Titania Falls

Titania Falls is an anime episode of Fairy Tail that was released on 08/02/2010
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Natsu works on wrecking the tower, much to the possessed wizard's aggravation-who gets a taste of the Dragon Slayer's true power. As the aftershock of the Etherion blast threatens to take everyone out, Erza decides to take one for the team.
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Plot Summary

Recap: Jellal tells Erza that Siegrain was a projection, but the two of them were the same person.

As Natsu and Jellal fight each other, Natsu realizes that Jellal needs the tower of lacrima in order sacrifice Erza and revive Zeref. With his quick thinking, Natsu destroys parts of the tower and tricks Jellal into destroying his own tower. However, Jellal does not care anymore and wishes to destroy Natsu and Erza because he can wait another several years to build a tower and find a mage with the power of a Wizard Saint.

When Jellal unleashes his Altaris on Natsu and Erza, Erza tries to block the attack but as the smoke clears, it turns out that Simon took the hit to protect her. In his last words, Simon confesses that he had always loved Erza because of her deep kindness towards others. Shortly after, Simon dies with tears falling from his right eye (not from his eye patch). Erza cries out his name, but it's too late. Even though Simon has made a heroic sacrifice, Jellal laughs maniacally, saying that Simon was a fool. Jellal's mockery of Simon enraged Natsu enough to send Jellal flying from his powerful punch.

In an attempt to become stronger, Natsu consumes the lacrima infused with Etherion. His body obviously can't handle so much power, since he starts coughing it up, but he manages to absorb enough to form a fiery aura. He charges at Jellal, and the two fight until Jellal tries to use his most powerful attack. But the wound that Erza had inflicted on Jellal in their previous battle stops him from completing the spell. Using this opportune moment, Natsu revs up his final attack and smashes into Jellal causing him to crash down on the tower.

Then, Natsu lands down in front of Erza. In that moment, Natsu turns back and smiles at the Erza who is awed by his power before he collapses. Erza rushes to hold and hug Natsu in a loving embrace. Suddenly, the tower is starting to implode, and Erza makes a bold decision. She will merge with the Etherion to send the implosion into the sky. She thinks about how Rob and Simon protected her by sacrificing themselves, and she is determined to the same to protect the ones she loves. Of course, Natsu wakes up and starts to pound against the part of tower she merged into. The episode ends with a cliffhanger as Erza is seen wearing a dress as she falls into the depths of Etherion.

Points of Interest

  • Fukuro can be seen escaping the tower as he carries his comrades with him.
  • Juvia encases the boat in a water bubble as the rest of Team Natsu watch the tower crumble from afar.

Manga & Anime Differences

Jellal's costume in the manga
Jellal's costume in the manga
Jellal's outfit in the anime
Jellal's outfit in the anime

Jellal wears a more detailed outfit in the manga while in the anime, he appears to be merely wearing a tight sleeveless top with cargo pants.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Hiro Mashima Concept Artist The mangaka of the popular action/adventure/fantasy series Fairy Tail.
Shinji Ishihira Director A Storyboard artist that is the Director of the Fairy Tail anime.
Tyler Walker ADR Director (English) Tyler Walker is an ADR Director for FUNimation.
Masashi Sogo Series Composition
Aoi Yamamoto Character Artist/Designer Animator
Atsuhiro Tomioka Writer
Yasuharu Takanashi Music The composer of most anime installments. He also composed four Pretty Cure series: Fresh, Heartcatch, Suite, and Smile.


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