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Toriko is an anime series in the Toriko franchise
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The legendary Gourmet Hunter Acacia, the man who ended the great Gourmet War and the only man to discover the mystical ingredient GOD.


Aimaru is the current leader of the Gourmet Knights and is a close friend of Toriko.


Alfaro is the waiter of the Gourmet Corps and Midora's personal aide. He is also one of the more powerful members of the Gourmet Corps despite his misleading work title.

Anyo Jr.

Anyo Jr. known as "Young Dessert Prince' is the chef and owner of the Sweet Shops. He is ranked as 6th best Chef in the World by the IGO


Barrygamon is the 4th Branch Head of the Gourmet Corps, Cookware Supply division.

Bogie Woods

Bogie is the 5th Branch Chief of the Gourmet Corps, who specilize in Food Preparation.


Brook is the musician of the Strawhat Pirates. He ate the Yomi-Yomi Fruit. When he died his soul returned, but when he found his body. All that was left was skeleton and an afro.


Cedre or Sedoru is the Chief of the Sixth Branch of the Bishokukai.

Chin Chinchin

Chin Chinchin is one of the fabled Gourmet National Treasures, and the current head Shokurin Temple. Prior to this he was the lover of and a combo to the Gourmet Corps famous chef Chiyo.


Chiru is the Head Chef of the legendary 10-star restaurant "Disappearing Cuisine" and is the 15th best chef in the World by the IGO. She succeeded Chiyo as the Head Chef and is a former pupil of Shokurin Temple.


Chiyo is an extremely skilled Chef who was once the Head Chef of a 10 Star Restaurant. She is also a highly skilled member of the Gourmet Corps.


Coco is one of the Four Heavenly Kings and one of the main characters in the series with almost as many appearances as Toriko. He is the most intelligent of the Kings.

Damala Sky XIII

Damala Sky the XIII is the owner and Chef of the restaurant Damala's Curry. He is ranked at an incredible 4th Place in the IGO World Chef ranking.


Dores was the Executive Chef of the Gourmet Corps, and one of its most senior members. However he has currently been hypnotised by the mysterious organization called NEO in order to serve them.


Elg is the 1st Branch Chief of the Gourmet Corps and one of its oldest members. He is also a powerful member as he is capable of entering the Gourmet World unaided.


Franky is the cyborg shipwright of the Straw Hat Pirates. A wild guy who runs on cola and covered in weapons.


Grinpatch is a Sous Chief of the criminal organization Bishokukai and is one of the main antagonist of the Toriko series.


Guemon is a member of the 0th Biotope


Ichiryuu, President of the IGO and one of the three Disciples of the legendary Gourmet God Acacia. Regarded by many as one of the strongest men in the world.

Jerry Boy

Jerry Boy is a powerful member of the Gourmet Corps, being one of the few who can enter into the Gourmet World unaided. He is also the current 3rd Branch Chief of the Gourmet Corps.


Disciple of Acacia, a Gourmet Hunter of legend, and the worlds greatest and most skilled master of "Knocking".


Known as the Dark Chef, Joies perhaps the Chief Mastermind of the organization known as NEO. Joie is one of the most powerful and skilled people in the world.


Joejoe is a elderly man who worked with the Gourmet Corps as their mechanical expert, he is currently under some type of hypnosis and working for the organization NEO


Johannes is the Chief of Food Development at IGo.


Kaitora is a member of Bishokukai.


Kiss is the animal partner of Coco. He is one of the last Emperor Crows in the world which were considered to be one of the "Eight Kings" of the Gourmet World.


Komatsu is Toriko's chef partner.


A chef who is a master in the art of Bizarre Cooking, which earned her the nickname "Bizarre Food Queen". She is the owner and head chef of her own restraunt "Harawata" which uses her signature style of Bizarre Cooking, and she is currently ranked as the 24th most skilled chef in the world by the IGO Chef Ranking.


Also known as the "Gourmet Hermit", he was part of the IGO's 0th Biotope up until he betrayed them revealing his true allegiance to the organization NEO.


Kruppoh is Tina's Carrier Balloon Pigeon.


Kuriboh is the Ultimate Pot Artisan


Kuromado is a highly skilled chef who is also the Head Chef of the Gourmet Corps, and is one of the few members capable of entering the Gourmet World.


Limon is the Sommelier of the Bishokukai. She was capable of entering the Gourmet World before much of the rest of the organization.


Livebearer is one of the best chefs in the world, ranked by the IGO Chef Ranking at 17th. He is also the leader of the Underground Cooking World, a black market organization for ingredients, and the former owner of the Gourmet Casino.


Love is one of the members of the IGOs 0th Biotope and is also the Warden of Honey Prison, the largest prison in the Human World.

Mahmai Moi

Mahmai Moi is a member of the secret organization NEO, president of the Gourmet Tourism Public Company and one of the worlds wealthiest men.


Development Bureau Director and Gourmet Research Facility Chief Mansam, One of the most powerful member of the IGO and an old friend of Toriko's.


Melk the First

Melk the First is the worlds most famous knife sharpener and a powerful member of the 0th Biotope.

Melk the Second

Melk the Second is a famous knife sharpener, and the adopted daughter of Melk the First. Melk entrusted the second generation to her after his retirement


The owner of Bar Meria who is never seen in person as she uses a GT Robo to run her bar which is located in the dangerous region of Black Lake.


Midora is the Leader of the Bishokukai, one of the three diciples of the Gourmet God Acacia and the main antagonist of the series.


Mokkoi is the Gourdarake's president.

Monkey D. Luffy

Monkey D. Luffy is the captain of the Straw Hat Pirates with the powers of the Gum-Gum Fruit. He has the dream of becoming the next King of the Pirates.


Nakaume is Komatsu's childhood friend who trained along Komatsu to become a world class chef.


Nami is the navigator of the Straw Hat Pirates and a skilled cartographer. She's a lover of money and mikans who dreams of making a map of the world.


Currently hypnotised by the organization NEO to serve them, Niceny was the aid to the Gourmet Corps Executive Chef, Dores, and is a powerful member within the organization itself.

Nico Robin

Nico Robin is the archaeologist of the Straw Hat Pirates. She ate the Hana-Hana Fruit. From this she can bloom any part of her body like a flower. She is a cool and mature beauty.


Nono is Setsuno's disciple.


Ohban is the vice warden of Honey Prison.

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