taste and texture of the BB Corn, he decides to make it the Hors D'oeuvre dish on his Full Course Menu.

However, before either of them could celebrate, they are interrupted by the arrival of the Gourmet Corps member Grinpatch, who consumes all of the BB Popcorn with his straw, and the proceeds to try and consume Terry too. Toriko manages to stop him just in time however, and they exchange words with one another. Grinpatch informs Toriko that his organization is going after the legendary ingredient GOD, which shocks Toriko at first, until he informs Grinpatch that he intends for GOD to be the Main Dish on his Full Course Menu. Toriko and Grinpatch then begin to fight, and after suffering some minor wounds, Toriko, thanks to the Jewel Meat he consumed earlier, managed to evolve not just his body, but his attacks even further and gained the ability to use ranged variants of his Fork and Knife abilities. Toriko begins to utilize his newfound abilities against Grinpatch, but they ultimately prove ineffective. However Toriko manages to cut through Grinpatchs immensely durable straw in the confrontation, before the latter retreats with an entire ear of BB Corn, the same ear Toriko noticed was missing in the Wul Jungle, carried by his Jack Elephant animal partner.

Toriko and Terry manage to make their way back to civilization after their bout with Grinpatch, and they bring a good supply of the BB Popcorn with them for everyone to try. At the end of the arc, Toriko asks Komatsu at the Hotel Gourmet, if he would want to join him on his trip into Gourmet Town, which leads directly into the next arc.

Century Soup Arc

Toriko starts the arc off, having a meal with Komatsu in the Hotel Gourmet. While there, Toriko and Komatsu both enjoy the BB Corn, which Toriko had chosen as the “Hors-d’oeuvre” of his Full Course Menu. As they finish their meal, Toriko brings up that he will be heading to Gourmet Town later that day, asking if Komatsu wished to join him, to which Komatsu agrees happily.

Finally arriving in Gourmet Town, Toriko and Komatsu both stroll through seeing the sites, much to Komatsus amazement. As they journey through Gourmet Town, they run into a familiar face, the Gourmet Hunter Zonge and his group, briefly forgetting his name, much to his annoyance. Continuing on, they start to enter more exclusive areas of Gourmet Town, requiring the use of their Gourmet ID cards. When Komatsu sees the vending machines and realise their cost, Toriko begins to explain that the vending machines in Gourmet Town contain high class food and drinks, pointing out to Komatsu the star rating at the top of the machine itself. They both continue on after Komatsu had gotten something from a cheaper vending machine, enjoying some street food along the way as Toriko begins to rack up a rather large bill on his Gourmet Credit Card. Toriko looks out the window of the restaurant they were sitting in and realises that there are many Gourmet Hunters here today, before turning back to Komatsu and telling him to get ready for their meeting, however Komatsu requests that they go to the Gourmet Department Store first before the meeting, to which Toriko agrees.

Browsing through the Department Store, Komatsu and Toriko look through high class pots crafted by Pot Artisan Kuribo himself, and Melk Kitchen Knifes crafted by Melk the First. The pair briefly see Coronel Mokkoi shopping through the Department Store before Komatsu runs off to buy his Gourmet Case Data Card. As Komatsu picks out which ones he wished to buy, a group of thieves nearby are swiftly taken down by the legendary chef Setsuno, who greets Toriko and reminds him that their meeting is about to start. The revelation that they are meeting none other than Setsuno amazes Komatsu. They set off for Setsunos kitchen in the area, and along the way Setsuno managed to persuade Torko to style his hair similar to Jirous, much to his apprehension. As they walk through Gourmet Town, Toriko and Komatsu talk about Sesunos achievements, and Toriko revealed that he need to wait for years for the “meeting” because Setsuno is in such high demand and her shop is rarely open. As they continue on their way, they question Setsuno on her life, and she revealed that she was good friends with the IGO President Ichiryuu, and was part of a combo with the “Knocking Master” Jirou, much to their shock

Finally arriving at Setsunos shop, they enter and take a seat as Setsuno begins to make the Special Menu item Toriko had requested 4 years prior, the Century Soup. Setsuno serves some high class water and other snacks as they wait for the Century Soup to finish cooking, watching in amazement all the while as Setsuno continues to show her skills. Having finally finished cooking, Setsuno serves the legendary Century Soup to the pair. Due to Torikos highly keen sense of smell, he is overwhelmed by the incredible scent of the Century Soup, and the effects are amplified when he finally tastes it. As Toriko and Komatsu both enjoy the wonderful Century Soup, Komatsu starts to list off the ingredients that he could tastes, much to Setsunos amazement, however she is even more amazed when Komatsu claims that the soup is still missing something. Quickly averting attention away from the soup, Setsuno invites them both down to see her actual preparation kitchen below her shop.

