Titus Alexius

Titus Alexius is an anime episode of Magi: The Kingdom of Magic that was released on 01/05/2014
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Plot Summary

Titus Alexius
TranslationTitus Alexius
MangaCh. 149-152
Theme Music
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While Myers's class host a celebratory party for their successes in the Kodor Exam, Myers acknowledge that Aladdin and Sphintus will be promoted to second year. That night, Aladdin writes to Morgiana and Alibaba about his adventures and his last exam, the Iktiyar. During the ceremony, the council name Titus as top of the class. The others protest for Aladdin. As Titus walks up to the podium, Aladdin notices the Rukh fluttering near Titus.The next day, Aladdin and Sphintus stumble upon a commotion where Titus's followers remove some fans of Titus who are not worthy. Titus walks over to make Aladdin his friend. Instead of shaking Titus's hand, Aladdin gropes Titus since he thought Titus was a girl.

When Matal and his group arrives on scene, everyone but Aladdin bows down before Matal. Aladdin recalls Dunya's experiences with the ruler of Magnostadt. He is bewildered when Matal just pats his head. Irene informs everyone about the battle exam between Titus and Aladdin. The loser cannot learn anything new. In the battle exam, Titus and Aladdin clash with their magic. The two soar in the air using gravity magic. When the two reach a stalemate in countering each others' magical attacks, Aladdin resorts to using his new technique by using gravity magic to manipulate the sand into Ugo's form. Titus underestimates Aladdin's Ugo attack as Ugo crushes Titus's Borg. Titus destroys Aladdin's sand giant, and he combines Sharrar, Halharl, and Zorf into a dense ball of energy. Aladdin quickly steps out of the way while using his Borg to protect himself. Titus's Aberrant Magic attack violently blows a chunk of the arena.

Overwhelmed by Titus's Aberrant Magic, Aladdin feels his Magoi almost depleted. He uses sound magic around his staff to break a piece of Titus's Borg. Aladdin uses martial arts along with Hadika Hadeka to shatter Titus's Borg. As the two trusts their magical instruments, the two accidentally shreds the clothing that reveals a magic stone. Titus and Aladdin quickly cover their arms while thinking the other is a Magi. Matal stops the match and declares a draw. He notes that Titus is brilliant at making Composite Magic Spells and Aladdin is adept at martial arts to compensate for his lack in magic skills. When Aladdin asks Titus about his identity, Titus shake hands with Aladdin before attempting to blast Aladdin at point blank range. Matal uses his magic to send Titus's wand into the air. However, the blast knocks out Aladdin.

Later, Aladdin wakes up from a dream about Alma Toran and its destruction. Aladdin wonders if he's like anyone in this world. In solitary confinement, Titus talks to Scheherazade about what he has done. Scheherazade assures him that he will carry out his mission to protect Laem Empire.

Points of Interest

  • Morgiana, Alibaba, and Yamuraiha make appearances in Aladdin's imagination.
  • Sinbad, Dunya, and Isaac appear in flashbacks.
  • Titus is a master of using Aberrant Magic. According to Matal, he combined Type 1, Type 2, and Type 8 Composite Magic.
  • Hadika Hadeka is a combination of Type 5 and Type 6 Composite Magic. It's sound magic that Aladdin uses to make his staff a deadly weapon to shatter Titus's Borg.

Abilities, Moves & Items Used

Abilities include types of magic and combat. Moves include spells and techniques.

CharacterAbilities, Moves, & Items
  • Gravity Magic
  • Fire Magic
  • Borg
  • Flash
  • Ramuz
  • Halharl Infigare
  • Ugo
  • Hadika Hadeka


Titus AlexiusAbilities
  • Gravity Magic
  • Ice Magic
  • Borg
  • Aberrant Magic
  • Sharrar
  • Asphal
  • Halharl
  • Zorf
  • Destruction

Characters & Voice Actors

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