Toriko is a franchise comprised of 6 movies, 1 anime series, 5 manga series
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In the world filled with mysterious and truly delicious foods and ingredients, Restaurant Owners and affluent people hire "hunters" who specialize in the art of obtaining the most exquisite ingredients from the most dangerous environment in the world. These people are known worldwide as "Gourmet Hunters".


Toriko is action shonen series created by writer and illustrator, Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro. It has been serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump and its tankobon has been released by Shusisha. Toriko was revealed at 2009's Comic Con by Viz Media. Viz had revealed that Toriko was be shown in their Shonen Jump magazine. Toriko would be placed in the magazine the following year, 2010, and he appeared in February's edition of the magazine. In Toriko's first print appearance, Viz decided to place Toriko in a volume format book.

The series has had crossovers with Dragon Ball Z and One Piece.


Toriko, a legendary Gourmet Hunter, has spent his life searching for the most luxurious foods and ingredients in order to perfect his Full-Course Menu. A man with inhuman strength and power, he uses it and his insight and knowledge of the animal kingdom to capture rare and powerful beasts in order to extract the delicious and mouth-watering ingredients that they hold. A young Chef named Komatsu joins him on his epic quest in order to improve his culinary skills and learn all about the new and exotic ingredients that he could only dream of. Along the way they will meet old friends and enemies as well as clash heads with the fearsome Gourmet Corps (Bishokukai), who seek to take control over the entire food supply and network and create a “Gourmet Empire” by finding the most highly sought after ingredient in the world, GOD, first discovered by the famous and legendary Gourmet Hunter Acacia who used its power to stop the terrible Gourmet War 500 years before the start of our journey.

Major Story Arcs

Galala Gator Arc

Chapter(s) 1 - 2Episode(s) 1

Fruit of Rainbow Arc

Chapter(s) 3 - 7Episode(s) 2

Puffer Whale Arc

Chapter(s) 8 - 18Episode(s) 4 - 6

Regal Mammoth Arc

Chapter(s) 19 - 54Episode(s) 7 - 17

BB Corn Arc

Chapter(s) 55 - 62Episode(s) 18 - 22

Century Soup Arc

Chapter(s) 63 - 100Episode(s) 23 - 41

Gourmet King Deciding Battle Arc

Episode(s) 42 - 43

Ozone Herb Arc

Chapter(s) 101 - 109Episode(s) 44 - 48

The Reality of the Gourmet World Arc

Chapter(s) 110 - 113Episode(s) 49 - 50
Episode 51 - One Piece Crossover.

Melk Stardust Arc

Chapter(s) 114 - 124Episode(s) 52 - 57

Mellow Cola Arc

Chapter(s) 125 - 143Episode(s) 58 - 68

Toriko's Break Arc

Chapter(s) 144 - 147Episode(s) 69 - 74

Shining Gourami Arc

Chapter(s) 148 - 155Episode(s) 75 - 79

Autumn Break Arc (Anime Filler)

Episode(s) 80 - 82

Meteor Garlic Arc

Chapter(s) 156 - 173Episode(s) 83 - 97

Bubble Fruit Arc

Chapter(s) 174 - 193Episode(s) 98 - 111

Golden Wheat Arc (Anime Filler)

Episode(s) 112 - 113

Four Beast Arc

Chapter(s) 194 - 209Episode(s) 114 - 123

Cooking Festival Arc

Chapter(s) 210 - 263Episode(s) 124 - 147 END

Billion Bird Arc

Chapter(s) 264 - 271


Chapter(s) 272 - 294


Chapter(s) 295 - ???


