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Akari and her boyfriend, Hiroyuki, walk to high school together every day. In the evenings, Akari chats to her old friend Shiho on the phone, or the two girls hang out at restaurants and karaoke bars. Their classmates include a rich girl who belongs to the school's Black Magic Club and a robot maid sent to school to collect data on Japanese student behavior. So it's just another typical Japanese high school, and Hiroyuki is just another typical Japanese high school boy who, despite being a nice quiet guy with no outstanding talents, finds himself surrounded by pretty girls who would do anything for him. But the trouble is, they don't seem to have much idea of anything to do. Episode one revolves around selecting seating assignments for the class, which involves much making and ripping up of lists. Episode two shows extended footage of Akari getting ready for a date with Hiroyuki, but those anticipating fan service should note she spends most of the time brushing her teeth and their date consists of drinking coffee and talking. Created by a group of artists calling itself AQUAPLUS, this is another anime based on a 1997 "love simulation game" (see also Seraphim Call) for the PlayStation and designed to sell merchandise depicting the cute characters. The anime shifts the original's focus from Hiroyuki to Akari, presumably to lure in a female audience who wouldn't take kindly to being regarded as the "prize" in a game. It's not overtly sexual; rather it creates the fantasy life most lonely Japanese teenagers would apparently like to have, which, on the evidence of this show, is a quiet one.

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Name To Heart
Name: トゥハート
Romaji: Tuu Haato
Publisher ?
Start Year 2000
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