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Battle Wolf

Battle Wolf is an extinct race of wolves that were brought back to life via cloning techniques used by IGO.

Capture Level

A numerical value applied to creatures in Toriko. It is a visual representation of the overall quality of the beasts ingredient(s) and how difficult the beast itself is to capture or kill.


Someone or something to do with cooking.

Four Heavenly Kings

Four Heavenly Kings is a title given to a group of Bishokuya known for their legendary feats: Toriko, Coco, Sunny, and Zebra.


Gararagator is the first Gourmet Beast that Komatsu and Toriko had confronted together.

Gourmet Beasts

Gourmet Beasts are animals in Toriko which are researched, captured and/or killed for food. They contain many large, exotic and valuable ignredients that are sought the world over.

Gourmet Corps

The Gourmet Corps is a criminal organiztion that poaches rare ingredients. Their main goal is to obtain the legendary ingredient GOD and create a new Gourmet Empire.

Gourmet Hunters

Gourmet Hunters are a group of folks who hunt animals and forage for food as their occupations.

Gourmet Plants

Gourmet Plants includes fruits, vegetables, and carnivorous plants.

International Gourmet Organization

An organization responsible for maintaining order in The Gourmet Age.


The Nitro are the primordial advanced species of Toriko who live in Gourmet World. They have extensive knowledge of cooking complex ingredients and are among the most powerful beings on the planet.

Puffer Whale

Puffer Whale is a Gourmet Beast that is quite similar to the Puffer Fish in the real world.

Salamander Sphinx

Salamander Sphinx is a Gourmet Beast with a Capture Level of 92. Its key ingredient is Mellow Cola.

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