Richie Branson Reigns Again as the Otaku King - - INTERVIEW

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It’s highly probable that MC Richie Branson - - friend of Anime Vice and regular AV interviewee - - has found some Game Genie code for life that’s granting him unlimited stamina. Without missing a beat after an ambitious national tour, he’s already gearing up for the September 25th release of his fourth nerdcore album this year, OTAKU TUESDAYS II: RETURN OF THE OTAKU KING.

And the titular Otaku Tuesdays have come back in full swing, with three singles unveiled over as many weeks on Richie’s official YouTube channel. Subjects have so far ranged from YU YU HAKUSHO (a personal favorite subject) to a very specific part of the GUNDAM universe.

Once again, we wanted to check in with Richie and catch up a little with him about his latest otaku opus and the assorted anime shows that inspired it...

ANIME VICE: When we last checked up on you, you were about to set out on tour with MC Chris and Powerglove. Unfortunately, LA wasn't one of the stops, so we missed out here at Anime Vice. How was your Monster Hunter tour experience?

RICHIE BRANSON: The experience was awesome. I enjoyed the opportunity to connect with my supporters on a face-to-face basis. I was blessed to be able to tour with a great group of like-minded people and MC Chris really went out of his way to make sure I was comfortable since it was my first tour.

After 33 cities, I feel like a battle-hardened veteran when it comes to performing live. LOL.

AV: "Toguro Dreams," the first single off the new album, came out a couple weeks ago. The song's written from the perspective of YU YU HAKUSHO's legendary hardass bad guy. It's a fanboy kind of question, sure, but we can't resist - - in your eyes, how badly would Toguro stomp other memorable anime villains like, say, Frieza or Vicious?

RB: As much as I like Vicious, I have no doubt that Toguro would mop the floor with him. Frieza vs. Toguro would be a much more epic battle in my eyes... or even better Perfect Cell vs. Toguro.

The one thing I like about the DBZ villains is how they increase in size as they get stronger, and all of a sudden turn into a slimmer, efficient form at their maximum potential. Toguro is the exact opposite... he never stops growing as his power increases. It would be interesting to see those two elements contrast in a fight.

AV: Last week, you returned to GUNDAM's sphere with "Sieg Zeon." You first nerdcore album, of course, was a full length tribute to the seminal mecha show. What facet of the GUNDAM universe is getting love this time?

RB: I decided to pay homage to GUNDAM's Universal Century timeline (particularly, GUNDAM UNICORN) with "Sieg Zeon." The UC timeline is incredible... I'm actually contemplating another possible GUNDAM album in the not-so-distant future. Stay tuned!

AV: Oh boy. GUNDAM’s power core of inspiration isn’t likely to ever run out...!

Now, we won't soon forget the part you played in raising some voices for this summer's Toonami revival. Toonami's been back for a few months, of course - - so, what do you think of new line-up additions like SAMURAI 7 and EUREKA SEVEN?

RB: SAMURAI 7 is dope, and I particularly enjoy EUREKA SEVEN. I'm a sucker for mecha anime, so E7 is a no-brainer for me. Throw in the fact that the mecha fly around on hoverboards a la Silver Surfer and Green Goblin, and you have one awesome series.

AV: We love to be teased at Anime Vice. Could you go on and tease about what we can expect from the rest of OTAKU KING II over the next few weeks?

RB: I've got an old old old school classic anime on my agenda, and one of the aforementioned new shows on Toonami will also be getting some hip-hop love. Shouldn't be too hard to figure that one out!

AV: We’ll go ahead and guess that terms like “Nirvash” and “Scub Coral” will soon be getting worked into lyrics. Ha ha. Thanks for checking in, Richie!

Tom Pinchuk’s a writer and personality with a large number of comics, videos and features like this to his credit. Visit his website - - - - and follow his Twitter: @tompinchuk

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Tom, remember - mc chris. Always lowercase.

But Richie and mc chris... dream collaboration!

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