Tokyo Mew Mew Characters

Tokyo Mew Mew is an anime series in the Tokyo Mew Mew franchise
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Heicha Fong

She`s Pudding"s littlesister. Usually she goes to kindergarten and Pudding retrieves her to their home.

Ichigo Momomiya

Leader of Mews Mews, which have to fight against aliens. Ichigo is sunny and cheerful person, until she gets in awkward situation or someone makes her angry.


She appears only in episode 19. She lives near the ocean. Iruka is young girl (younger than Pudding).

Keiichiro Akasaka

The manager and baker at Cafe Mew Mew and Ryou's partner in the Mew Project.


Alien, who comes first to earth. He doesn`t want work together with anyone. Kisshu fell in love with Ichigo and tries kill her crush, Masaya. But when Kisshu died, Ichigo cried for him.

Lettuce Midorikawa

Shyest and kindest member of Mew Mews.

Masaya Aoyama

Mint Aizawa

Only member of the Mew Mews, who can fly. She is also rich. Usually Minto is arrogant and gets in argument with Ichigo. But she really cares about her friends.


Momoka is a young lonely girl. Zakuro Fujiwara is her idol.

Ms. Rosbe

This unnamed teacher appears in episode 20. She was the only character (other than Ryou and Keiichiro) to know of Pudding's family situation. In the end Pudding asks the teacher if she can pretend to be her mother from now on.


Pie is alien than Kish and Taruto. He serves aliens boss, Deep Blue. His weapon looks like of hand-held fan.

Pudding Fong

Pudding Fong

Rei Nishina

She is Keiichiro's ex-girlfriend who appears in episode 14. Rei does research on butterflies(a Lepidopterist).

Ron Yuebin

He appears in episode 33 to marry Pudding in an arranged marriage. Pudding opposes a thought and when Tart met hi m first time, he seemed jealous. Losing for Tart, he went back to China practice more his skills.

Ryou Shirogane

The head of the Mew Project, and the owner of Cafe Mew Mew.


Tart is the youngest alien of Tokyo Mew Mew. He is crybaby and gets angry really easy.

Tsukiko Yamada

She is minor character on Tokyo Mew Mew.

Zakuro Fujiwara

Zakuro is a professional model, infused with the DNA of a Gray Wolf. She at first refuses to join the other Mew Mews, but changes her mind after they come to her aid.

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