Four Heavenly Kings

Toriko is the main protagonist of the series and one of the best Gourmet Hunters in the world. He is known by many as one of the "Four Heavenly Kings", a man with an almost insatiable appetite and immense power and strength that serves him well on his personal quest for the best foods and ingredients to add to, and finally finish, his full-course menu. Toriko is one half of the combo that he has formed with his friend and chef, Komatsu.
Terry Cloth is Toriko's Battle Wolf, animal partner. Toriko adopted him after the death of his mother in the Gourmet Coliseum. He has a very selective appetite and will only eat food that has come from or resides in the dangerous "Gourmet World". His species was regarded as one of the "Eight Kings" of the Gourmet World. Terry shares a very strong bond with Toriko and see him as some type of father figure.
Coco is a good friend of Toriko and one quarter of the Four Heavenly Kings. Like Toriko, he is a powerful Gourmet Hunter with a large appetite and impressive full-course menu to go with it. Unlike Toriko who uses his superior strength to overwhelm foes, Coco uses his very unique abilities in conjunction with cunning and strategy to bring down his foes.
Kiss is the animal partner of Coco and is one of the last known Emperor Crows in the entire world. He shares a very strong bond of friendship with Coco, similar to the bond Terry and Toriko have. Kiss allows Coco easy transportation by flying him where he needs to go but also provides him with transportation to Coco's house which is otherwise inaccessible without the help of Kiss.
Sunny is one of the Four Heavenly Kings, and a friend of Toriko and Coco. A man with a strange fixation on "Beauty", he hates it when anything appears to be ugly or not to his liking, made clear when his entire full course meal is built around Skin Care and Nutritional Value. Sunny bands together with his three brothers, for all intents and purposes, and is hoping that along the way he finds the final ingredient for the desert dish of his full-course menu, EARTH.
Quinn placeholder text
Zebra is the final member of the Four Heavenly Kings, and regarded as both the strongest and the most savage of all four. His relationship with the other Four Kings is rocky, as he only tends to get along with Toriko who seems to understand him the most out of the other two. Zebra has never seen the point in creating a full-course menu simply saying that he will eat anything as long as its tasty, but after some persuasion from Komatsu, he begins to select his own ingredients and dishes to add to his menu.


