Toboe Who Doesn't Howl

Toboe Who Doesn't Howl is an anime episode of Wolf's Rain that was released on 01/13/2003
Toboe, a tan wolf, meets up with a young girl named Leara who feeds him sausages. Toboe is so taken by her that he wanders off and assumes his human form then introduces himself to her. After he leaves her he meets Tsume and both are found by Quent and his dog Blue. Tsume helps Toboe escape from Quent and then proceeds to chase him off when Toboe trys to join him. Later Toboe sees Leara's falcon and in trying to catch it, he accidently kills it. When the reality of his actions hit him he gets so upset he sits and howls and reveals his true form. Tsume runs by and drags the upset wolf off, leaving Leara standing in shock.

Meanwhile, Kiba and Hige get arrested so they can re-enter the jail to search for Cheza. Cher explains to hubb that she thinks the dogs they are dealing with are all actually wolves. Later that night. Kiba and Hige get the feeling that something si going to happen and break free of their cells and move off towards the lab. The power goes out and Cher goes to check on Cheza where she meets Darcia who removes his mask to reveal he has a wolf eye, Cher passes out. When Hige and Kiba arrive, they see Darcia carrying Cheza out.

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