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November 11

Member of M1-6.

Nozomi Houjou

The loving, caring bisexual lover of Karen, Nozomi Houjou is devastated that she can not fulfill Karen's dream of starting a family since she is a female. Trading her virginity to Prince in order for him to transform her into a male, she gives Karen the surprise of her life!


A 5th grade teacher who is also a skilled exorcist. He protects his students, and friends from ghosts, monsters, and demons with his demon hand.

O-Ren Ishii


Ikki's childhood friend. He rides an AT upside down with the intent of looking up girl's skirts. His head is shaped like an onigiri.

Orga Sabnak

Orga Sabnak is the drug enhanced Pilot of the GAT-X131 Calamity. He appears to be the leader of the the first stage extended's used durring the Battle of Jachin Due. He enjoys reading paperback novels.


Ayumu's classmate and friend, who is often jealous of Ayumu's current situation of living with three beautiful women.


The Main character of the Karas anime. Otoha was in a coma until the day Yurine came to him and gave him the powers of the Raven Karas. Now he is a doctor and protector of the city.


The oldest and most powerful of the Ayakashi sisters. In the anime She and Saphir are revealed to have been romantically involved.

Priss Asagiri

Priscilla Asagiri better known as just Priss a member of The Knight Sabers. The lead singer of a local underground rock band in Tokyo. A thrill seeker at heart who loves to ride fast looking for the next fight as well as payday.

Ran Izumii

The former leader of the Blue Squares, Ran Izumii is one of Masaomi Kida's worst enemies and a big threat to Mikado and his friends.

Ran Mouri

She is the childhood friend/partner of kudo shinichi. After shinichi turned to Edogawa Conan, she has begining missing him. Ran is also the captain of the Tetain Karate Team. but she is scared of any Horror Genre

Ran Yurigaoka

An esthetician whose Euphoric power enabled him to make the tattoos on his skin a reality.

Rei Saotome

An underage student who transfers to Duel Academy in the first season in order to get near Ryo Marufuji. Two seasons later Rei returns and becomes a full time student in Duel Academy and the only girl in the Slifer Dorm.

Rei's Grandfather

Rei's Grandfather who had one of the seven Nijizuishou residing in his body.

Reiji Takayama

The Bureau Chief of Douji Group Industries, and Rihoko biological father.

Reika Shimohira

Popular model who became member of the Gantz team. Seeing his heroics she fell in love with Kei. She never appeared in the anime.

Reina Soho

A Neogene who works as a Forensics Medicine Specialist in the NSWF and Rihokos biological mother.

Remi Takashima

A young girl with the Devil Beast Syndrome who can manipulate fire. After using her powers for the first time she set ablaze her apartment by accident and was burned alive.


Ren is one of the main characters from the anime series DearS.

Ren Tobari

One of the Digimon Hunters who is a cool-headed boy. His Digimon Partner is Dracmon. Ren focuses on hunting rare digimon.

Rey Za Burrel


He is the perverted dog in the Gantz room.

Rihoko Amaha

Rika Noyamano

The eldest sister of the Noyamano family who has raised Ikki since he was a infant. Rika was the former Thorn Queen of the original Sleeping Forest.

Rin Nonaka

A shy, mostly timid female who rents a room from Yoshino Murakami, Rin takes a secret intrest in the exiled Karou Satou after she witnesses him having sex with fellow housemate Yako Takeshita. She secretly longs to be with him no matter what anyone else says (or forbids her).

Ringo Noyamano

A friend of Ikki since childhood. She is the current leader of the Air Trek team Sleeping Forest.

Rinka Urushiba

The main female protagonist of Tokyo ESP who has the power to phase through inanimate objects.

Risa Asakaze

Risa is the head of the disciplinary committee at Hakuō Academy.


An intel officer working under GHQ's Anti Bodies. He is often seen assisting his superiors.

Runna Minami

When Runna was young she received a bracelet from a mysterious person that can grant wishes. After enrolling in St Agrippa Academy she becomes friends with honor student Mika Kujiraoka.

Ryo Asuka

Ryo's dad found a demon sculpture and discovers the existence of Demons. He then gets his friend Akira Fudo to merge with a demon to fight them. Ryo is soon revealed to be Satan himself.

Ryo Marufuji

Sho Marufuji's older brother who is a part of Obelisk Blue.

Ryo Utsugi

Ryo is a man obsessed with hell he always carries a copy of the Divine Comedy and knows that hell is slowly seeping into our world. It is revealed he is the reincarnation of Dante Alighieri and is preparing for his journey into hell.

Ryo Yuki

Ryo Yuki is Selecao Number X and the man behind the Careless Monday attacks.

Ryoko Yakishuji

Ryoko is an intelligent rich and resourceful woman who works as an investigator for the Tokyo Metropolitan Police.She's the titular character of the story.

Ryoma Mogami

The leader of the Digimon Hunters who wields a green Xros Loader. His Digimon partner is Psychemon.

Ryosuke Hata

Ryosuke Hata is the son grape orchard workers who ran off to Tokyo after being rejected by his childhood crush, Shiho.

Ryuya Kazamaki

Son of the leader of the Fuga Clan that uses his body to bring back an powerfull demon.

Ryōta Kise

A former member of the Generation of Miracles, and now a member of Kaijo High Basketball Team

Saeko Himuro

Saeko Himuro is a talented and lovely detective of the Tokyo Police Department. Though short tempered, she's the star of the force.

Saeko Nogami

Beautiful and devious, Saeko is a high ranking Tokyo police detective. Whenever she runs into a problem that she can't handle, she cons the lecherous Ryo Saeba, the supremely talented "City Hunter" to do her job for her.

Saiko Yuki

Yuki is the end result of the super-secret goverment program called YLPER. She has precognition and clairvoyance powers. She is part of the AMP.

Saizo Ato

Saizo Ato is the owner of Ato Institutes. He is also Mr. Outsider, the founder of the Selecao, and Selecao Number XII: The Supporter.

Saki Morimi

Saki Morimi is a university student who stumbles upon a naked Akira Takizawa during her senior trip to Washington DC.

Sakura Bokuseiinmonzeninari

Sakura is a main character in Hyper Police. She is a kitsune. She only have 8 and 1/5th tails.

Sakuya Aizawa

Sakuya Aizawa is a cousin of Nagi and from Kansai. Like Nagi, Sakuya is very rich and has a similar personality — loud, arrogant, abusive of servants, and unwilling to accept defeat in anything.

Sakuya Kumashiro

Tenchi's Love Interest in Tenchi in Tokyo

Sasaki Kyoko

A friend of Tozawas.

Satsuki Yatoji

One of the Dragons of Earth. Satsuki has the uncanny ability to interact with any computer by inserting cables into her skin, and be able to hack into any technological system.

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