Leading them into a massive warehouse type basement, full of ingredients and live beasts, Setsuno takes them on a tour through her large kitchen before they finally arrive at the huge pot in which she cooks the Century Soup itself. Looking over the rim of the pot, Toriko and Komatsu stare in amazement at the ingredients, however both express shock when Setsuno makes the claim that her Century Soup Is still incomplete. Setsuno tells them that the Century Soup originally exists in the natural world itself, and then she told Komatsu that he was right when he said something was missing, but she could never quite figure out what the missing ingredient was. Setsuno then asks them both if they want to try the real thing, and Toriko jumps at the chance along with Komatsu, as Setsuno explains to them that the real Century Soup is going to be ready soon as it has been 100 years since it was last prepared, she tells them both that there is a man in Gourmet Town right now, who is hiring Gourmet Hunters in order to search for the legendary Soup, and tells them both to go to him so that they may taste the real thing themselves and perfect her version of the soup in the process.

With renewed vigor, both Toriko and Komatsu set out for the meeting place after they received their invitation. Upon their arrival at the bar however, all of the Gourmet Hunters present were shocked by Torikos appearance, expressing great levels of respect and admiration. Toriko and Komatsu both sit down at the bar itself, and discuss the large turnout with the barkeep, before the mysterious client walks in through the bars door with his bodyguards, revealing himself to be Coronel Mokkoi, the same man Toriko and Komatsu had seen shopping earlier. After entering into the bar, Mokkoi got straight to business, claiming that he would pay the Gourmet Hunter 10 billion yen if they could assist him in the acquisition of the Century Soup, to which all agreed, setting off for the hazardous ice continent, Ice Hell.

Setting out on their journey to Ice Hell via a large Ice Breaker ship, Mokkoi briefs all of the Gourmet Hunters on the environment, some of which become shocked at the destination. Explaining further, Mokkoi tells them that their target is a large ice mountain located at the very centre of the continent itself, and that deep inside that mountain exists the Gourmet Show Window, a large crystalline structure that contains the preserved beasts and ingredients from ages gone by, and notes that as it begins to thaw, the real Century Soup will begin to flow out. As the briefing ends, Toriko and Komatsu get ready to walk on the Ice Continent and head up to the main deck, which is where they meet the young Gourmet Knight Takimaru. As they talk, the ship is attacked by a group of Grand Sharks, however Toriko and the other Gourmet Hunters make swift work of them before they finally arrived at their destination, Ice Hell.

As they sailed close to the edge of the continent, a large chunk of ice broke away from the edge and threated the safety of the ship, however Toriko displayed his level of extreme power and managed to destroy the large chunk of ice before it could hit the ship, much to the awe of the other Gourmet Hunters Once Toriko had secured the safety of the ship, the Gourmet Hunters set out in groups to the top of Ice Hell via helicopter. Toriko and Komatsu went out with the first group, and stopped just short of the very top, being told the climb the rest of the way due to the fierce winds. When the two finally reached the top, they were greeted with the sight of a massive Tundra Dragon. However Toriko realises that the Tundra Dragon is already dead, frozen through completely along with the unfortunate Gourmet Hunters who arrived on Ice Hell long ago. As the rest of Group 1 make it up the side of Ice Hell, Toriko takes the lead and the Group begins to split off into small groups, with Toriko, Takimaru, Komatsu, Match and his men all going straight through the wasteland for the main target.

Along the way however, the group comes under threat by more than just extreme winds and freezing temperatures, as Ice Hell beings to throw everything it has at them. Toriko and match manage to protect the group long enough for them to set up camp in a hole in the ice itself, protecting them from the hazards of Ice Hell, while Toriko stood watch, feeling somewhat uneasy, believing that something else was out there following them.

