Tina is a anime/manga character in the Toriko franchise
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Tina is the news anchor for the Gourmet News TV show.


Tina is created by Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro as a supporting character. She's an anime exclusive character. The reasons and inspirations for her character are currently known.



Tina is a young, attractive woman who smiles a lot. Unlike Rin and other female Gourmet Hunters, Tina's face and body isn't plagued by scars because of her Gourmet News Reporter occupation. She usually wears her pink suit during her news show. For outdoors, she puts on casual, outside attire for the wilds.


Like Toriko, she shares sympathy and respect for all life. During times of danger, she would go to help Toriko and her gang.


  • Toriko -
  • Komatsu -
  • Coco - At first, Coco is cold with Tina because Coco dislikes being taped and politely tells her, too. Being a considerate person, Tina respects Coco's personal space.
  • Rin - Unbeknownst to Tina, Rin views Tina as a competitor for Toriko's love. Usually, Rin starts the argument. During the Regal Mammoth arc, Rin demonstrates her compassion for Tina when she creates an Endorphin smoke screen to allow Tina to escape while staying behind.

Story Arcs

Puffer Whale Arc

She tags along with Komatsu, Coco, and Toriko. When she attempts to video tape Coco, Coco tells her to not tape him. In the cave, she runs into Zonge and his group. When Zonge and his group get chase by beasts, she runs with Zonge out of the cave. Despite losing Toriko and her potential scoop, she uses the camera on Komatsu's helmet to keep track of what they see. After Toriko and his gang return from the cave, Tina and Toriko's group talk about the Black GT Robo that attacked the thieves outside of the cave. Later, Tina gets yelled at her superiors for damaging her equipment.

Regal Mammoth Arc

Despite her setbacks, she sneaks in IGO's tournament where she witness and video tape the Battle Wolf mother and her cub. She tags along with Toriko, Komatsu, Rin, and Sunny as she documents Sunny and the hunt for the Jewel Meat that is located in a Regal Mammoth. After being separated from Toriko's group by the Rock Drum, she hitches a ride on Terry who sprints pass White Forest and catches up to Toriko in the Devil's Playground. After Terry guides Toriko through the Devil's Playground, Tina informs Toriko about the Black GT Robo that is coming this way. Tina and Toriko's group arrive to the cliff side of Regal Highlands where they spot the Regal Mammoth falling down on Sunny and Komatsu. After Toriko digs a hole for the group, they run into Coco who helps fend off Gido's GT Robo. Tina and Toriko's group gets suck into the Regal Mammoth. Inside, Tina and Toriko's group venture inside to find the Jewel Meat while Sunny engages Cedre's GT Robo.

When Starjun's GT Robo attacks and knocks out Rin, Rin creates an endorphin smokescreen for Tina. Tina runs out to get Coco and Sunny. After Toriko is sent flying and crashes near Tina's location, Tina finds Toriko on the brink of death. Then, she spots the Jewel Meat and carries drop of meat juice to awaken Toriko. She watches Toriko take a bite of the Jewel Meat. After Toriko defeats Starjun's GT Robo, Tina and the others escape the Regal Mammoth with the Jewel Meat. At Mansam's headquarters, Tina films Komatsu serving Jewel Meat to the gang. However, the Jewel Meat is too bright, and Tina couldn't get a scoop on the food.

BB Corn Arc

At Gourmet News Station (2 weeks after the Jewel Meat hunt), Tina is thinking of what footage to submit to her boss. She wants to broadcast Terry, but she wants to keep Terry a secret for Toriko's sake. She could not submit the Jewel Meat footage since it was too bright. Then, she starts looking for footage that Terry wasn't in. She wonders how everyone is doing.

Century Soup Arc

Tina hitches a ride with Toriko's gang, Zonge, Match, and Takimaru on Mokkoi's ship to Ice Hell. While Toriko was in the first group with Match and Takimaru, Tina and Zonge form the second group. Zonge and Tina are chase by giant walrus and leopard beasts before they land on a cliff that holds a cave, an secret entrance to the Gourmet Show Window. Tina and Zonge bump into Komatsu in the Gourmet Show Window cavern area. Teppei arrives to stop Komatsu, Tina, and Zonge from spilling the secret that there is no soup. Though, Teppei blurts it out. During Toriko's fight above ground, a miniature GT Robo attacks Komatsu and steals the Century Soup box right in front Tina and the gang. With Toriko's gang's fights are over, Teppei squeezes the last drops from the Gourmet Show Window. He asks Tina and the gang who shall drink the last drops. Tina tells everyone that she doesn't deserve it. While Komatsu drinks the soup, Kruppoh tries to remind her to film the Century Soup. Unfortunately, Tina forgets. On board Setsuno's Limousine Jellyfish, Tina asks Komatsu if she can film Komatsu's preparations of the Century Soup. She promises Komatsu that she won't film the secret ingredients. Komatsu accepts Tina's request.

While the rest of Toriko's gang are in the Country of Life, Tina hitches with Komatsu, so she can take pictures of Komatsu's hotel and his preparations of the Century Soup.


Because Tina usually appears after credits and does the episode ending bonuses. The details for her segment, Dishing With Tina, will be on this concept page.

Powers & Abilities

Tina is an average human being with no substantial abilities or powers.

Voiced by
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Nana Mizuki
Morgan Garrett
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Name: Tina
Name: ティナ
Romanji: Tina
Gender: Female
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