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Tokusatsu is a anime/manga concept
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Baby Zilla

A group of new born Zillas they behave a lot like the raptors from "Jurassic Park". Most were killed in "Godzilla(1998)" movie but one survived and is seen in both the movie and series where it because Zilla Jr..

Electro Wave Human Tackle

A very loved character in the Kamen Rider Franchise, She is a key player in the wonderful story of Kamen Rider Stronger.


the star of Daiei's Gamera series, made to rival the success of Toho's Godzilla Series.


Gojira better known as Godzilla, is the Monster king. He was accidentally created by Nuclear Radiation and is now protecting Asia from man-made and alien attacks, over the years he's amassed many friends to protect Asia. His title is the King of All Monsters, he truly is unbeatable.

Godzilla Junior

Godzilla's son in the Heisei series, who first appeared in the 1993 film Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla 2.


The dinosaur Godzilla used to be before he was mutated by the atomic bomb.

Golden Bat

Japan`s first superhero, and the world's first flying caped superhero. He debuted in 1930, eight years before Superman and nine years before Batman.

Honey Kisaragi

A android girl who fights crime and to avenge the death of her father with the powers she gains from the Cutie System. She calls herself the warrior of love and she`s the first magical girl.


One of Shotaro Ishinomori`s favorite heroes

Kamen Rider Agito

The ever evolving main Kamen Rider of 2001 he is the first Rider to combine three forms into one powerful form Den-O and Kiva followed this example.

Kamen Rider Amazon

The first of the Kamen Riders that wasn't based on a bug Amazon was actually based on a Komodo lizard. and until Kamen Rider Shin came in 1992 he was also the most violent

Kamen Rider Blade

Battling the deadly Undead, Kamen Rider Blade the titular Rider of the 2005 entry to the franchise is a sword wielding, card packing warrior who worked for BOARD an organization set in stopping the Undead threat.

Kamen Rider Decade

The 10th Anniversary Kamen Rider starting in 2009 he will be able to transform in all 9 previous Heisei Kamen Riders.

Kamen Rider Den-O

Kamen Rider of 2007 Den-o has the most publicity of any rider mostly due to the popularity of the good imagin. they have 1 series 3 movies 1 anime made of 28 short eps 1 four eps long special a planetarium show and ofcourse they are coming back in 2009

Kamen Rider Double

Shotaro Hidari and Phillip form and unbeatable combination as Kamen Rider W (Double). Both share this comradeship outside the suit as they work cases as private investigators and combine to turn into a Rider. They fight the sinister Museum organization and the Dopants who serve it.

Kamen Rider Faiz

The Kamen Rider of 2003 his powers a technology based he is the first to transform using a phone and he has his own code 555.

Kamen Rider Hibiki

Kamen Rider of 2005 the most unique Heisei rider he doesnt say henshin, he doesnt use a belt to transform and he doesnt have bug-eyes most of all is that the Rider form is his real form and the human form just a cover.

Kamen Rider Ichigo

The first of many Kamen Riders Shotaro used alot of his older works including The Skull Man and cyborg 009 as a base for this hero

Kamen Rider J

The 3rd and last true Kamen Rider of the 1990`s J is also counted as the First Magical Rider and the last Rider of the Showa era it would be another 6 years before they started the franchise again with Kamen Rider Kuuga in the year 2000

Kamen Rider Kabuto

Kamen Rider of 2006 He is mostly based on Kamen Rider Stronger

Kamen Rider Kiva

Kamen Rider of 2008 Kiva uses elements from both Kuuga and Agito in his upgraded forms. also he uses his caretaker the Fangire bat Kivat the 3rd to trnsform into his rider form.

Kamen Rider Kuuga

Debuted in 2000, Kuuga is the First of the Heisei Riders. Yusuke Godai a young drifter who unlocks the powers of the Arcle Belt to fight the Gurongi.

Kamen Rider Nigo

This Rider was first made up as a comprimise for the temporary loss of Hiroshi Fujioka who hurt his legg in a bike accident

Kamen Rider Ryuki

The main Kamen Rider of 2002 he was first one to use a card motif and in since of 2008 he has a American adoption in the form of Kamen Rider Dragon Night

Kamen Rider Shin

Shotaro Ishinomori`s true vision of how Kamen Rider should have been, with its voilence and the fact that Shin doesnt use a belt or bike makes Kamen Rider Shin the most controversial Kamen Rider ever made

Kamen Rider Stronger

the first rider to have a powerup ability

Kamen Rider V3

The 3rd Rider first appeared on tv in 1973 he said to be the strongest Rider of the Showa era

Kamen Rider X

The 5th rider

Kamen Rider ZO

The second Kamen Rider of the 1990`s ZO is the first product of a collaboration between Toei Company Limited and Bandai.

Kamen Rider ZX

First appeared as a movie rider

Kenta Hirono

A young boy who dreams about being a super hero called Wingman. After meeting a mysterious girl named Aoi Yume, she gives him the book of dream which can make anything written on it true.


Kikaider was created by Shotaro Ishonomori in 1972 and is a tribute to Astroboy.

Kikaider 00

The very first (and failed) Kikaider prototype. He was deemed a failure before his completion, and was left unfinished in Komyoji's lab, until he was completed by the priest who was taking care of Ichiro.

Kikaider 01

Jiro's "older brother", and the second Kikaider built by Komyoji in case of dire emergencies.

King Ghidorah

Godzilla's arch rival who appeared in several of the series's films the first being Ghidorah, The three Headed Monster.

Kotaro Minami

Kotaro Minami is one of the few Kamen Riders who got to do 2 series first as Kamen Rider Black and then as the upgraded Black RX. He is the first Kamen Rider to have a American adaptation and also the first Kamen Rider to have multiple forms.

Kouga Saejima

The Makai knight who wears the armor of Garo


Shishimaru transforms into Lion-Maru anthropomorphic lion to cut down evil

Mecha King Ghidorah

A cyborg created from King Ghidorah's remains after he was killed by Godzilla.

Miki Saotome

The first of professor Kisaragi`s so called daughter and the one who killed him. She`s a ally to Honey

Moonlight Mask

Japan`s first television superhero moonlight Mask has not only been the main inspiration for many later Tokusatsu series but also for Tuxedo Mask`s (Sailor Moon) Moonlight Knight


One of the Godzilla Series's most popular monsters first appearing in 1961 film Mothra.

Red Sentai warriors

The Japanese equivalent of the Red Power Rangers most of these warriors have been leaders of various Sentai teams since 1975


The 4th Kamen Rider and ally to Kamen Rider V3


Kotoro Minami`s stepbrother and Black`s greatest enemy, he is counted as the greatest villian in the whole franchise, and he is the only one to have a S.I.G statue and a RiderKick.


Created in 1970 by the great mangaka Shotaro Ishinomori, Skullman is the first anti-hero in the manga genre, he is also renowned by many Tokusatsu fans for being the prototype for all Kamen Riders.


The only Showa Rider to fly


The first of a long line of the Ultra race who came to earth to protect it

Yellow Sentai Warrior

The first yellow ranger Kiranger was the first ever ranger to be killed and replaced nowadays most yellow rangers are female but yellow can be both female and male

Yuki Kenmochi

The second of Professor Kiseragi`s so called daughters she was put in a foster home after the professor ends up missing she still believes she`s the only true daughter of Kiseragi and that Honey is just spare parts for her to use

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