Together with Oneesan and a Bad Scientist

Together with Oneesan and a Bad Scientist is an anime episode of Sket Dance that was released on 10/06/2011

Together with Oneesan and a Bad Scientist - "Oneesan to baddo saientisuto to issho" (おねえさんとバッド・サイエンティストといっしょ)

This is a two part episode where Sket Dan meet a new character, Misora, a clumsy, former TV idol. As she struggles as a teacher, Sket Dan and Chuuma help her learn that she cannot take away her goofy personality. The second part is about Switch and his inventions.

Plot Summary

Opening Theme

"Graffiti" by Gackt

Misora: Good Morning!
Misora: Good Morning!

Chuuma announces that the homeroom teacher is leaving to give birth (maternity leave). The new teacher announces good morning which the class does not even answer. The woman introduces herself as Misora Remi, and Bossun recalls her as a former actress on a children’s TV show, Together with Mommy. Misora states that this is her dream to become a real teacher. The scene shifts to a colorful, childish opening before the new opening theme song begins. Misora want everyone to call her big sister (Onee-san), and only Switch seems to like it. Misora takes attendance and reads Chuuma’s chemistry book much to the class's confusion. Later, Misora finds Mitsuru and tells him to wear his school uniform. Once she winks, Mitsuru gets smitten by her and runs after her as Misora leads him. Then Misora’s clumsiness appears as she bumps into Uchida who drops the vase of flowers and drops trash bags on Moe.

In the cafeteria, Misora finds out that she has mixed up her lunch with her little brothers and winds up with a bowl of rice. Frustrated with klutziness, Bossun has his team give her some lunch. She thanks them, and when Bossun calls her clumsy, she cries out loud that she is a complete failure. As Bossun states that it is her personality, Switch proposes to use Chuuma’s drugs. In Chuuma’s room, the Sket Dan group convinces Chuuma to allow Misora to try some of the drugs to find an opposite personaliy of careless. Chuuma hands her a bottle called cool and composed. Later, Misora acts cold and threatens a tardy student by calling his mother. Then, Bossun directs her to the right class. Back to Chuuma’s place, Bossun complains that Chuuma who gives her a bottle that has a label about calming down.

Misora's promiscuous
Misora's promiscuous

In class, Misora talks about the dragonflies and thinks the pens are tea. At Chuuma's place, Chuuma hands them a bottle that says "precision" after Bossun does his complaining. Yet, Bossun and Hime think she will act like a robot. Switch proposes to fix her flaw, but Chuuma has her drink and try each bottle but to no success. Chuuma states that losing your strong point is like losing your identity. He tells her to work on keeping her clumsiness while Bossun thinks Chuuma was testing her. Chuuma hands her a bottle of water and tells her that autosuggestion or the placebo effect can help her improve. The following day, Misora drinks the water outside of class. Misora acts very suggestive when she tells her class that she will teach them "gymnastics." Chuuma realizes that he gave her the "Tumultuous Cherry Blossom bottle instead."

Second Half

Female robot head that blows hot ramen
Female robot head that blows hot ramen

Misora appears in front of the Sket Dan room in order to cheer them up, yet she has thoughts about her students talking about Sket Dance. She goes in and causes a huge mess. Hime cleans, but when she sees Switch dripping, she corrects Switch who thanks and calls her mom. As Bossun struggles to lift the box that has Switch's stuff, Switch states that he has failed inventions in it. Misora opens the cast and freaks out when she sees a doll's face. Switch gives a demonstration for everyone, and the female robot head blows ramen for everyone. Originally, Switch has created this invention for Otakura, but Otakura did not want it. While Bossun and Hime are disgusted with it, Misora looks at it as a nice gift.

Then Switch pulls out a Madrill (mandoriru) type of backpack (randoseru) which Switch calls Mandoseru. Hime and Bossun freak out at it while Switch demonstrates that he can open the top of the backpack and touches it. He shoves his fist inside the mouth of the backpack. Misora asks about Switch's other inventions, and Switch gives them a show about the hover shoes in a high pitched voice. Outside, Bossun tests out the shoes; however, Switch states that the wearer cannot move. Next invention, Switch pulls out the Cheering up Bazooka.

With this contraption, Switch explains that this device is used for communication in a situation when your friend is 50 meters away or more. Even though Bossun and the others are eager to fire it, Switch explains that the recoil can dislocate someone's shoulder. Next invention, Switch introduces the "Scope-ion" twice, and he puts in on Bossun. So far, the scope-ion can track objects and zoom in with precision, but when a target goes to fast, the scope-ion quickly turns Bossun's neck which ends in neck pain.

Bossun's cool
Bossun's cool

Suddenly, Moe appears and asks Sket Dan to look for a missing kindergartener, Daichi. Switch proposes to use the scope-ion, and Bossun finds him. Yet, Daichi is about to fall down as he reaches for the dragonfly. Bossun uses his concentration mode and has his friends strap him with Switch's inventions. By using the bazooka, he boosts and catches Daichi as he surfs the walls. He throws Daichi to Misora, and Bossun crashes into the wall. The ramen doll blows on him and asks the annoyed Bossun if it's all right. Switch narrates about the next episode, their Sket Dance request, and the grand line (One Piece).

Closing Theme

"Milk to Chocolate (ミルクとチョコレート)" by ChocoLe

Points of Interest

Best Quote

Chuuma: If you lost your strong point to make up for your weak one, you'd throw away who you are. Think of what that means."

Anime and Manga Differences

This episode covers chapter 63 and 65 of volume 8.

Chapter 63

Skirt problem
Skirt problem
  • In the manga, Misora tells Mitsuru to put on a uniform, and Hime sees that Misora has tucked in her skirt that reveals her undergarments. This fan service does not reveal in the anime version.
  • Anime Exclusive Scenes: Misora's clumsiness with Uchida and Moe.

Chapter 65

  • Unlike the anime, Misora or Moe does not appear in the chapter.
  • In contrast, the child is in danger when the building is on fire. Compared to the anime, the child falls down after trying to get the dragonfly.
  • Manga Exclusive Scenes: Switch's one shot story appears to explains about his inventions.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Keiichiro Kawaguchi Director for Hayate the Combat Butler and Moetan.


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