To the Holy Land

To the Holy Land is an anime episode of Tenchi Muyo! War on Geminar that was released on 04/17/2009
Tenchi Muyo! War on Geminar
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Lashara brings Kenshi to the Holy Land as her attendant. He is constantly puzzled by the ways of this world. He asks people what they think of the customs regarding "marriage" only to hear some surprising responses!

Plot Summary

To the Holy Land
RomajiSeichi e
Theme Music
OpeningKono Sekai wa Bokura wo Matteita
EndingSora to Kimi no Message

After Aura’s battle against disguised Dagmyer in their Seikishi, she leaves the Swan ship returning home just as the Swan is in the vicinity of the Holy Land.

Kenshi is cleaned and dressed up to the standards of the Holy Land by Lashara’s attendants. Upon arriving in the Holy Land Lashara notices a Havonia ship. The holy land is filled with many students and waiting Lashara’s arrival are Dagmyer and his colleague Emera who express their concern for Lashara’s life after hearing of the attempt on her life. While they exchange pleasantries Kenshi disappears from their sight. Chiaia finds him staring happily at fish in the local water feature; their minor kafuffle sparks attention from some female students. Chiaia then introduces Kenshi to Dagmyer and Emera as Lashara’s attendant. They both take their leave. Kenshi comments on an exchange of looks between Chiaia and Dagmyer about her liking him. Chiaia informs him that they are only childhood friends. Continuing on showing Kenshi around, Lashara brings him to an arena where Seikishi’s duel, the Seibukai. It is a place where people from all over the continent battle it out. There are pillars that are there for difficulty, which Kenshi shakes off as if it was easy just by looking at it.

Lashara and co are summoned to the office of the Principle and inside is Maria Nanadan, the princess of Havonia who is the cousin of Lashara and with Maria is her attendant, Yukine. Maria also expresses, although not sincere, concern for people around Lashara that could be hurt. They make it clear that do not get along by trying to embarrass one another in front of Kenshi. Kenshi remarks how childish they are being and then bring him into judge which one of their undergarments looks best, now in a rock and a hard place, Maria’s attendant gives him a life line by revealing her undergarment which he chooses.

After the result of choosing Yukine, Kenshi is teased by both Lashara and Chiaia about him being marriage material. That being a male Seikishi he will be managed into a relationship so that the highest calibre can be bred. Seeing Kenshi down, Chiaia gives him a pick up and informs him he is too young at the moment for that. Wan (Wahanly) interrupts them to ask Chiaia to be a witness for a duel she had to been challenged to.

Since Wan is Queen Lashara mechanic, she is challenged to a duel hoping if she is beat; the victor will be in Lashara’s favour. This dueller is classed as a ‘ronin’, an unassigned Seikishi. The Church assign the Seikishi to different countries however there are a limit to how many each can have, by winning this duel they could possible get a job. Ulyte and Mexiah show up to watch the duel to see the newbies. The Seikishi they duel with are only basic models with no other features other than a sword. When a part of the Seikishi is damaged by the other opponent it will signify in the colour red. When it shows in red that part of the body is no longer usable. For a moment it looks as though Wan is about to be beaten and it is only Kenshi sees that it was to lure the opponent into a false sense of victory. With one quick move Wan wins by pushing her out of the battlefield.

When the duel is over Lashara and Chiaia show Keshi where he will be staying. Since Lashara is royalty she is given special housing in the form of a small castle. Chiaia shows Kenshi his room which has a window facing a forest and general wildlife of the planet. Although Kenshi is told not to move from the room, when Chiaia leaves he quickly jumps from the window and beings to explore. Entering the forest he finds a variety of edible food. While exploring and collecting he is attacked by two Dark Elves who think Kenshi is a threat for entering the forest which is protected by them however Kenshi easily dodges all the attacks and informs them he is against violence. Taking no notice they continue only to be told to stop by the princess of their race, Aura Shurifon. Aura sees that Kenshi is collecting food and assumes that Lashara is starving Kenshi. He denies it and clarifies that it is a hobby of his. Aura inspects what he collected and sees that he knows what he is doing due to the food he gathered was not harmful nor did he damage the areas he got them from. While inspecting she notices an item which is extremely rare and valuable. Kenshi decides to give it to them which the two Dark Elves take and wake off happily. It is so valuable that they even traded it for a male Seikishi. Kenshi shares his concern about the concept of being forced to marry a possible strange when he is old enough to Aura. Aura gives Kenshi a bit of insight to the world she lives in about making people safe and this security needed being in the form of Seikijin. A Seikijin alone is much greater than an army, but they are also economically preduent weapons to have since it cost much less than large armies. Having a Seikishi has a great benefit.

Chiaia returns to Kenshi’s empty room after she prepared her dress for a ceremony the next day to acknowledge them as Seikishin.

Kenshi after this new insight travels back to his room and on the way there he meets Ulyte who appears to be sick. He creates an herbal which he says Washu had taught him. Only it appears to have made it worse. Ulyte is returned to his bed by Kenshi where Dagmyer is. Dagmyer decrees Kenshi leave.

Once again Kenshi travels to his room and this time he encounters Yukine gardening. Yukine senses Kenshi is down, he reveals what happened with Ultye, and she comforts him that Ulyte knows you only had good intentions and will understand. Still unsure about marrying and have children to a stranger asks Yukine her opinion on it. Yukine believes if it will stop the fighting, then she does not mind it. During their conversation Chiaia charges in and drags him away.

Chiaia brings Kenshi to where Wahanly is to help packing away items for her. Kenshi sees his broken Seikishin. With such damage other people will be fixing it. Kenshi notices another one next to it. This one is a robot. Wahanly calls it a Kikoujin (mechanical person) and that it runs on steam instead of Ahou energy source. Kenshi gives his approval of this robot over the Seikshin because Ahou always gives him an unpleasant feeling and that anyone can pilot them. This being because there would be no need for Seikishi no more meaning he would not have to worry about being forced to marry a possible strange. Mexiah appears but is taken away by the female students as quickly as she came.

Kenshi checks to see if Ultye is feeling better. Although it appeared not to have work before it now has worked.

Lashara bathes in a large private bath. While doing that Kenshi, Chiaia and Wahanly travel to the opposite side to fix a component for the bath. Kenshi notices something in a cave. Chiaia and Wahanly finish and notice Kenshi gone again. Chiaia finds him looking at shiny crystals. By moving him out the way she unintentionally knocks him into the water below and he is dragged though pipes that eventually lead to Lashara’s bath. Kenshi pops out of a water fountain but I stuck. Lashara calls for help and as she begins to help him a blast of water breaks through the fountain pulling off the only item of clothing she had, a towel. When Lashara has clothes on Kenshi apologies.

The ceremony that Chiaia and Wahanly have been waiting for begins and they become Seikishi.

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Hajime Watanabe Character Artist/Designer
Masaki Kajishima Original Concept A freelance animator whose name is most often found on the production credits of works by the AIC studio.
Koji Yoshikawa Director
Akifumi Tada Music


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