As they continue an through Ice Hell, they come across for Freezer Bison, which the group kill for both food and their fur, allowing them to survive longer in the desolate environment. Continuing on once more, they repeat the pattern of resting and walking, until Torikos group finally managed to arrive at the entrance to the Ice Mountain, much to their pleasure. Entering into the mountain, the group notes the increased warmer temperature and sets out to find the Gourmet Show Window and the Century Soup, hoping to find the tell-tale aurora the Century Soup lets off into the air as a sign to all who would consume it. As the group rested, Komatsu comes across a small Wall Penguin which he named Yun. The young penguin took a liking to the chef and began accompanying them through the maze. During their rest, Toriko and the others talk about their reasons for going after the Century Soup, learning much about both Match and Takimaru in the process.

The group however is startled by a large explosion coming from the entrance. Realising that it must be the Gourmet Corps coming for the Century Soup, Toriko and his team rise up quickly and head on their way with haste, hoping to find the legendary soup before them. As they move on their way through the large ice maze however, the group is attacked by small insects sent forth by the Gourmet Corps, suffering heavy wounds during the battle with them, before coming face to face with the members of the Gourmet Corps themselves. Meeting the Sous Chef for the Gourmet Corps, Tommyrod, face to face, Toriko is struck by Tommyrod swiftly before he had time to react, however Toriko managed to turn the tables and attempted to attack the Gourmet Corps member with a powerful punch to his face. The attack failed however, and the group was battle was then interrupted by the emergence of two adult Wall Penguins, knocking the entire group straight through the floor to the location of the Gourmet Show Window. Toriko then steps forwards and tells Komatsu to go and get the soup while he holds the Gourmet Corps members off, realising that there will likely be only little of the century soup coming out of the Gourmet Show Window due to the weak smell.

Toriko then notices Match and Takimaru step in and protect Komatsus departure for the soup, thanking them before turning back to Tommyrod and getting ready to do battle with the Sous Chef. Before they could begin however, Tommyrod quickly slaughtered the two adult penguins before his insect was taken down by the group. Deeply annoyed by this action Toriko, Match and Takimaru quickly take action against the Gourmet Corps, but they end up being separated from one another to fight the 3 Gourmet Corps members one on one. Toriko stands against Tommyrod, who expels more insects from his mouth to do battle with Toriko, before the two clash into a violent display of power. Toriko launches multiple flying forks in order to counter Tommyrods many insects, but proves ineffective as they still manage to wound him, however Toriko fails to notice the bomb bugs on his back in time, and Tommyrod detonates them, engulfing the Gourmet Hunter in an explosion.

Toriko however emerges unscathed, but his rider suit was destroyed in the process. After Match kindly offered his to Toriko, who declined, Tommyrod turned his attention to his fallen comrades, seeking to lay eggs in their corpses. However Toriko activated his shivering at that moment, scaring the insects away and shocking both Match and Tommyrod in the process. Toriko then uses his shivering to thaw out his frozen hand and attacking with newfound resolve, using multiple flying knives to counter Tommyrods insects. The process continues for a while, before Toriko decides to cross the distance himself and enter into close combat with Tommyrod, however Tommyrod once again releases a larger insect from his mouth, forcing Toriko to back off once more. When Tommyrod wonders how long he plans to keep his Shivering active for, Toriko asks him how many more insects he will be able to hatch and is shocked when Tommyrod tells him that his limit should be roughly 1000 more. Tommyrod sends more insects against Toriko, who suffers more damage as a result before countering a large stream of them with his Nail Punch, Flying Fork and Knives. Tommyrod however, persistently continues to release more and more insects until Toriko is completely overwhelmed and covered from head to toe in various insects. Despite thinking Toriko had finally been defeated, Tommyrod couldn’t shake the feeling that something was wrong, and decided to deal the finishing blow himself to ensure that he would die, however as Tommyrod was inches away from landing the killing blow, Toriko emerged from the insects and grabbed hold of Tommyrods arm, much to his shock, and landed a powerful Nail Punch straight into Tommyrods midsection, sending the Sous Chef flying backwards with a heavy level of damage.

