Toki vs Jesus

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Let me preface this by saying I am talking about Jesus from the bible not  the friendly Jesus pronounced (HAY SOOS)... so yeah.
If you were to take on Naruto 1 on 1 who would you rather have on your side?? And to make this topic more logical I will let you know the powers Jesus is allowed to use since ya know some fundamentalists would say Jesus is instant win so for the sake of fairness I will limit his unlimited power. 


1. Healiing
2. Resurrecting after a few days of rest
3. Turning Water into Wine
4. able to carry a cross
Fun facts, He is not know for his prowess in martial arts, He is the son of God



1. Even though he is irradiated he is still almost as Strong as Rhao and Kenshiro
2. He has healing powers
3. He can make people twist up and feel euphoria by attacking their pressure points
4. Overall nice guy 
5. Great Fighting skill
Fun facts, He is not very good at closing fallout shelters inside the shelter..  He is the older Brother of Kenshiro (adopted) and the younger blood brother of Rhao
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My bet is on Jesus, because he came back !
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Agreed. Since this thread is not in the "Battle" forums, involves a religious figure (Jesus) and the context of the battle is ridiculous at best, this thread is now locked.

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