Cowboy Bebop Promo: Toonami Style

Topic started by Kou_Leifoh on May 31, 2010. Last post by ZombiePie 4 years, 3 months ago.
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This was made by a user over at YouTube a couple of years ago. It's a fan made promo of what Cowboy Bebop would be like if the show was on Toonami. 
When I saw this years ago, I was immediately impressed by how well the creator capture the tone of Toonami onto Cowboy Bebop. I must of watch this promo over dozens of times, I thought it would be best to show it to people whom haven't seen this yet.

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um.. but wasnt bepop on toonami before? ( dont know, I didnt get the US feed of CN regularly till a few years ago.)
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No it wasn't.
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@Nerxual_Oh:  I remember seeing Toonami way back since 1997 and I definitely recall Cowboy Bebop never being on the block. The series first premiered on Adult Swim when the block first aired in 2001 being the first anime title to appear on the block. The blogger goofed up on that part. If Cowboy Bebop aired on Toonami during the early 2000s, the series would have been butchered much like Eva's second episode during Toonami's Giant Robot Week.
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@Nerxual_Oh: Definitely Adult Swim. The only connection one could draw Bebop to Toonami for would be Steven Jay Blum (Spike's dub actor) providing the voice of Toonami's robot host, TOM and being Roger Smith for The Big O when its first season aired in an edited form on the block back in the early 2000s.
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Bump to unstick this. Yup nostalgia.
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