8 kings capture level?

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So far we only know 5 of the 8 kings:

1.-Battlewolf at 6090

2.-Mother snake ???

3.-Emperor Crow ???

4.-Derous ???

5.-Heracles ???

what level you think they have? who's the strongest seen so far?

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This is just ridiculous now

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Planet level doesn't even seem like it will be enough for EOS. They will probably get to star level maybe multi star level based on the legendary Eclipse Beast. But i actually think the Battle Wolf is one of the weakest Kings. For 1 it was introduced first. 2. We know that it took a pack of Battle Wolves to defeat a King Land Shark which by extension should be one of the 8 Kings as well. I think the strongest King will tip 10,000 and that is most likely one of the Kings that isnt revealed. The King that rules the continent with GOD no doubt. I mean just a fragment of the Derous' tooth can splt a mountain in the hands of someone like Melk. Imagine if Toriko used that shard. Then imagine the actual tooth which is colossal. As for which is the strongest so far, in my mind it would be either the Mother Snake (large enough to wrap around the TORIKO world and hyped to be on par with or faster than the Battle Wolf), or Heracles. Just that name indicates immense strength. But i believe that was the immortal horse Elg spoke of. Can you imagine trying to kill a beast that appears to be island sized and every Cell in it's body can regenerate into a full body in seconds. Can you imagine thousands of those things?
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the size of Heracles is just ridiculous. the octomelon was dwarfing toriko harbor and it was massive. yet its smaller than the footprint of herak? WTF.

@taichokage: as far as i know there's only one king per species. i guess there are many battlewolfs but there's a leader of that pack (and the whole continent for that matter) in my opinion derous is the one to watch. its said that he conquered the world alredy once, it seems its the oldest of the kings.

i also think the herak from elg is Heracles. though its regeneration should be leagues above, for all we know it could be truly immortal.

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This should be in the Toriko franchise's forum since general discussion covers more than a specific topic that deals with both anime and manga.

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@othus12: Supposedly, the Eight Kings are even comparable in power to the Three Disciples, correct? I'm not entirely clear on that, but I know that they're considered crazy powerful. Just that footstep alone throws me off. It must be bigger than a country at that size :O

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@Jinbeifan1:yeah the 8 kings should be on the level of the disciples. considering there is no 8 king on jiro's course and neither on ichiryuu's i think that's safe to asume.

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@othus12: The reason behind that is either 1 they wouldn't try fighting it because of how strong they are or 2 they just aren't that tasty despite their power XD Beside Blue Nitro, what else is supposed to be more powerful than them? I know there is something...

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@othus12: @taichokage: Oh geez, I didn't realize that a full grown Mother Snake would actually be bigger than even the World Serpent from Marvel! :O

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@Jinbeifan1: lol that's true! the fact she is so fast she can defend her entire body is also amazing.

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@othus12: @taichokage: Duuuuuude I didn't think we'd see one of the Eight Kings so early :O and apparently there's gonna be a fight, but I doubt Toriko's going to be able to scratch Heracles! Shit's getting intense

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@othus12: @taichokage: Holy crap... in weight, Heracles can carry over four moons in air :O That's basically small planet level, isnt it?!?

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@Jinbeifan1: its ridiculous. and yeah just with one breath he almost intakes the volume of mercury. lets just take into account that he isnt even attacking, he is breathing.

also fighting full power for a month?! wtf?? he has one heck of a stamina to keep 100% of his power intact for 1 month just with one breathe.

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btw toriko has absolutely no chance of even scratching heracles, its impossible for him. he seem rather angry to see komatsus knife (which OC was made out of the tooth of one of the eight kings)

for now what i think its going to happen is that komatsu will cook the fruit of the air tree for heracles and that will serve as tribute for heracles.

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I knew this would happen. Mappy wasn't gonna die. But for that to happen, Komatsu needs to take a leap of faith and Toriko has to helplessly stand by and let him do it. But holy....... Heracles is gigantic. That is an insane amount of air. So we have a cellular regenerating, month long stamina and small planet level mass capacity......And this is the first among we are introduced to thoroughly. Why do I think now that he is one of the weaker Kings? P.S. When I saw the Baby Heracles, that made me think that all hope is not lost in Zebra getting a beast partner.
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@taichokage: i see that the newborn had cellular regen. to compare the actual king with the elg version is kinda like comparing quinn to the actual mother snake. i wonder if cutting heracles could create an entire heracles again....that would make him extremely powerful.

also i call all the users here to help me measure the size of heracles.

here's what i got so far

we have the burj khalifa (tallest real life building) at 163 floors and 800 meters high

then we have gourmet towers at 330 floors and roughly twice the size of the burj khalifa so 1600 meters.

then we have the dharma horse....


so what do you guys think?

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I'm thinking Heracles is pushing 10 km in height and 15 in length. It's back is past the clouds and the atmosphere around Heracles is thinner than usual. I mean, Daruma Horse was stepping on sky scrapers and was roughly Mount Turtle's size which was basically a living volcano. And Daruma is around Heracles' head size. Heracles has gotta be pushing small island size, but it's mass is exponentially greater than that.
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@taichokage: Toriko just Kugi punched the perimeter the horse king hill, estimated to be the size of an Earth continent.

Anyway, the B wolf has a capture level of over 6000. As an 8 kings, Heracles's capture level should be around this level.

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Guess I should've posted rather than PM. That was incredible. An amazing feat plus the last page got me even more hyped than the feat.
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yeah the horse king hill seems to be at least the size of latin america

im just wondering how this fight is gonna come out i really want to see toriko at full power but also the horse king's moves.

also i see that toriko pulls kugi punches like normal punches right now. no fatigue at all.

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