OTAKU TUESDAY: #ToonamisBackBitches

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It’s a special Otaku Tuesday this week. As you, your friends and everybody in your general vicinity know very well, Toonami’s coming back this Saturday - - and I’d like to think that’s a direct result of Richie’s rhymed plea for its return. We were there for a little pop culture history, and such an event, in turn, most be noted by song. Richie’s dropping a new track to coincide with Toonami’s airdate this weekend and, appropriately enough, it’s titled “#ToonamisBackBitches.”

Listen to the preview below…

Richie’s also collected all the songs he’s produced over the past few weeks - - songs whose subjects you lunatics requested, don’t forget - - into the OTAKU TUESDAY EP. You can download the pack for free and play the Otaku love wherever you go, now.

Time for another batch of questions for the man, don’t you think?

Maybe it goes without saying, but how validating is it to see one of your raps not only come true, but also spawn a Twitter trend or two?

It was a pretty incredible feeling, especially since Toonami was such a major part of my teenage life. It was a dream come true to have people like Steve Blum, who voiced TOM as well as Spike Spiegel, giving me props for the song. I was on Cloud 9 by the time it aired on Adult Swim.

You've collected all the Otaku Tuesday tracks you've made so far into an EP. Grouping them together like this, do you see anything connecting the subjects of these raps aside from them just being cool anime shows?

While most of the songs provide a lyrical character-eye view into different anime series, I think that the songs also manage to touch on some great themes present in the various anime I rapped about. Whether I'm acknowledging the chaos that comes when a girl comes between two friends, or telling listeners to never underestimate anything (even pig moles) if they want to make it to the top, sometimes I use events that take place in anime to make a point.

What do you think of the new Toonami's line-up, so far? What shows would you kill to add to it?

I'm excited about DEADMAN WONDERLAND. I haven't seen it, but from what I've read, it seems pretty cool. There are a lot of previously-aired shows, but hopefully Toonami fans will watch anyway... I know I will. Good ratings equal more money to bring more new stuff to the block. Hopefully down the road they'll replace some of the oldies with more new content (except COWBOY BEBOP, that should always stay on television).

Your next rap, celebrating the return of Toonami, will be released this Saturday to coincide with the historic event. You've put a preview up but, c'mon, tease us a little - - what madness can we expect from this track?

I went for a "hip-hop meets outer space" vibe on the beat and I'm pretty pleased with how it came out. All I can say is that somewhere in the second verse I describe TOM as "the other King of television besides Larry". #ToonamisBackBitches

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this guy is excellent, and i hope to hear more of him in the mainstream soon.

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@Halberdierv2 said:

this guy is excellent, and i hope to hear more of him in the mainstream soon.


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cool song

i do hope toonami hits the UK sooooon!

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