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Kamui Shirou

Kannon Suzuhara

The best friend of Ren Kannagi alongside Tatsuya Serizawa

Kanon Kusama

Shu Ouma's classmate, and she is the student representative of class 2 - A.

Kaoru Satou

A nineteen year old freshman student at K University, Kaoru Satou finds a house to rent a room from the landlord so he can focus on his education. Unfortunately, the female tenants that live there have differing opinions on letting a man live with them! Can Kaoru make it work?


The kind, loving, and timid bisexual girlfriend to Sawamori, Karen longs to one day start a family of her own with Sawamori. Unfortunately, since her lover is also a girl, there is no way that they can have a kid together. That was true, until the Prince works his magic!

Karen Kasumi

A Dragon of Heaven who is a call girl for the soapland brothel "Flower". Karen has the ability to manipulate fire and has had the ability since she was young.

Katsumi Liqueur

Katsumi is the daughter of the powerfull sorcerer and sorceress Gigelf and Fuyuka Liqueur. With this power she joins the AMP to fight Lucifer Hawk.

Kayako Saeki

A woman who was murdered with her son by her jealous husband. Now she is a ghost attacking anyone who enters their home.

Kazuma Mikura

Ikki's friend and Storm Rider for Kogarasumaru.

Kei Kishimoto

Kei Kishimoto is a member of the first Gantz team shown in the manga and the Anime, and remains a main character in the series until she dies in the third mission

Keigo Atobe


Keisuke is Akira's childhood friend, and who also participates in Igura in the anime Togainu No Chi.

Kenji Endo

The main protagonist of 20th Century Boys


One of two male DearS in either anime or manga.

Kida Masaomi

Kida Masaomi is a childhood and best friend of Ryugamine Mikado. He is the outgoing and active counterpart to Mikado's sheltered lifestyle. Very at home in the city of Tokyo, he serves as a guide to Mikado.

Kiddy Phenil

Kiddy Phenil was almost killed by a Megadyne. Megadyne are robots in Silent Mobius. Because of this encounter with a Megadyne she now has a cyborg body herself. She is a member of the AMP in Silent Mobius.

Kiichi Goto

Kirika Tachibana

Captain of the Tokio Special Investigation Unit.


Is Gunji's partner in executing Arbitro's will and enforcing the rules of Igura, in Togainu No Chi.


A average student of Yuuko's homeroom classes at his high school, Kishita secretly harbors strong feelings for her and longs to show her how much he cares about her. He confesses his love to the stunned Yuuko and thus becomes sexually involved with her.

Kishō Arima

Kishō Arima is one of the elite Ghoul Investigators who has earn a special class of his own and the title, CCG's Reaper.

Kiyomasa Senji

A Deadman nicknamed 'The Crow'. He has the ability to form blood into scythes and loves battling in the Carnival Corpse, making him very dangerous and one of the most famous Deadmen.

Koji Makaino

Koji "Koogy" Makaino is a musician and mangaka in Bakuman who tries to become a successful mangaka through his popularity as a rock star.

Kotarou Hoshizuki

Kotarou Hoshizuki is one of the 13 main characters in the Starry Sky series

Kousuke Utsumi

A pervert that holds a grudge against Nanase Kudo.


The editor in charge of Search Magazine and the one responsible for the tabloids surrounding Blast and Trapnest.

Kunio Matsumoto

Kunio Matsumoto is the oldest member of Section 4 of the Tokyo Police Department.

Kuranosuke Koibuchi

Kureha Tsuwabuki

Older daughter of the elder from the Tsuwabuki family.

Kuroha Diana Shiratori

Kuroha Shiratori is the CEO of a modeling agency. She is also the serial killer dubbed Johnny Killer and Selecao Number XI.

Kururu Sumeragi

The new leader of Tool Toul To, who is the current Pledge Queen and Ikki's official tuner. She is current building the Storm Regalia.

Kusuo Saiki

Saiki is a character from the manga, Saiki Kusuo no Psi nan which is about a guy (Saiki) who has psychic powers and is trying his hardest to live a normal life, but is annoyed by his powers. This can lead to some very comedic moments.


A girl with the Devil Beast Syndrome who ran away from her home and met Misaki, Chika, and Takae.


A young member of Undertaker. She really looks up to Gai Tsutsugami.

Lan Asuka

A character from the Devilman Lady series who works for the Human Alliance Japan. She is based off of Ryo Asuka and is a love interest to Jun Fudo.


A cloned version of Tsui Ling that serves Bernhardt Rhodes


Legion is a Decepticon from the Transformers Kiss Players manga series, it was created by Unicron's cells joining with biological lifeforms and mechanical objects

Lettuce Midorikawa

Shyest and kindest member of Mew Mews.

Lisa Vanette

The niece of AD Police Chief Todo and an aspiring photojournalist who sets her sights on exposing the Knight Sabers after Priss destroys her Camera.

Lita Kino

Lita or Makoto Kino is Sailor Jupiter and is the third to join the Sailor Senshi. She is tomboyish and very tough, and has a very strong personality. Her element is thunder and she fights in the name of justice for Jupiter.

Lum Cheng

Lum Cheng uses elemental magic. She is the granddaughter of Avalanche Wong. What gives her powers is a Imperial Sword Gesso.


Luna is the guardian of Sailor Moon. She is responsible for guiding Usagi as Sailor Moon and the Moon Princess. She keeps track of the activities of villains, such as the Queen Beryl, and provides the henshin wands the Sailor Senshi need to transform.

Makita Yousuke

A college-aged man who is enlisted by the Tachibana family to help their daughter Yuuna prepare for her high school exam, Makita Yousuke does his best to help her improve her studying. He later gets wrapped up in her constant sexual advances upon him and becomes her lover.

Makoto Waltz Seiga

A major serving under GHQ. He will now be in charge of all Funeral Parlor - related matters, and is known for taking his job very seriously.

Mami Kisaki

A classmate of Tagiru's and Yū's, who has a habit of hitting and yelling at Taigru.

Mami Kuroi

A new teacher who applied at Domori Elementary who is a witch. Although she appears young she is really 28.

Mamoru Akasaka

Martial-Arts Wielding Detective Helping Rika

Mamoru Hijikata

The main character of Until Death Do Us Part. Mamoru Hijikata is a blind swordsman and the protector of a little precognitive girl named Haruka Touyama.

Mana Isozaki

Mana uses magic based on a form of Indian Bhuddism. She is second in command in the AMP organization.

Mana Ouma

Mana Ouma is Shu's older sister, and is the first to get infected by the Apocalypse Virus.

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