More details revealed on ToLove-Ru Tv series

Topic started by YuiAsakawa on July 14, 2010. Last post by cfatalis 4 years, 7 months ago.
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I am going to come clean with you and admit that I have never seen a single episode of any ToLove-Ru show, although I do kind of have a girl-crush on  Haruna Sairenji thanks to a figure ofher that I fell in love with at a con, passed up buying and then proceeded to regret for the rest of my days. Lesson learned: don't pass up things you really want to buy at cons...
Anyway, I'm getting off track! Anime Nation reports that Weekly Shonen Jump gave away some details about the upcoming ToLove-Ru, which has apparently been confirmed as a TV show and will be called 
“Motto To Love-Ru -Trouble-” (“More Trouble”).  XEBEC will also be animating again, just like they did for the series and movie before it. Maybe I'll watch it this time and see if my Sairenji crush has any basis in reality!
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Shouldn't this series be done by now?
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 @YuiAsakawa: Saki, Oshizu and Magical Girl Kyouko for me :) i never really liked the anime i still prefer the manga for some reason its more funny XD
@metalsnakezero: Its plot revolves around ecchi comedy of course it will never end!! Heck Hasemi and Yabuki even said so on the last few pages of the manga a manga which they left open wide :P
Besides the anime itself isn't that closed either, it just needs more :)
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Hooray! To Love-Ru didn't make a lot of sense with the story besides assassins trying to kill Rito so he will not become the new king.

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Damn... it's STILL going? Well, if they manage to give us a conclusion then I'll consider watching it, but I'm just tired of the same over and over and over and over again.
Yes, even Ecchi comedy gets dull after a hundred and fifty chapters.
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how did yabuki feels about did this
everyone knew why he ends the series right?
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