Tommyrod is a anime/manga character in the Toriko franchise
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Tommyrod is one of the Sous Chefs for the criminal organisatation "Bishokukai", and one of the main antagonists of the series.


Tommyrod is created by Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro as one of the main characters. At this moment, there is no information on any inspirations used in Tommyrod's concept design or his name.

Story Arcs

Century Soup Arc

Cooking Festival Arc

Tommyrod is seen gathering with fellow Gourmet Corps members Starjun, Grinpatch, Elg, Chiyo and Limon, as they prepare to head out towards the island hosting the Cooking Festival from their Headquarters in the Gourmet World. As the battle at the Cooking Stadium starts to get underway, Tommyrod appears in the sky cuts Sunnys hair while he was attempting to get Komatsu to safety, using one of his new breed of insects he was storing inside his body. Sunny, completely disgusted by this, starts to battle him.

As the battle in the Cooking Stadium heats up, Tommyrod has birthed hundreds of new and more powerful insects in order to fight against Sunny, who refuses to even open his eyes due to how disgusting they look. After birthing his Hybrid Giant Parasite Beast he asks Sunny if he is going to die, which causes Sunny to lash out calling him a moron and stating that he is the one who is going to die. As Sunny counters all of the insects that surround him with his "Super Fry Gaeshi", Tommyrod managed to assess Sunny's intuition and the power and number of his feelers, noting that it was interesting as he birthed his special Stick Beast Bug. After it was birthed, it exhaled an adhesive gash in order to try and bind Sunnys feelers. This plan backfired however when Sunny revealed that he had already experienced a similar attack in his fight with the Four Beast, spinning his hair around himself wildly like a tornado and dispersing the gas, much to the surprise of Tommyrod. Sunny then went on and activated his new ability Hair Spit, impaling many of the remaining insects around them on his feelers.

Tommyrod's Giant Parasite took advantage of Sunnys outstretched hair to cut off large portions of it, causing him great pain in the process. Tommyrod then remarked that he has plenty more of those insects, just as he starts to birth another one from his throat. Sunny, Realising he didn't have much choice, decided to activate his trump card, Satan Hair, which surprised Tommyrod. As Sunny went on to explain how his Satan Hair worked, Tommyrod witnessed its power as Sunny completely consumed his Giant Parasite in a matter of seconds. Tommyrod suddenly breaks out into a grin and decides to fight Sunny personally, stating that he will rip out his hair along with everything connected to it, while taking on a monstrous appearance himself, and removing the rings on his arms.

After removing the rings on his arms, his body bulked up immensely gaining more visible muscle and incredible strength and power. He tells Sunny the reason why he lets his insects fight in his place, and it's simply because he finds it a pain to have to fight himself, opening his wings and slicing many of his own insects to pieces in the process. He then goes on to explain that anything that serves no purpose is trash and that its rare for him to go all out against someone telling Sunny that he is now going to cut his hair down to size.

Before he could get the chance however, Sunny took the chance to attack him with Satan Hair can cut off his right arm before he could react and defend himself, which shocked Tommyrod. As Sunny went in for another attack, Tommy evaded his attacks with great speed, enough that Sunny found it difficult to keep up with him, which forced him to split his hairs off and try to cover all possible means of escape. Tommyrod however, activated his special Compound Eyes in order to accurately see and track each individual feeler of Sunnys Satan Hair, which allowed him to see and discern that Sunny was still unable to control each feeler individually, and that was the reason his hair is mostly clumped together.

Tommyrod, exploiting this weakness, managed to evade his way back outside of the cage, mocking Sunny by saying that no matter how much power his hair may have, the method he uses to control it is amateur and makes it easy for him to avoid his feelers. Sunny, annoyed with this tries to use Hair Lock on Tommyrod, only to have it countered by Tommy’s own Bomb Egg Storm, which not only repelled his feelers but also managed to burn some of them in the process. Sunny then attempts to use his Hair Spit to impale him, but Tommy quickly hardens his Wing's Shells and uses them as a shield to protect himself. At that moment, Sunny then realised that the arm he removed off Tommyrod was suddenly behind his back and wrapping its hand around his neck to strangle him. Tommyrod noticing this laughs and tells him that cutting the arm off only made him another enemy, stating that the arms capture level is likely around 200 as it continued to choke Sunny.

Tommyrod, seeing his chance, descended from the sky and began a vicious and brutal assault on Sunny, which he ended by impaling his own arm through Sunnys chest. Tommyrod however noticed that after doing so, he could no longer control his body or remove his arm, and it was at this point Sunny revealed that he finally managed to control the hair he was not used to controlling. Sunny then revealed that he had activated Hair Marionette, gaining full control over Tommyrods nervous system. Tommyrod, shocked by the fact that he was unable to see any of Sunnys feelers enter into his body wondered just how exactly he was able to do this. Theorising that when sunny talked about controlling hair he was not used to, he was in fact talking about the hair that had been cut off, rather than his Satan Hair. Sunny goes on to affirm this and then states that this is the final stand off noting that he will not be able to hold him forever and that Tommy will be free from his control soon.

Tommyrod also notices at this point that his arm, which was on Sunnys back, had been completely devoured by his Satan Hair which shocked him as to the speed of which it was eaten. Realising that this would be the deciding moment, the second he regained control he attack Sunny with reckless abandon, landing multiple vicious hits while he himself was being consumed by Sunnys Satan Hair, and just as he manages to get off a barrage of punches dealing heavy damage to the Heavenly King, Sunny bids him farewell.

And Tommyrod, with a smile on his face thinks to himself that the battle was a lot of fun, as he is completely encased and surrounded by Sunnys Satan Hair and devoured whole, finally ending his life.

General Information Edit
Name: Tommyrod
Name: トミーロッド
Romanji: Tomīroddo
Gender: Male
1st manga book: Toriko #9
1st anime episode: Toriko #25
1st anime movie: Gekijō-ban Toriko Bishokushin no Special Menu
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