Tokyo Revelation

Tokyo Revelation is an anime movie
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Pale loner Akito Kobayashi sells his soul to Satan, and swears to assemble large quantities of the element Magnetite in order to open a gateway to hell. He transfers to a new school, where he swiftly turns all the local girls into vessels of demonic possession and sets his sights on class beauty Saki, whose pliant young body contains massive amounts of Magnetite. Ranged against him are a motley crew of schoolkids, including two ninja in disguise, a teen witch, and handsome occult hobbyist Kojiro. This junior version of Urotsukidoji has sorcerous computer geeks summoning devils through the Internet, necromantic heavy petting, a harpy who's an obvious rip-off of Devilman's Silene, a clueless cast who don't know their Hecate from their athame, and some of the cheesiest dialogue known to man, including, "It's not every day I meet ninjas who are demon slayers. . . . I wouldn't be surprised if you were the reincarnation of some great goddess." Kojiro is the reincarnation of Tokyo's guardian deity Masakado (see Doomed Megalopolis), his golden retriever has been possessed by the Hound of Hell (see Card Captors), and, if the plot wasn't trashy enough for you, it's actually a remake-this is a slightly more faithful adaptation of the novel and computer game already available in anime form as Digital Devil Story. Before you can say "Buffy," Satan is stalking Tokyo, teen witch Kyoko's been excommunicated for performing sex magic, and there's a faint whiff of homoeroticism redolent of the later X: The Movie, as Akito confesses his love for Kojiro, albeit in a doomed, unrequited sort of way. The whole thing is tied up in a fiendishly rushed ending, with the characters yelling plot details at each other while the credits roll over them.

In 2000, the franchise was revived to promote a new version of the game on the Nintendo Gameboy. In Goddess Reborn Devichil (Shin Megami Tensei Devichil), 11-year-old soccer-loving schoolboy Setsuna flees indoors when rocks begin to rain from the sky. He meets token female Mirai Kaname and her scientist father, Kokai, who explains that the raining rocks are a sign that Magical King Lucifer has returned to terrorize the planet and is trying to break out of the parallel "magic" Earth to subdue the everyday world. Mirai, however, is one of the "Devil Children," a carrier of the "Devil Genome" that will allow her to fight Lucifer in the style of Go Nagai's Devilman. As demonstrated by the younger age group, the early morning broadcast, and the availability of the game in "Black" and "Red" editions, the new generation of the franchise has more in common with Pokémon than with the story that originally inspired it. Tokyo Revelation 2 (2002), a new version of the game, featured CG animation as part of its gameplay. LV

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General Information Edit
Name: Tokyo Revelation
Release Date: Jan. 1, 1995
Romaji: Shin Megami Tensei: Tokyo Mokushiroku
Release Date:
Rating: None
Runtime: 29 (mins)
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Aliases True Goddess Reborn: Tokyo Revelation
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