Toriko reveals to Tommyrod that he was excreting phytoncide, a volatile substance not unlike insecticide to defend against bugs of all types, noting that they will have to fight each other personally from this point onwards. Getting roused up once more, Tommyrod and Toriko begin to close the gap to each other and start exchanging blows, with Tommyrods speed getting the better of Toriko to begin with, suffering multiple attacks from the vicious Sous Chef because of it as well as losing one of his fingers. However in the exchange, Toriko managed to destroy one of Tommyrods wings. Tommyrod responded by activating Shivering himself and then using the un-hatched eggs in his body like small bullets. Toriko decided to close the distance between them and try to deliver another, stronger, Nail Gun punch, but Tommyrod cut off his hand before the punch could connect. Toriko, in spite of this, launched the attack anyway with the stump of his hand, launching the Sous Chef back once more and dealing more damage to him. Not finished however, Toriko kept up the attack and went in for another, even stronger punch, but this time Tommyrod managed to remove what was left of Torikos arm before taking the Nail Punch directly to his face in the process, dealing massive damage of the Sous Chef and sent him straight into the Gourmet Show Window, causing it to crack and crumble. Continuing on in spite of this, the two exchange even more blows with one another, dealing massive levels of damage before Tommyrod was finally forced to show his true strength and unleash the true power of his body to put Toriko down once and for all.

Toriko, suffering a terrible blow from the enhanced Tommyrod, in that moment simultaneously used and created the Leg Knife ability, cutting off Tommyrods arm in their clash together, much to Tommyrods shock and amazement. Not finished however, Toriko then uses his Leg Fork for the first time too, blasting a large section of Tommyrods chest away with a single kick. Finally succumbing to his lack of energy, Toriko passed out in front of Tommyrod. However before Tommyrod could kill him, his body became encased in a large Protect Tree, birthed by the young Gourmet Reviver, Teppei, who entered into the battleground and fought with Tommyrod in his place.

Toriko is revived by Teppei, shortly after the latter had defeated Tommyrod in battle. Watching as Teppei revived the others, Toriko and the rest then set out in search for Komatsu, finding his wounded near the Gourmet Show Window, under the battleground.

Komatsu is quick to inform them that he failed in acquiring the Century Soup because a Mirco Model GT Robo piloted by one of the Gourmet Corps members came and stole it from him. However Toriko tells him that he should not be sad about this and tells him that he is just happy he survived. At that moment however, Teppei decides to compress what remains of the Gourmet Show Window in order to wring out the remaining drops of the Century Soup. Watching in awe as the Gourmet Show Window is destroyed by the Saiseiya, the group witnessed a single drop of the Century Soup fall from the remains of the Gourmet Show Window, and release a powerful aurora around the ceiling above them. Teppei quickly informs them to hold their positions and whomever the drop falls towards should be sure to catch it. Everyone watches as the drop falls straight into Komatsus hands, much to both Toriko and everyone else’s excitement and pleasure. However, once the smell of the Century Soup reached the nose of Toriko and the others, they became wild, wanting to taste it before being stopped by Teppei. Wondering who should consume the single drop, Toriko tells Komatsu to eat the last drop, in the hopes that he will be able to remake the soup exactly. The group gathered round, watching in awe as Komatsu consumed the last of the Century Soup.

Realising that the entire mountain is starting to collapse, the Group quickly make their way out through a secrete cave thanks to Zonge. As soon as the group made it out however, they realised that the Ship had left, leaving them stranded on Ice Hell. At that moment however, Setsuno showed up in her Limousine Jellyfish and gave them a ride out of the Ice Continent. Toriko and the others rest in the Limousine Jellyfish, enjoying Setsunos cooking and informing her of the events on Ice Hell, before setting out of the Country of Healing “Life”.

Finally, the group arrive at the Country of Healing “Life”. As Toriko and the other prepare to leave the Limousine Jellyfish, Komatsu decides to stay and asks Setsuno for a life back to Hotel Gourmet so that he can get to work on the Century Soup straight away. Toriko says his goodbyes and the two part ways for now. Toriko and the others begin to walk around “Life” touring the various therapy centres and healing hospitals. As they make their way to meet Teppeis master however, Toriko runs into fellow Four Heavenly King and good friend, Sunny, who was relaxing in “Life”. As they sit down and talk, Sunny informs them that his true purpose of coming here was to find information on an ingredient for his Full Course Menu, the legendary ingredient and dessert EARTH. Soon after the group unexpectedly run into the very man they are looking for, the Saiseiya Yosaku, who was just a short distance away from them. Teppei greats and introduces them befoe informing Yosaku of the events at Ice Hell.

