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To Aru Majutsu no Index is a franchise comprised of 2 movies, 5 anime series, 4 manga series
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The strongest of the 7 level 5 espers in academy city. His power is called Accelerator, which allows him to change the vector values of anything that comes into contact with his A.I.M field

Acqua of the Back

Acqua of the Back is blessed with the nature of "God's Power" and known as "The one who changes the reasons of tears." His alignment is with Archangel Gabriel.

Agnese Sanctis

The former leader of the Anyeze Forces, a group of Battle Nuns.

Aiho Yomikawa

A teacher in Academy City, as well as a member of Anti-Skill.

Aisa Himegami

A young girl known as "Deep Blood". She has the ability to kill vampires as her blood attracts them and kills them when they get closer to her.


Aiwass is the former mentor of Aleister Crowley, and he's the author of The Book of the Law. His codename is Dragon.

Aleister Crowley

The founder, leader, and General Superintendent of Academy City who holds power greater than that of the Board of Directors.


A nun of the Anieze Forces and Luccia's partner.

Aureolus Izzard

A alchemist who has a power called "Ars Magna" which gives him the ability to turn his thoughts into reality.

Awaki Musujime

A Level 4 Esper with the ability called "Move Point" who is a member of GROUP.


Carissa is the second princess of the UK Royal Family as well as being the 2nd eldest of Queen Elizard's daughters.

Fiamma of the Right

Fiamma of the Right is blessed with the nature of "The Regard of God" (The One Alike to God, Michael), and he is the leader of of God's Right Seat.

Frenda Seivelun

Frenda is an operative of the Academy City-based underground team called ITEM, she is one of the main combatants of the team, having incredible prowess in close-quarters combat, as well as expertise in traps and concealed weaponry.

Hyouka Kazakiri

Thought to be a student from Kirigaoka Academy with the ability "Counter Stop", but in actuality is an algorithm of AIM with a conscious.

Index Librorum Prohibitorum

A young nun from Necessarius who has her mind implanted with the 103,000 magical texts of the Index-Librorum-Prohibitorum as she possesses Photographic memory at the cost of her own memories, or so the Church says.


A fire elemental that is summoned by Stiyl Magnus.


Itsuwa is a 16 year old girl with purple hair that belongs to the Amakusa Catholic Church.

Kamijo Touma

Kamijo is the main protagonist of the series To Aru Majutsu no Index. He is able to ward off or negate magic attacks with the "Imagine Breaker".

Kamijou Shiina

Toumas mother.

Kamijou Touya

Toumas father who is a businessman that travels a lot and collects various good luck charms due to Touma's unnatural streak of bad luck.

Kaori Kanzaki

A eighteen year old sorceress from Necessarius. Unlike her partner Stiyl, she uses magic to magically strengthen her body. Her sorcery name is Salvare000.

Kazari Uiharu

A student at Sakugawa Middle School and member of Judgement.

Kinuhata Saiai

Kinuhata Saiai is a Level 4 esper and is an operative of ITEM, an organization in the Dark Side of Academy City led by Mugino Shizuri.

Kiyama Harumi

Kiyama Harumi

Komoe Tsukuyomi

A short adult (midget, perhaps?) who teaches Touma's class.

Kuroko Shirai

A level 4 psychic, and a member of Judgment. Her ability is the eser is to teleport, but she can only teleport people or objects that weigh around 130-137 kilograms. She also has a crush on Misaka who she calls "Onee-sama".

Last Order (Misaka Misaka)

Last order is the 20,001st clone of Mikoto Misaka, for the project to create the first Level 6 esper. She is later used by Amai Ao to send a virus into the Misaka clone network.

Laura Stuart

The Archbishop of Necessarius.

Lidvia Lorenzetti

A Roman Catholic nun who has the ability to convert people to Christianity regardless of who they are. She is behind the plan to set up the "Croce di Pietro" in Academy City that would forcibly convert it's residents to become members of the Roman Catholic Church.


A member of the Agnese Forces who is partnered with Angelene.


One of the many Mass-produced clones of Mikoto Misaka. 20,000 identical clones were created, although roughly half of them were destroyed.

Maika Tsuchimikado

Motoharu's younger step sister who goes to a Maid School to learn to become a Maid. She is usually seen riding on top of a cleaning bot.

Miho Jufuku

A Level 2 esper in Academy City. Her ability, "Dummy Check", allows her to be unseen by the human eye.

Mii Konori

A member of Judgment and senpai to both Kuroko and Uiharu.

Mikoto Misaka

Mikoto Misaka is an electromaster esper of Academy City. Her powers are ranked Level 5, and she is considered the third strongest in the city.

Misaka Misuzu

Misaka Mikoto's mother.

Misaki Shokuhou

Powerful Esper with mind control powers in the Railgun franchise. Attends the same school as Mikoto Misaka.

Misha Croitsef

Misha Croitsef is a magician from the Russian Orthodox Church, Annihilatus.

Mitsuko Kongou

A student at Tokiwadai Middle School. Her ability is "Aero Hand".

Motoharu Tsuchimikado

Kamijo Touma`s friend and a spy for Necessarius.

Mugino Shizuri

Mugino Shizuri is the 4th-ranked Level 5. She is known as the "Meltdownder"

Nunotaba Shinobu

Nunotaba Shinobu is a child prodigy and was the one who supervised the operation of Testament machines for use in the Sisters Project.

Oriana Thomson

A English sorceress who works as a mercenary.

Orsola Aquinas

A Necessarius nun and skilled decoder who was hunted by the Anieze Forces.


Othinus is a magic god who is the former leader of GREMLIN.

Ouma Yamisaka

A skilled magician who uses a crossbow to manipulate the wind. He seeks one of the books that Index carries to save a woman he loves.

Ruiko Saten

A student attending Sakugawa Middle School. She does not have an esper ability. Best friends with Kazari Uiharu.

Saiji Tatemiya

Currently the substitute-Supreme Pontiff of the Amakusa Catholics.

Seiri Fukiyose

One of Touma's classmates.

Sherry Cromwell

A magician of Necessarius, sorcery name Intimus115, master of the golem Ellis. and determined to star a war between the magical community and the Academy City.

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