Toradora is a franchise comprised of 2 anime series, 1 manga series
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Toradora is a series of light novels by Yuyuko Takemiya. The series grew in popularity resulting in a spin-off of light novels, manga, and a 25 episode anime series. The story focuses on Taiga Aisaka and Ryuuji Takasu as they use each other to pursue their love interests.

The Main Story

The Main Cast
The Main Cast

The focus of the series follows Ryuuji Takasu and Aisaka Taiga and their pursuit of their love interests. Ryuuji is a second year student entering high school and possesses a nasty social stigma. His is a kind and gentle person but because of the constant scowl on his face his classmates label him as a delinquent. He is in love with his classmate Minori Kushieda, who is also Taiga Aisaka's best friend. Taiga possesses a similar social stigma because of her naturally small body type and short temper. Her temperament earned her the nickname Te Nori Taiga, or Palmtop Tiger. She is in love with Ryuuji's best friend Yuusaku Kitamura, who confessed his feelings for her previously but she rejected him.

Ryuuji quickly becomes the object of Aisaka's contempt when he bumps into her at school. She learns he is in love with her best friend Minori and uses it to her advantage. Taiga suffers from numerous family problems and as a result lives by herself in an apartment right next to Ryuuji . She is incapable of common household chores so she uses the very capable Takasu to take care of the domestic duties in her apartment. In return, she promises to help Ryuuji get closer to Minori. Takasu promises in exchange for Taiga's help he will help her get close to Kitamura. The duo constantly work together to reach each other's goals but develop feelings for each other in the process.

Cast of Characters

Taiga Aisaka

Aisaka is a very beautiful young girl and is on the receiving end of many love notes and confessions. Taiga is extremely honest with her feelings and does not hold back telling people what she thinks of them. The only exception is her love interest Yuusaku Kitamura, who confessed his feelings for at one time but she rejected him. She regrets the decision and schemes to win back his affections. The problem is every time she tries to talk to Kitamura, she breaks down and becomes incoherent. This leads her to forge an alliance with Kitamura best friend Ryuuji Takasu to help her get close to her crush. In the process she falls in love with Ryuuji and loses her romantic feelings for Kitamura.

Ryuuji Takasu

Ryuuji's Scowl
Ryuuji's Scowl
A super self sufficient seventeen year old high school student and is in love with his classmate Minori Kushieda. Ryuuji's circumstances forced him to grow up quick because his father is non-existent in his life. He is told by his mother, Yasuko Takasu, that he died when he was very young, but the truth is he left them. His mother works at a hostess bar on most nights so domestic duties had to be taken over by Ryuuji . These abilities is what causes him to enter a pact with Taiga to get closer to their love interests. He eventually loses his crush for Minori and falls in love with Taiga.

Minori Kushieda

Kushieda is an outgoing upbeat high school girl and Aisaka Taiga's best friend. She is athletic, captain of the school's softball team, and has many part time jobs. She often speaks in with incoherent dialog about nonsensical things so it gives her the superficial personality as an airhead. The truth is she is much more perspective than she lets on and is hinted multiple times she is fully aware of her situation. She has feelings for Ryuuji but doesn't act on them because she knows Taiga, her best friend, loves him as well.

Yuusaku Kitamura

Ryuuji's best friend and vice president of the student council. Similar to his friends, Kitamura also has a bizarre personality. He is in love with the student council president, Sumire Kano, who loves him as well. He follows her to America as she pursues her dreams to become an astronaut.

Ami Kawashima

She is a childhood friend to Kitamura but the relationship ends there. She attends the same high school as the rest of the characters as a hiatus from her modeling career. She puts on a sweet girl facade when she around others but in reality she is quite arrogant and doesn't think much of others. When Ami gets flustered or frusterated she retreats to her hiding spot near the high school vending machines. She gets along with Ryuuji and Kitamura but not so well with Taiga or Minori. Ami Kawashima acts as an omnipresent character because she seems fully aware of everyone's sitations and feelings.
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Name: Toradora
Name: とらドラ
Romaji: toradora
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