To Bloom One Day

To Bloom One Day is an anime episode of Hanasaku Iroha that was released on 09/25/2011

To Bloom One Day

The Yunosagi bonbori festival takes place and everyone is submitting their wishing plaques in the hopes that they will come true one day. The Kissuiso staff reflect on the time they have spent at the Kissuiso and the memories they have acquired together. Enishi ultimately agrees with Sui to close down the Inn, at least temporarily, while Enishi works hard and hopes to one day reopen the Kissuiso. Everyone starts to look toward the future.

Plot Summary

The Yunosagi bonbori festival is underway! Ohana leaves the rest of the Kissuiso staff to pick up Ko-chan. On the way she hears a young kid telling his father, "I want to become a bullet train!" At which point Ohana wonders what she wants to become. Enishi and Takako have a moment together as Enishi shows her what he wrote on his wishing plaque.

Satsuki stumbles upon Ohana's wish
Satsuki stumbles upon Ohana's wish

Satsuki is walking with Sui and Satsuki is checking out what people have written on their wishing plaques (the plaques are tied to the bonbori lanterns and are picked up as the spirit and her servants pass by). They talk about Ohana, then Satsuki comes across Ohana's wishing plaque which says, "I want to be like Sui Shijima. -Ohana" Ohana who is still thinking about what she wants to become, says she wants to be like Sui who takes pride in her job and works her hardest. Ohana says everyone has helped her realize this and lighted her way (also referring to the bonbori lanterns). Minko writes on her wishing plaque, "I wish to catch up to Tooru-san". When Tooru hangs his wishing plaque, he sees Minko's plaque. Tooru wrote on his, "I'd like to pave for higher grounds as a chef."

The wishes are sent into the sky
The wishes are sent into the sky

Ohana reunites with Ko. Ohana is embarrassed but says to eat yakisoba together. Ohana finally comes out and says she loves Ko. The red noodles in their yakisoba are arranged to make a heart shape. Ohana reflects on how the festival is supposed to release one's wishes into the sky. This refers to how the plaques are gathered and burned and everyone watches while each holding their bonbori lantern. Sui now realizes that all this time she hasn't been running alone, but has a granddaughter that wants to follow her.

After the festival the Kissuiso staff and Ko, have a meeting. Denroku is formally resigning from the Kissuiso because of his old age. He says he will never forget the memories he has had with the Kissuiso. Enishi says he isn't ready for everyone to follow him yet, so he will agree with Sui to close the Inn, but only temporarily. Enishi says he will study and work hard and hopefully one day reopen the Inn.

The now empty kitchen
The now empty kitchen

That night as Satsuki and Sui are getting ready for bed. Sui says she plans on working as a waitress at a friend's place. She realized that she was never very good at ordering people to do things, but would rather do things herself. In another room Ohana is talking with Ko. Ko says he realized that places aren't there to begin with, you have to discover them and build them yourself. Ko says he'll find somewhere he belongs. Ohana then returns to sleep in her room with Minko and Nako, saying that's where she belongs.

The staff take one last look at the Kissuiso
The staff take one last look at the Kissuiso

Early the next morning Ohana, Nako and Minko head to the convenience store. They take a moment to look at the Kissuiso in the distance. Minko wonders how her dream has changed since she came to the Kissuiso. Before she just wanted to be a chef, now she wants to be Kissuiso's chef. Nako is sure that even though she doesn't have a dream yet, she wants to come back to the Kissuiso some day, where dreams are born. The sun begins to rise.

The Kissuiso is cleaned out and the staff take their leave. The Yunosagi Inn committee has agreed to preserve the Kissuiso as a historical location. After everyone has left, Sui takes one last walk around the Kissuiso as she remembers all that happened. Sui discovers Ohana cleaning the wooden boards like she did on her first day at the Kissuiso. It turns out Ohana had missed the train and decided to say goodbye to the Kissuiso one last time. Ohana reflects on her time at the Kissuiso. How every day was busy, because everyone was festing it up. It was almost like a dream. Sui sees Ohana off on train platform. Ohana swears she'll come back some day.

We get a glimpse into the lives of the Kissuiso staff after they have left the Kissuiso:

Takako and Enishi are shown working at the Fukuya Inn. Yuina is seen reading in a library. Denroku is shown trimming shrubs and is approached by his cute grandchildren. Jiroumaru is seen mailing something, presumably whatever he has finished writing. Mr. Ren is shown being oriented in a new kitchen. Mr. Ren is still emotional about leaving the Kissuiso. Tomoe works as a waitress at what seems to be a ramen restaurant and is almost picked up by one of the male customers.

Minko is shown trying to get a job, Tooru happens to see her and they both plead to the shop owner to hire them, the shop owner concedes. Nako is shown teaching swimming to children at a pool. Ohana is shown hurrying to get ready for school in the morning as Satsuki rolls out of bed just in time to wish Ohana the best for the day. Ohana says she's still a bud that wants to bloom, but that's why she looks toward the sun.

Characters & Voice Actors

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