Ichiryuu is the president of the entire International Gourmet Organization (IGO for short), one of the disciples of the legendary Gourmet Hunter Acacia, and considered to be one of the most powerful men in the world. Ichiryuu is a quirky yet light hearted old man who cared very deeply for his family and friends. His full-course menu is comprised of rare and extremely hard to acquire ingredients, which are all contained in near unbreakable chests located in all 8 levels of the Biotope. The Ingredients are so rare that he has never found a chef capable of actually preparing his full-course menu, and has instructed his "sons" with not only acquiring the ingredients out of the chests, but finding a chef who is able to cook and prepare them.
Mansam is the Development Bureau Director and the Gourmet Research Facility Chef for the IGO, this makes him one of the highest ranking members in the entire IGO. Mansam is an old friend of Toriko and the other Four Heavenly Kings, and treats them much like he would family. However, he always seems to be drunk, most likely as a result of his full course menu which contains very high alcohol content, so high that few manage to make it through to the final dish; however he is a generally happy man and cares about protecting his friends.
Rikky is the animal partner of Director Mansam of the IGO. He is a large Hayanpanther and lives with Mansam in the IGO's 1st Biotope. They share a strong bond with each other and is good friends with fellow IGO member Rin. He also has quite a sweet tooth as his favourite food is a Horohoro Parfait. He has grown considerably over the duration of the series.
Rin is the younger sister of Sunny, one of the famed Four Heavenly Kings. She is employed at the Gourmet Coliseum where she uses different fragrances and perfumes to manipulate the animals state of mind, hence her title of Beast Tamer. Rin also appears to be infatuated with Toriko, having girly outbursts around him and generally fawning over him when he is near her, and oddly enough she also seems to get along well with Zebra because he tends to be very civil around her. Sunny has noted that she tends to favour sweet foods when he used his feelers on her.
Komatsu is a timid yet enthusiastic young 5 star Chef who joins Toriko on his journey to acquire and cook the most exquisite foods and ingredients in the world. Previously he was the Head Chef of Hotel Gourmet owned by the IGO. Komatsu bands together with Toriko and his allies in an effort to improve his own skills as a chef, and experience all the wonders this world of exquisite food has to offer. Komatsu is one half of the Combo he has formed with his friend and ally, Toriko.
Yun placeholder text
Love is the prison warden of the famous Honey Prison, the Human World’s largest Gourmet Prison which harbours some of the most dangerous people in the world. She is also a member of the IGO's 0th Biotope indicating that she is deceptively strong despite her appearance. She has a unique ability that allows her to excrete pheromones in order to manipulate beasts and people.
Ohban is the assistant warden of Honey Prison under direct command of Love. He is the second most powerful person in charge at Honey Prison behind only Love herself. Unlike Love who has a somewhat carefree attitude to her job, Ohban has a far more serious attitude, but despite the difference between them he still holds her in high regard.
Rapp is a member of the IGO's secretive 0th Biotope and a very powerful Gourmet Hunter.
Rei is the IGO's current Defence Director. He is a very high ranking member in the IGO due to his knowledge of the existence of the IGO's 0th Biotope and its current members
Kuriboh is the world’s most skilled and greatest pot artisan, and is also a powerful member of the 0th Biotope, a special branch of the IGO that operates in the Gourmet World.
Guemon is a member of the IGO's 0th Biotope and the sole protector of the Wak Continents Three-Way Road. He is a very powerful man capable of killing numerous Gourmet World Beasts with ease and he has been protecting the Three-Way Road, one of the three entrances in the Human World into the Gourmet World, for a long time on his own. He is a master of the fighting ability "Intuition", which he uses almost exclusively to protect the road, and which he later teaches to Sunny of the Four Heavenly Kings.
Atashino placeholder text
Goblin Ramon placeholder text
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Melk the First is the world’s most famous and skilled Knife Sharpener. He lives in near total seclusion at the top of his mountain with his adopted daughter and apprentice Melk the Second, and he is also a powerful member of the IGO's 0th Biotope. Despite his intimidating appearance and muscular build he is in fact a very caring and loving man and has a voice that is normally impossible to hear due to the extremely low tone he speaks in, this often leads people to believe he is mute.
Sakura placeholder text
Rala placeholder text
Malisman is a very famous author, earning her the title of Gourmet Literary Master. She is also one of the members of the IGO's 0th Biotope, indicating that she is also a very powerful individual, and is also one of the Gourmet Human National Treasures.
Ryuu is the former boss of the Gourmet Yakuza, which operates in the crime ridden city of Nerg. He is currently a powerful member of the IGO's 0th Biotope and passed on his command of the Gourmet Yakuza to Match after he left for the Gourmet World 0th Biotope HQ to meet with the remaining members of the 0th Biotope. He is also a very good friend of fellow 0th Biotope member and Saiseiya, Yosaku.
Yosaku is one of the most famous members of the Saiseiya. They are known as Gourmet Revivers who work to revive dead ingredients and aim to protect ingredients from being lost. Yosaku tends to disregard the rules and enjoys breaking them on occasion. His skill and power have earned him a place working for the IGO in the 0th Biotope located in the Gourmet World.
Setsuno is one of the most skilled chefs in the world, consistently ranking in the top 5 of the IGO Chef Ranking. She is one half of the combo that she shares with the equally famous Gourmet Hunter, "Knocking Master" Jirou. Her skills are regarded as second none, so much so that the currently ranked number 1 chef Zaus, is only number 1 because she refuses to take part in the Cooking Festival due to her other commitments. Setsuno is also one of the four Gourmet Human National Treasures.
Chin Chinchin is the Master of Shokurin Temple found deep within the Lost Forest, and a master of "Food Honour". He is a very powerful man despite his small size and appearance, being part of the IGO's exclusive 0th Biotope and one of the Gourmet Human National Treasures
Tack placeholder text
Manan placeholder text