Following Yosaku to his personal lab, Toriko watches as he heals the group of their ailments and wounds before finally telling Toriko he will be capable of re-growing his lost arm, however Toriko is shocked when he discovered it would take 20 years. Toriko begins his treatment anyway, having his hair cut short by Yosaku in the process in order to acquire as much of Torikos DNA as possible, much to the enjoyment of Sunny. Yosaku then uses a small revival seed and places it in a bowl full of Torikos hair and they watch as the seed blooms into a small flower. Yosaku informs Toriko that the entirety of his DNA exists in the small bubble of the flower itself and notes that attaching it to his lost limb should regrow it. Later, Yosaku shows up once more having told Toriko to go into a Jelly Bath to stimulate the growth, and informs Toriko that the next step is to start consuming food so that it will grow quicker. Toriko pleased by this news, rises up out of the bath, but his body quickly becomes weak and emancipated due to the seed absorbing all the nutrients in his body. Toriko quickly starts eating as much as he can as fast as he can.

Three months pass during, Torikos healing, all the while his arm had been re-growing at a fast rate. However he takes a turn for the worse, and begins to enter the final stage of the regrowth, suffering from various powerful symptoms that show with the regrowth. Yosaku and Teppei are quick to treat Toriko, as the latter is too weak to survive without their help. Finally after a long healing process, Torikos hand if fully regrown and healed.

Toriko and the others then set out for Hotel Gourmet, now that his treatment and healing had finished, in order to finally taste the Century Soup that Komatsu had been working hard to recreate and finally succeeded in doing as Torikos healing came to an end. The group started sharing some kind words with Komatsu, and congratulated him on the completion of the Century Soup, before they all headed into the dining hall for a taste. Finally tasting the Century Soup, Toriko and the others broke out into an uncontrollable grin due to the incredible taste, and at that moment Toriko decided that the Century Soup Komatsu made will be the soup dish on his Full Course Menu, much to Komatsus pleasure and happiness.

Later on, Toriko and Komatsu board a train that was heading back to “Life”, bringing back a sample of the Century Soup for Sunny and Yosaku. On the way Toriko explains to Komatsu the sickness afflicting the Gourmet Knight Leader Aimaru, and told Komatsu the message he asked Takimaru to convey to him, stating that GOD will soon resurface in the world and that he should live so they can find it together. When Toriko and Komatsu finally arrive at “Life”, they find Sunny and shared the Century Soup with him and Yosaku, however Sunny refused due to the face one makes when eating it.

Toriko heads home shortly after this, only to discover his Candy House had been eaten by beasts and bugs. However it wasn’t all bad as both Terry and Ob were there to greet him, having grown larger than when he last saw him. Sitting down Toriko eats the Crab Pig the two hunted for his return, and decided to head into town in order to rebuild his Candy House even larger this time, using the promise of a taste of the Century Soup to incentivise the architect Smile. Toriko and Terry both go hunting for the sweets and candy required to build his new house, gather lots of high class ingredients before heading back to the building site and requesting Smile builds him a mansion. Toriko planned ahead, and invited Coco, Komatsu, Run, Tom and Chief Mansam to his new home in order to have a small party where they could enjoy each other company and taste the Century Soup together, the taste of which caused Smile to break out into a grin. However by the time the night was done, Torikos house was once more eaten completely, causing Smile some annoyance.

Ozone Herb Arc

The Reality of Gourmet World Arc

Melk Stardust Arc

Mellow Cola Arc

Toriko's Break Arc

Shining Gourami Arc

Meteor Garlic Arc

Bubble Fruit Arc

As Toriko begins to learn Food Honor from the national treasure Chin Chinchin a dark figure gets close. Toriko eats the bubble fruit, masters Food Honor and learns its secret technique: Food Immersion. he returns to the temple grounds to have a wild battle with the legendary lady Chiyo.

Four Beast Arc

Cooking Festival Arc

Billion Bird Arc


Powers & Abilities

Gourmet Cells

Toriko has gourmet cells inside his body, which allow him to perform superhuman feats as listed here. Toriko can adapt to harsh environmental conditions like low oxygen, high heat, and amped gravity. With a robust immune system, Toriko's body can develop antibodies to poison, and he has a total of 70 types of antibodies. Toriko has inhuman stamina that allows him to fight for days or even weeks without rest. Toriko has a sharp sense of smell that can pick up scents that no ordinary humans and beasts can detect. Toriko can regenerate cells and entire organs even after they have been destroyed. His durability is demonstrated when both Toriko's bones and tissue are extremely resilent to damage, specially kinetic force.

