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Tomoya Okita is the charming , handsome, and smart boy that helps Rena Sakura Fall in Love Like a Comic!

     Tomoya Okita is the secondary protagonist in the hit shoujo manga, Fall in Love Like a Comic!  Rena Sakura is a high school girl , who is secretly a sucessful Mangaka.  She's never had a boyfriend and lacks all experience in the field of guys, but that doesn't keep her from dreaming of the perfect one, one
Adult Tomoya
Adult Tomoya
like in her mangas.  Tomoya stayed after school with his friend and just so happened to run into the innocent Rena after school, she literally melted at the sight of him and could barely talk to her, he found it cute and irresistible.  As she was leaving in a rush, she forgot her life's secret, her manga work.  Tomoya was shocked to find out that she wrote such risqué manga , with so little experience.  Rena came back, but Tomoya teased her for a bit questioning her credibility and ability to write an actually serious manga without knowing anything it.  Tomoya himself had had has fair share of girlfriends.  He was raised mainly by his sister, a professional mangaka who is Rena's idol.  Tomoya is smart , kind, caring, intelligent, handsome, and athletic the full package!  Yet, many girls of all kinds ask him out and he always said no.  Rena on a spur of the moment instinct, decided to ask him to help teach her about love and boys to better her manga.  Surprisingly, Tomoya answered yes, secretly he found her intriguing and liked her. 
Hiroki, Tomoya, and Rena
Hiroki, Tomoya, and Rena
Tomoya showed her slowly how it felt to be loved and watched Rena blossom into a beautiful Mangaka. He really really liked her and tried his best to help her.  Tomoya wanted Rena more than anything to see him as a real man and not just some character out of one her mangas.  Eventually, Rena came to her senses and Tomoya espressed his love for her.  Tomoya ends up growing up to be a A-List actor and Rena a famous Mangaka.  Tomoya and Rena get married and had kid named Hiroki.  In the end, Tomoya really does Fall in Love Like a Comic!
General Information Edit
Full Name: Tomoya Okita
Japanese Name:
Gender: Unknown
Birthday: n/a
Death: n/a
1st manga book:
1st anime episode:
1st anime movie:
Country: Japan
Website: None
Email Address: None
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