Gourmet Corps

Midora, is the leader of the Gourmet Corps, and the primary antagonist of the series. In the past he was one of the disciples of the legendary Gourmet Hunter Acacia, and the "brother" of both Ichiryuu and Jirou. Midora created the Gourmet Corps no long after the death of his adoptive mother Frohze. Having been deeply saddened by her passing he refocused himself and created the Bishokukai, whose primary goal is to find the main dish of his adoptive father Acacia's full-course menu, GOD. And use its power to take control over the entire food industry, and in effect deprive and rid the world of the food his adoptive mother and father had given to them.
Alfaro is the waiter of the Gourmet Corps, and the leader Midora's personal aide. He is a highly regarded member of the Gourmet Corps by all members, and despite his status as a Waiter he has proven himself to be exceptionally powerful and strong, being one of the few members capable of traveling into the Gourmet World without the aid of a GT Robo.
Starjun is a Sous Chef for the Gourmet Corps and one of the main antagonists of the series. Oddly enough despite his status as a criminal, he has taken up work as a Gourmet Hunter in order to find an, as of yet, unknown ingredient. Starjun has enlisted assistance with his quest to find the ingredient in the form of his combo partner and old friend of Komatsus, Ootake.
Tommyrod is a Sous Chef for the Gourmet Corps and one of the main antagonists of the series. Tommyrod is a man of incredible power who also has the unique ability to create and use insects to fight for him. The strength of these insects varies depending on how strong he needs them to be. He is noted as one of the first members of the Gourmet Corps to have ventured into the Gourmet World without the aid of a GT Robo.
Bogie Woods is a one of the Chief member of the Gourmet Corps, he himself is the Fifth Branch Chief of the Gourmet Corps which undertakes Food Preparation. His unique skills are one of a kind in the world and they allow him to conduct business elsewhere in the world under the guise of someone else.
Barrygamon is the Forth Branch Chief of the Cookware Supply Team of the Gourmet Corps. He has very durable armour crafted from the Shell of a Crush Turtle and is deceptively fast despite his build and size, especially in cold climates.
Chiyo was once the head chef of a prestigious 10 star restaurant, but joined the Gourmet Corps sometime after her disappearance and became a chef in their organisation. She is a very powerful member and a highly skilled chef, ranking consistently in the top 5 of the IGO Chef Ranking's top 100 Chefs until she disappeared. Despite her size she is immensely fast, able to remove everything in the chest area down to the bones in the blink of an eye with her knifes.
Jerry Boy is one of the members of the Gourmet Corps capable of entering the Gourmet World without the aid of a GT Robo so his skill and strength is some of the best. He is also the current Third Branch Chief of the organisation.
Yuu is the current Second Branch Chief of the Gourmet Corps which seems to deal primarily in intelligence gathering. Aside from his status as a Branch Chief, his power is of note given he is one of the members of the organisation capable of entering the Gourmet World without the aid of a GT Robo.
Elg is one of the Gourmet Corps oldest members and he is also the First Branch Chief of the organisation. At one point he was the first Branch Chief in the entire organisation but that changed as they became more prominent in the world. His strength and skill have given him the power to be one of the few Gourmet Corps members to enter the Gourmet World unaided.
Grinpatch is one of the Sous Chefs of the Gourmet Corps and one of its few members capable of entering into the Gourmet World. He retrieved the BB Corn for the Gourmet Corps using his animal partner, the Jack Elephant.
Ootake is a member of the Gourmet Corps, and one half of the combo he shares with fellow Gourmet Corps member Starjun. He was the previous owner of "Fairy Tale Castle", a 7 Star Restaurant that used his signature cooking style. He was a old and good friend of fellow chef Komatsu
Cedre is the Sixth Branch Chief in charge of Food Procurement in the Gourmet Corps.
