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Topic started by No_name_here on Sept. 14, 2012. Last post by Marshal Victory 2 years, 5 months ago.
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if people with similar interest were to gather and only thing they would is to watch anime or discuss latest chapters, it would not make good club. maybe in like in Genshiken, people might have to make their own manga or cosplay from time to time.

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I have a bit of experience in this particular topic. I came on board as treasurer of my College Anime Club last spring. It was plagued the leadership issues and awkward personalities (mostly kids fresh out of high school) that come with any anime club. When I had first joined the group they would only screen anime during meetings. I wanted to do discussions and even brought in some of the better art students to give some basic drawing lessons but these guys just wanted play yu gi oh and watch fan servicey stuff that I would not want a professor walking in on. Can't say it was total bummer because I got a ton of organizational experience out it after planing two successful fundraisers. Also, all my work got me noticed by the student government so now I'm putting my papers to be student senator which has a better ring to it and comes with pay.

P.S I actually go to school in your guys' backyard but I have to withhold the name of the school out of respect of current Anime Club.

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nice Kennedy

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@buhssuht: That was the anime i was looking for .Perfect example.Clubs tho seem to be on the out swing .Less we count coming here as a club to?

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