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Toradora is an anime series in the Toradora franchise
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Toradora Reviewed by Putemonsteret on Dec. 14, 2013. Putemonsteret has written 3 reviews. His/her last review was for Sword Art Online. 2 out of 6 users recommend his reviews.

If you've seen an anime romance comedy before, chances are pretty high that you've already seen everything Toradora has to offer. The show tells the story of high school students Ryuuji Takasu and Taiga Aisaka who both happen to be in love with two of their classmates. After chance brings them together, they make a deal to help eachother out to get together with the person of their dreams. It's a concept we've seen a hounded times before and you can probably guess how this is going to turn out just based on that description alone. In fact you can probably guess everything that is going to happen in this show ten minutes inn to the first episode. And here lies the main problem you are going to be faced with watching Toradora: the show is tediously formulaic. Every generic high school anime trope you'd expect, every scene you'd expect, and every plot-point you'd expect does and will happen, and the show doesn't really do much to deviate from the main path. The problem with Toradora is not that it does anything particularly bad, it's that it doesn't do anything particularly new.

It has all the high school romance anime tropes you'd expect. Bossy tsundre character: check, Quirky hyperactive girl: check, popular High-school beuty character: check, average guy passive protagonist: check, and the list goes on. You've seen every scene, you've seen every joke and you've seen every character before, and there isn't really much in the sense of development to speak of.

As a realistic depiction of romance Toradora is far to cartoony and idealistic to come close, but if you're not looking for realism then Toradoras kinda childish depiction of romance is not without its charm. It has scenes that are genuinely touching and you do want to see these characters get together in the end.

If you want unpredictability, deep characters or any realistic or meaningful depiction of romance and relationships you're probably better of looking elsewhere, but if you are looking for a formulaic anime romance show, you can definitely do a lot worse than Toradora.

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