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Joie is a highly prominent member of NEO and its current leader. He is easily one of the most skilled and powerful chefs in the entire world, capable of matching fellow legends such as Jirou and Setsuno. He was the worlds very first "Super Cook" which he earned when he attended the first Cooking Festival, but that title was revoked and taken from him due to his cheating.
Mahmai Moi is one of the world’s wealthiest men, and is currently the president of the Gourmet Tourism Public Company, which has a current market value of 812 trillion yen, one of the highest market values in the entire world. It's also revealed that he is a member of NEO.
Colonel Mokkoi is an extremely wealthy man, one of the world wealthiest men. He is currently running Company Gourdarake as its president which has an annual income of 20 trillion yen. He is also one of the members of the dark organization NEO along with fellow entrepreneur Mahmai Moi.
Zaus is the currently ranked as the number 1 chef in the world based on the IGO Chef Ranking, and is the current "Super Cook", a title he earned at the Cooking Festival and is one of the only 5 people in the history of the world to hold the title. His skills in cooking are some of the best in the world and is also one of the world’s strongest people, fellow legendary chef Setsuno notes that he is only wins because she rarely shows up to compete.
Kousairou is a powerful member of NEO and is one of the few people alive who knows the location of Acacia's Drink, ATOM. He was a member of the IGO's 0th Biotope before he defected to NEO.
Mohyan Shaishai is regarded by many as the greatest and most skilled Saiseiya alive in the world. He is also the master of fellow Saiseiya Pukin. He is currently aligned with the organization NEO, and he is also one of the four Gourmet Human National Treasures.
Shigematsu was the second most powerful man in the IGO, working as the Vice President of the IGO under Ichiryuu. It later turned out that Shigematsu was a spy who infiltrated the IGO in order to gather information, and he is currently aligned with the dark organization NEO.
Uumen Umeda was the IGO's Business Bureau Director and was one of the first people seen in the series. He is responsible for sending Toriko and Komatsu out to acquire the Galala Gator at the beginning of the series. It later turned out that Uumen was actually a spy for the organization NEO and had infiltrated the IGO in order to seemingly gather information.
Teppei is a highly skilled Saiseiya currently under the tutelage of Yosaku, and a blood relative of one of the "Gourmet God" Acacia's disciples, the "Knocking Master" Jirou. His fighting style is similar to that of his Grandfather, in which he primarily uses knocking to immobilize his enemies or discourage them from further attacks. He decided to become a Sayseiya, as opposed to following in his Grandfathers footsteps and becoming a Gourmet Hunter, because he wants to protect the ingredients his Grandfather cares about. Due to Joie’s “Taste Change” he has currently been hypnotised into working with the organisation NEO.
Joejoe is a rather old and small man who was the mechanical expert for the Gourmet Corps and the one who monitors their GT Robos. It turns out that he had been hypnotized by the opposing organization NEO while working for the Gourmet Corps and was likely used as a spy to gather information for them.
Kaitora is a Saiseiya who was working for the Gourmet Corps, reviving ingredients for their use. Like many of his fellow Gourmet Corps members, he was hypnotized into working for the rival organization NEO.
Dores was the Executive Chef working for the Gourmet Corps and was one of its most senior members via rank, and his aid was his fellow Gourmet Corps member Niceny, However, he has be hypnotized into working for the dark organization NEO along with a few other members of the Gourmet Corps.
Niceny was the aid to the Executive Chef Dores, and a powerful member of the Gourmet Corps. He was also one of the members capable of entering into the Gourmet World. He is currently however one of the members of the Gourmet Corps who was hypnotized by NEO into working for them.
Kuromado was one of the Head Chefs employed by the Gourmet Corps. Due to his status as Head Chef, while no information has been given yet, his skills as a chef are sure to be exceptionally great. It later turned out that Joie had used his ability “Taste Changed” and Kuromado has been hypnotised into working for the rival organisation NEO.
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Gourmet Knights

