Tom is a anime/manga character in the Toriko franchise
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Little is known about Tom's past, however he has been friends with Toriko since before the start of the series main events. He also has an as of yet unseen wife.


Tom is a supportive character created by Shimabukuro Mitsutoshi for the series Toriko.



Tom's early appearance
Tom's early appearance

Tom is a man in his late twenties with a tall and muscular physique with a dark skin tone, although he is not quite the size of someone of Toriko's stature. He is always seen wearing his full body white jump suit, black boots and his large yellow cap with the words " Gourmet" embroidered on the front. He always wears his a pair of sunglasses that partially hides a scar over the left side of his face. His wavy black hair is rather long and flows from his cap down slightly past his shoulders


Tom is a businessman, however he treats his friends quite well and has shown multiple instances of generosity. He offered Komatsu ingredients so that he could complete his Century soup, and has many a time shared exotic and expensive food with Toriko and never seems to mind giving him a ride on his boat when needed.


  • Toriko - His long time friend. Toriko and Tom do lots of business together, Toriko knowing that Tom is always willing to buy and Tom believing that he will get a price break from Toriko. They occasionally give gifts to one another too, such as Tom sharing the expensive Golden Caviar with Toriko.
  • Komatsu - Essentially Komatsu was a friend of a friend (Toriko) but he gets to know Tom better as his adventures with Toriko continue.

Story Arcs

Galala Crocodile Arc

After being hired by the IGO to hunt a Galala Crocodile for them, Toriko, accompanied by his new companion Komatsu meet with Tom. Tom agreed to take his old friend to the Baron Archipelago as it was a notoriously difficult place to reach, however with his level of navigating skill, it was possible. Indeed, Tom succeeded in getting through the hostile waters and reached the Baron Archipelago, where the Galala Crocodile was located. He provided Toriko and Komatsu with a raft as he could not directly dock on the island. He then waited fro the duo to return with the crocodile, which was actually eaten by the two before returning.

Fruit of the Rainbow Arc

Tom bumped into Komatsu at the Wholesale Market. After some small talk, with Tom telling Komatsu what the Rainbow Fruit was, he met up with Toriko as well and gave him a free stash of Gold Caviar as thanks for sharing the Rainbow Fruit with him earlier.

Powers & Abilities

It has not been revealed if Tom has any superhuman abilities, however he has tremendous talent as a sailor. He has enough skill and experience to navigate through areas deemed to be impossible.

General Information Edit
Name: Tom
Name: トム
Romanji: Tomu
Gender: Male
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Toriko #2
1st anime movie:
Aliases Tomu;
Tom Oroshiuri
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