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Toriko is a franchise comprised of 6 movies, 1 anime series, 5 manga series
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0th Biotope

The 0th Biotope is a very special and hidden IGO Biotope, located in the Gourmet World. It is staffed by certain powerful people hand picked by President Ichiryuu himself.

100G Mountain

100G Mountain is a massive mountain located deep in Area 7, serving as the home of the Monkey King Bambina. It’s surrounded by the "Zero Mountain Range", and has a highly unique and powerful gravitational field.

1st Biotope

1st Biotope is an island that has extinct Gourmet Beasts that are cloned. There is a tournament to test Gourmet Beast and to find their Capture Level. On this island lives the Regal Mammoth.

Area 7

Area 7 is one of the 8 major landmasses of the Gourmet World, ruled by one of the Eight Kings, Bambina.

Area 8

Otherwise known as the Rain Continent, Area 8 is one of the 8 Major landmasses that make up the deadly Gourmet World. It is ruled over by Heracles, one of the 8 Kings of the Gourmet World, and it is also the continent where the Gourmet God Acacia's Salad Dish, AIR, grows.

Atmosphere Garden

Atmosphere Garden is a beautiful and peaceful region of Area 8 in the Gourmet World. Fertilizer Rain falls down on the entire area making the lands very fertile and healthy.

Baron Archipelago

Baron Archipelago is an area north of Toriko's home and the World Kitchen.


An area where the coast meats the ocean. Consists mostly of sand and water.

Bewitching Food World

Bewitching Food World is a hidden village located in the Gourmet World that is lead by the Daruma Hermit, and is home to the legendary chef Tengu Brunch.

Birth Cry Tree

Birth Cry Tree is a massive tree located in Area 7, it serves as the main area for which one must travel to in order to capture the legendary ingredient PAIR.

Country of Life

This is a country of healing that is set in the Toriko verse.

Dining Planet

A mysterious planet like location hidden deep within the Gourmet World.

Fish-Man Island

Fish-Man Island is an island in the Grand Line located beneath the Red Line, and is home of Fish-men and Mermaids.

Gigan Island

The island picked by Tengu Brunch during the third Preliminary match of Cooking Festival.

Gold Swamp

Gold Swamp is a vast body of gold dust, with an incredible level of buoyancy, that separates Yutou Island from the mainland of Area 8.

Gourmet Island(Cooking Festival)

An island picked by Komatsu during the third Preliminary match of Cooking Festival.

Gourmet News Station

Gourmet News Station is Tina's workplace.

Gourmet World

The Gourmet World is a region that occupies 70% of the world in Toriko. It surrounds the Human World, and it's home to the most dangerous beasts.

Grand Line

The Grand Line is the isolated sea, surrounded North and South by the Calm Belt, that spans the entire world of One Piece. It is the test of all who wish to be King of the Pirates.

Heavy Hole

Heavy Hole is an underground cave north of Melk Mountain. It's an extreme environment due to the heavy gravity caused by the combination of air pressure and magnetic forces.

Horse King Hill

One of the paths which leads to Slow Rain Hills that many horse species occupy including the Horse King Heracles.

Human World (Toriko)

The region that occupies 30% of the Toriko world. It is the place where humanity mostly lives.

Hungry-la Island

Hungry-la Island is a location where Toriko and Luffy's group first meet.

Ice Hell

Ice Hell is a barren wasteland that has very low temperatures. It has the Gourmet Show Window.


The Island nation of Far East Asia, and the setting for the vast majority of Anime and Manga.

Karakura Town

A fictional area of Western Tokyo where Ichigo Kurosaki lives.

Kingdom of Hope

The Kingdom of Hope is a now destroyed civilization that was once very prosperous in Area 7 of the Gourmet World.

Komatsu's Hotel

There is no name for the hotel that Komatsu works at, the restaurant where Komatsu mainly prepares food for his guests.

Maiden Island

Maiden Island is an island that Setsuno picked.

Medicinal Cooking Island

An island picked by Yuda during the third Preliminary match of Cooking Festival.

Melk's Home

Melk's Home is located in Melk Mountain.


Oceans are vast bodies of salt water.

Plains of the Bees' Nest

A region of Area 8 in the Gourmet World that is showered with Laser Rain constantly. It is one of the 4 known paths into Slow Rain Hills.

Poison Rain Prairie

Poison Rain Prairie is a region of Area 8 in the Gourmet World that is showered constantly with Poison Rain. It is also one of the four known routes into Slow Rain Hills.

Poison-Poison Island

An island picked by Tairan during the third Preliminary match of Cooking Festival.

Puffer Whale Cave

Puffer Whale Cave has a lagoon where Puffer Whales migrate to lay their eggs every decade.

Sea Mountain

Sea Mountain is a Gourmet World HQ for the Gourmet Corps.

Shinobi World

The Shinobi World is the land that is home to the Five Great Shinobi Nations, and the setting for the Naruto series.

Slow Rain Hills

Slow Rain Hills is an area located right at the centre of Area 8 in the Gourmet World. There are only four known ways to enter Slow Rain Hills and it is best known as the place where the legendary Ingredient AIR grows.

Stardust Hill

A region in Area 8 of the Gourmet World known as Stardust Hill where the powerful Meteorite Rain showers down on the land. It is one of the four known routes into Slow Rain Hills.

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