Aimaru is the leader of the Gourmet Knights, a good friend of Toriko, and also a mentor to Takimaru. He has a unique ability that allows him to eat illness and diseases, and develop ways to cure or slow them. He did this for Takimaru when he was inflicted with a curse from the Gourmet World but he was unable to remove it all. After years of doing this he has become very ill and bed ridden.
Takimaru is the youngest member of the Gourmet Knights, under the leadership of Aimaru. Takimaru uses a unique fighting style that involves attacking and dislodging joints and bones, similar to that of Knocking. When he was a child he became afflicted with a curse from the gourmet world, Aimaru was able to remove most of the curse through his own ability to eat illness, and from that point on Takimaru has was trained by Aimaru and became one of the Gourmet Knights.

Gourmet Yakuza

Match was the former Vice Boss of the Gourmet Yakuza, but has now taken over leadership due to the resignation of the former Boss Ryuu who left in order to meet with the members of the IGO's 0th Biotope. He is also the owner of the famous Gourmet Casino in the city of Nerg, after Livebearer gave it to him in order to pursue new interests. He is a good friend of Toriko’s, one of the Four Heavenly Kings.

Gourmet Revivers

Pukin is a young female Saiseiya skilled in healing, and is the current apprentice of the legendary Saiseiya Mohyan Shaishai, regarded as the most skilled in all the world, who is also one the Gourmet National Treasures.

Hex Food World

Daruma Hermit
Brunch is one of the most skilled chefs in the world, ranking 3rd out of the top 100 on the IGO Chef Ranking. Brunch was born and currently lives in the Gourmet World, in a place called "Hex Food World", he is also the owner of the dining hall "Tengu Castle" of which he is also the Head Chef.

Area 7

Bambina is the Monkey King of Area 7 in the Gourmet World and one of the legendary Eight Kings. Out of all the Eight Kings, he is considered the "problem child", due to his childish and playful nature. His body holds the legendary ingredient PAIR.


Kopuriko is the 24th ranked chef on the IGO Chef Ranking and head chef and owner of the Bizarre Food Restaurant "Harawata". She is also known as the "Bizarre Food Queen" due to her skill in the art of Bizarre Cooking.
Mami is currently ranked as 29th on the IGO Chef Ranking and is a master in the art of Undersea Cooking. He specializes in seafood and is the owner of the famous undersea restaurant "Ryuuguu Tower".
Livebearer is the previous owner of the famous Gourmet Casino and the previous Boss of the Underground Cooking World. He is ranked at 17th on the IGO Chef Ranking. His personality changed when he met Komatsu and turned him from his criminal ways.
Nakaume is the current heir to the Nakaume Gourmet School, a famous institute in which one can learn how to cook. He is a very old and good friend of both Komatsu and Ootake.
Nono is the highly skilled disciple of Gourmet National Treasure and legendary chef Setsuno. She is Setsunos only staff member and her chosen successor.
Tairan is the current 19th ranked chef based on the IGO Chef Ranking, and a master in the art of Poison Cooking. He is the owner of the specialized poison cuisine shop "Nest of Poison", and one of the most skilled chefs in the world when it comes to handling poisons.
Wabutora is a chef of great skill in the art of oil based cooking. He is ranked 14th on the IGO Chef Ranking making him one of the most skilled and famous chefs in the entire world. He is the current owner of the famous restaurant "Oil King"
Yuda is a well reknowned chef of incredible skill. Ranking in at 5th place on the IGO Chef Ranking, he is the owner of the famous 10-Star Zen Ou Restaurant, located at the very top of the Knife Gourmet Tower.
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Tsurara Mama

