One Piece #65 - To Zero

is a manga book published by Viz Media that was released on 02/03/2012

Plot Summary

One Piece - Vol. 65

To Zero - ゼロに (Zero ni)

The Straw Hat crew are the only ones standing in the way of the New Fish-Man pirates taking complete control over Fish-Man Island. And when Hody puts his diabolical plan into action, only Luffy can stop him. Luffy may have become much more powerful thanks to his training, but how can he hope to defeat a Fish-Man at the bottom of the ocean?!


Chapter 637. The Ancient Ark.....Pg.

古の方舟 (Inishie no Hakobune)

Chapter 638. Runawayhoshi.....Pg.

にげほし (Nigehoshi)

Chapter 639. I'll Protect Everything.....Pg.

全部守る (Zenbu Mamoru)

Chapter 640. Right Above Fish-Man Island.....Pg.

魚人島直上 (Gyojintō Chokujō)

Chapter 641. What Are You?.....Pg.

お前は何だ (Omae wa Nanda)

Chapter 642. Complete Loss of Face.....Pg.

面目など丸潰れ (Menboku nado Marutsubure)

Chapter 643. Phantom.....Pg.

ファントム (Fantomu)

Chapter 644. To Zero.....Pg.

ゼロに (Zero ni)

Chapter 645. Death is Also Revenge.....Pg.

死もまた復讐 (Shi mo Mata Fukushū)

Chapter 646. Frog.....Pg.

カエル (Kaeru)

Moves This Volume

CharacterTechnique Name
Monkey D. LuffyHead Armament: Gum-Gum Bell
Arm Armament
Leg Armament: Gum-Gum Axe
Observation Haki
Arm Armament: Gum-Gum Pistol
Gum-Gum Rocket
Gum-Gum Snake Shot
Gear Second
Gum-Gum Jet Pistol
Gear Second Armed - Red Hook
Gear Third
Armament Hardening: Gum-Gum Elephant Gun
Gum-Gum Elephant Gatling
Hordy JonesArcher Shark
Cutting Shark
Fish-Man Karate - Umidaiko
Fish-Man Jiu-Jutsu - Water Heart Murasame
Vander Decken IX(unnamed technique)
SanjiMoon Step
Armee de L'Air Rubber Shoot
Hell Memories
JimbeiNanasen-Mai Gawara - Round House King
Fish-Man Karate Hidden Technique: Buraikan
HyozoChidoriashi Hash
NamiBlack Hole
Chemistry - Lion Rod
Cloudy Tempo
ZeoCamouflage Carpet
Super Sole Head Butt
Body de Sword Crush
Hidden God Flail - 66 Neck
Ikaros MuchRoast Squid Spear
Ikaros Wings
Squid Ink Clone
Usubon no Yari
DarumaCookie Cutter - Daruma Fall
Fireball Cutter
Tony Tony ChopperHorn Point
Horn Cannon Elf
Heavy Point
Heavy Gong
Monster Point
Carving Hoof - Parme
UsoppSpecial Attack - Green Star: Skull Exploding Grass
Green Star: Human Drake
Green Star: Trampolia
Special Attack - Green Star: Impact Wolf
FukaboshiUltra Marine
General FrankyFranky Fireball (Franky)
Papara Hammer
Nico Robin(unnamed technique)
Body Fleur
Double Clutch
HammondThrall Net
BrookSoul Projection
Soul Sword
Glancing Song - Blizzard Cut
FrankyFranky Radical Beam
Roronoa ZoroRengoku Onigiri

Points of Interest

  • Many of the characters from Alabasta are shown in the splash pages on this volume's chapters.


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