Togainu no Chi Characters

Togainu no Chi is an anime series in the Togainu no Chi franchise
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Akira is the cool and calm protagonist of the game and anime Togainu no Chi.


Arbitro is the twisted head of the Vischio organization that partakes in illegal activities. He is the director or Toshima, and Igura.


Emma is a mysterious, one-armed woman who promises Akira freedom, if he will play in Igura and defeat Il Re.


The loudmouthed and reckless Executioner, who is often an antagonizing force in Togainu No Chi


Keisuke is Akira's childhood friend, and who also participates in Igura in the anime Togainu No Chi.


Is Gunji's partner in executing Arbitro's will and enforcing the rules of Igura, in Togainu No Chi.


An unshaven middle aged information broker in Toshima. He knows an awful lot about Igura.


'n' aka 'Nano' is an enigmatic figure throughout both the game and anime. Nano does not participate in Igura, and does not wield any weapons.


The androgynous and cheerful, yet deadly young boy who assist Akira through out Togainu No Chi.


Shiki is a cruel and merciless character in Togainu No Chi. He is also the strongest player in Igura.

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