Notable Characters

Acacia, the man credited with the discovery of numerous ingredients over the world. Worshiped as the "Gourmet God" by people the world over, he is regarded as the most powerful Gourmet Hunter in history and ended the 100 year Gourmet War with the legendary ingredient GOD, 500 years before the start of the series. His full-course menu is filled with the most exotic and rare ingredients the world has to offer, and is highly sought after by the many people. Acacia formed a combo with the legendary Chef Froese.
Froese, noted to be the second half of the combo team with the "Gourmet God" Acacia. Regarded as the most skilled and powerful chef in history, and the woman who prepared and cooked Acacia's entire full-course menu. She is noted to be a very kind and generous person, especially to her adoptive children, Ichiryuu, Jirou, and Midora.
Jirou is one of the disciples of the Gourmet God Acacia, and regarded as one of the three most powerful men in the world, sharing the title with his two brothers, Ichiryuu, and Midora. Jirou is famed for his excessive skill in the art of Knocking, so much so that no other person in the world can equal him when it comes to Knocking. Acacia even feared his power so much that he sealed off a good portion of his strength in order for Jirou to learn technique. He spends most of his time relaxing, due to having retired long ago, but on occasion he goes out to gather ingredients for his own personal pleasure. His full-course menu is filled with the rarest, most exotic, and hardest ingredients to acquire on the planet, some of which are so rare that people have questioned if they even exist at all.
Melk the Second is the apprentice and adopted daughter of Melk the First. Her skill in Knife Sharpening is near equal to that of her fathers, so much so that she succeeded him when he chose to retire. She is a good friend of both Komatsu and Toriko, and her first "official" knife that she handcrafted is the one Komatsu now uses.
Zonge is one of the many Gourmet Hunters in the world. His skill and power is somewhat lacking in comparison to those around him, but he seems to get by mostly on his incredible luck, Zonge also likes to refer to his exploits in a Role Play Game's terminology, often talking about things like "Levels" and "Stats". While he does not intend for his actions (and any consequences they bring) to be funny, they more often than not bring him misfortune and hilarity.
Tom placeholder text
Meria is a woman of unknown appearance, due to her only every being seen as a GT Robo, who owns the Bar Meria located in a dangerous region of Lake Black.

Anime Only Characters

Safla is the younger sister and Gourmet Hunter combo to her older Chef Brother, Cumin. She and her brother inherited the Gatsukatsu Curry recipe and their family curry restaurant after the death of their father
Tina is a young female news reporter and host of the famous news channel "Gourmet News". She tends to follow Toriko wherever he goes in order to get good news stories. She also has a small Carrier Balloon Pigeon which serves as her companion.
Kruppoh is Tina's animal partner and companion, a small Carrier Balloon Pigeon.


The manga ran in Shueisha's Weekly Shōnen Jump Magazine back in May 19, 2008. It's an ongoing manga series with a total of 294 chapters and 31 volumes published in Japan. Viz Media acquired the license for North America release while Madman Entertainment acquired for Australia. Viz Media has released 19 volumes as of January 2014. The manga is available on Viz Media's Shonen Jump Alpha, a digital service that does simulpub.


The anime adaptation is produced by Toei Animation, directed by Akifumi Zako, and written by Isao Murayama. FUNimation has acquired rights to the distribution of DVD and Blu-Ray releases in North America while Madman Entertainment has it for Australia. The anime ran until episode 147, which aired on March 30, 2014. The events that transpired at the end of the anime were altered from the manga making them non canon to the original story.


For legal online streaming, both FUNimation, HULU, and Crunchyroll are streaming the series to select countries.

  • FUNimation - The series is stream in spring 2011 for USA and Canada audiences.
  • Crunchyroll - Its simulcasts air every Monday at 10:00am Pacific Time starting on November 18, 2013 with episode 130. Its territories are U.S.A, Canada, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and Latin America (Central and South America including Caribbean).
  • HULU - Its simulcast date is unknown. It has dubbed and subbed episodes.


FUNimation has dubbed the series back in January 8, 2013 and released DVDs.


Beyond the Anime, Manga, and Films for Toriko. There have been a few video games that include the series as a focus such as:

Toriko: Gourmet Survival (2011) and Toriko: Gourmet Survival 2 (2012), which were both released on the Playstation PortableToriko: Gourmet Monsters! (2012) and Toriko: Gourmet ga Battle! (2013), which were both released on the Nintendo 3DS. Toriko is also a part of the new Weekly Shonen Jump crossover fighting game J-Stars Victory Vs. on the Playstation 3 and Playstation Vita, in which the main character, Toriko, is a playable character.

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