Madhouse to Animate A Certain Aerial Pilot's Memories

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No, really, it's called "A Certain Aerial Pilot's Memories," or rather To Aru Hikuushi e no Tsuioku, a light novel series by Kokoro Inumura and illustrated and illustrated by Maiko Ogawa. And it's being made into an anime movie, according to Moon Phase, who apparently linked to themselves, so I confirmed it at the website for Shogakukan's Gagaga, one of their shounen light novel lines.

What is it about? I'll be honest, my translation skills did not furnish perfect information on the story, but as I understand it, it's set in a world with two continents at war with one another. During a secret mission, Juana meets the ace pilot Charles and...something happens. Just kidding. They get tangled up in the war, and with each other, romantically of course.

Sorry I couldn't be a bit more descriptive-- but it sounds like a neat story and I gather it's a rather well-respected title. seemed very impressed in their review.

Oh, and I did mention it's Madhouse, right? They seem to really dig these pseudo-WWII-era type stories-- it makes me think of Allison to Lillia, which was also animated by Madhouse.    
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Anything animated by Madhouse is certainty worth checking out.
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What's that, Ace pilot Amelia meets fellow Ace Lindbergh and stuff happens? you don't say.
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When I read pilot and saw a girls picture I thought this would be  an anime about Amelia Earhart
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