Appetite Energy

As a Pro Bishokuya and a top predator, Toriko is able to transform his calories into appetite energy. Appetite energy manifests on Toriko the following ways:

Knife:By channeling appetite energy to his right hand, Toriko is able to slice his opponents in half.

Leg Knife

By channeling appetite energy to his right leg, Toriko can deploy a 3 times more powerful knife technique.


By channeling appetite energy to his left hand, Toriko is able to pierce his opponents in half.
Flying Fork:A ranged version of the knife. it can be deployed in a rapid succession or in a concentrated way.
Leg Fork:

By channeling apetite energy to his left leg toriko can deploy a 3 times more powerful fork technique.

Fork shield:

Toriko is able to use his fork for defense in a shield fashion

Fork Armor

Toriko surrounds himself in various"forks" allowing even better protection than the fork shield.

Kugi Punch

Toriko's signature move allows him to deploy the force of several punches into one which release shock one after the other.

Nail Gun

An improved version of the Kugi punch which deploys all the accumulated strikes in one single devastating blow.
Leg Kugi Kick:By channeling apetite energy to his left leg toriko can deploy a 3 times more powerful kugi "punch" technique

Fork Kugi Punch:

Toriko creates a fork with far more piercing power

Knife Nail Gun:

toriko mixes the kinetic force of the nail gun along with the cutting power of the knife to create a devastating technique

Twin kugi punch:

toriko uses two kugi punches at the same time to double the damage

ice pick:

an even more piercing version of the fork which allows toriko to do more damage than his conventional fork

ice pick kugi punch:

an even more piercing version of the ice pick which allows toriko to do more damage than his conventional ice pick

Onsoku Kugi Punch:

a kugi punch accelerated by Zebura's voice

Twin kugi punch-Fry gaeshi

Toriko's twin kugi punch amped 36 times thanks to sani's super fry gaeshi.

Ou shoku Ban San

a technique created by gathering the apetite energy of all 4 heavenly kings. it eats and destroys the target on an atomic level.

Food Honor (Shokugi)

-Food Honor is a mental concept that can be learned at the shokurin temple. it's main principle is infinite gratitude towards food. to master Food Honor means to have impeccable food etiquette and mental control. these are the following benefits that come from learning Food Honor:

*Correction of Movement: one who has unproper movements cannot possibly eat the top delicate ingredients such as the bubble fruit. correction of movement also grants the user a special type of agility that allows to keep up with even stronger or faster opponents. the movements from food honor masters are so delicate the opponent doesnt even realize he has been killed. pro chefs can effectively reduce animals to the bones and yet they still would move and act as if they were alive. lastly it allows the user to reduce the ammount of energy needed to create techniques, thus boosting their stamina up to 10 times.

*Food Immersion: The Food Immersion is a secret technique passed down by Master Chin Chin which consists of allowing insane ammounts of calories into one's body without affecting the external appearance of the user, this equals more stamina and more energy resources for the gourmet cells. Toriko's body pre food honor could alredy hold around 3.5 million calories, but with food honor this number has increased up to an aproximate of 30 million calories.

Pre-Shot Routine

The Pre-Shot routine consists of a series of movements done before an action in order to increase its success rate. in the real world it could be compared to the movement a golf player does before hitting the ball. Toriko raises the effectiveness of his techniques by clashing his hands and then thanking for food.

Conduct Of The King

The conduct of the king, also known as the ultimate routine or the ultimate impression is a mental technique which focuses on bringing an image the user has on his mind into reality.the technique consumes a massive ammount of calories and it cant be used for prolonged periods of time. not even food honor masters can maintain the impression for long.


  • advanced healing: the user can heal wounds just by believing it.
  • success rating increase: the user can bring an attack on his mind into reality
  • outcome of events: toriko can change the outcome of an attack just by believing it.


Toriko makes use of his massive battle experience to get a "feel" on the opponent. This makes toriko detect weak spots on creatures and allows him to develop even more powerful techniques on the fly without wasting too much time.

Other Media

Toriko appears as a playable character for the following games:

  • J-stars victory versus
  • Toriko: Gourmet Survival
Voiced by
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Takashi Kondo
Ryotaro Okiayu
Ian Sinclair
General Information Edit
Name: Toriko
Name: トリコ
Romanji: toriko
Gender: Male
1st manga book: Toriko #1
1st anime episode:
1st anime movie:
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