Tomoka Fusono

Tomoka Fusono is a anime/manga character
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The youngest of the two Fusano sisters, Wataru's child hood friend and first lover.



Tomoka is a curvy woman in her early to mid 20's with light brown hair and eyes. Like her sister she has large breasts although hers are smaller in comparison. In contrast to her more modest sister, Tomoka is well aware and proud of her sexual appeal. often playing it up y dressing very provocatively. She is mostly seen wearing a revealing pink tank top, no bra (another contrast with her sister who is usually seen with one on in the first episode) and short shorts that accentuate her physique. She is also shown wearing makeup a good deal of the time. This provocative attire carries over into the next episode as she often wears fetish attire along with her now liberated sister, including one notable scene in which she and Wataru have sex after going to the festival for the last time in which she wears an old fashioned kimono and sandals with nothing underneath.


From the start Tomoka is the more emotional and playful sibling. Rarely taking anything seriously, she is open and honest about her feelings for Wataru and barely takes her sisters feelings for him into consideration when she takes his virginity. She is very sexually aggressive in contrast to Fumie; blatantly flirting with Wataru, grabbing Fumie's breasts to make her uncomfortable, and often taking charge during sexual encounters. Tomoka clearly revels in her sexuality and is very proud of her gifts, strutting around in very little clothing, clearly delighted by the power her body has over men like Wataru. It's this sexual frankness that allows her to seduce the shy Wataru and ultimately take his virginity before her sister does. However despite her hedonistic tendencies and playful demeaner she does have a more vulnerable side. This is demonstrated by her having somewhat of a jealousy for Fumie's larger breasts, a jealousy she overcomes when it becomes clear that Wataru loves them both equally. In addition she clearly does love Wataru often reminiscing about their childhood friendship and constantly wearing the star necklace he gave her when they were young. This side of her is most clearly revealed in the end of the 2nd OAV where they share a very emotional sex scene after the festival during which he wishes on her star necklace that they will see each other in the future

Rank Game #355 in Power Rank
General Information Edit
Name: Tomoka Fusono
Gender: Female
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Boobalicious (OAV) #1
1st anime movie:
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Attractive Female
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