Timothy Hearst

Timothy Hearst is a anime/manga character in the D.Gray-Man franchise
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A young exorcist found in an orphanage. He has the power to possess akuma and use them as weapons.


Timothy's father forcing him to swallow the stolen gem
Timothy's father forcing him to swallow the stolen gem

Timothy Hearst was brought up by his father who was a jewel thief. His mother was not present in his life and his father, being a criminal was chased. During a particular event, Timothy's father was cornered and to avoid getting caught, he forced the stolen gem in question down his own son's throat. But even with these measures, it was a trap from the beginning set by Inspector Galmar and Timothy's father was captured and incarcerated.

Emilia, the inspector's daughter tried to persuade her father to adopt the now lonely child, bit the inspector did not agree. Instead he dropped him off at Hurst Orphanage. But prior to delivering the boy to the orphanage, he did take him to a doctor to try and have something done about the swallowed jewel. An anomaly had occurred and the swallowed gem had made it's way to Timothy's forehead where it lodged. The doctor said it would not be possible to remove the gem from Timothy's head and guarantee the boy's life. Now orphaned and disfigured, Timothy was miserable and despised his father greatly.

2 years after arriving at the orphanage, Timothy learned he had developed a unique ability to possess other people. This was a premature stage in Timothy's innocence development but of course he did not know of such a thing. He did not use the ability for some time, but when the orphanage fell on hard times financially, Timothy decided to use the ability to steal for the sake of funding the orphanage.


Timothy Hearst is a supportive Protagonist created by Hoshino Katsura for the series D.Gray-Man.


Timothy stopped his dishonest lifestyle and his lonliness ended after he was taken into the Black Order.


Timothy Hearst
Timothy Hearst

Timothy is a young boy with pale skin and long bright blue hair. His Parasytic-class Innocence takes the form of a large gem on the center of his forehead. To hide this from his acquaintances, Timothy wore a bandanna. Since joining the Black Order his atire changed from an orange t-shirt and brown shorts, to a modified version of the Exorcist Uniform. His jacket is just like a typical Exorcist jacket, but he wears matching shorts rather than pants and roller skates rather than normal shoes.


Timothy behaves much like young child often do. Immature, quick to anger and easily made to cry. He does not like academics and prefers to have fun. Although Timothy is a deceptively caring young man, he is not above mischief. He used his latent powers to steal, (albeit this was for the good of those around him rather than just himself), as well as forcing his future Director Komui Lee to pay for the items he had stolen, and fondling the breasts of several women close to him.


Cloud Nyne - Timothy's mentor and direct leader. She decided to take him up despite the objections of fellow General Froi Tiedoll.

Emilia - Wanted Timothy to be her adopted brother, but her father refused. It did not stop their relationship from becoming quite deep. She acts more like a mother to Timothy than a sister.

Lenalee Lee - His new teammate.

Story Arcs

Phantom Thief Arc

The so-called Phantom thief first appears jumping through a window, presumably trying to escape capture, however he was immediately captured. But the man was in fact innocent. It was discovered that the Phantom thief was somehow manipulating innocent people into committing his thievery. The Exorcists predicted that the next target would be an expensive crown in Louvre Paris and they set a trap for him. Sure enough, the Phantom thief arrived but was immediately subdued by Yuu Kanda. The crown was handed over to the Paris Police, but then strange things began to happen. The Officer who took the crown turned into a thief himself. Catching onto this, Yuu Kanda and Allen Walker surround the officer, who then threw the crown away. He had in fact been possessed by the "Phantom Thief". Next was Howard Link, who was next to be taken over. Being a formidable fighter himself, Howard Link was a much better body to occupy.

Despite this, Allen used the Sword of Exorcism to stab Howard Link as it did not deal direct damage to humans. This caused "Link" to begin crying and the Phantom thief left Link's body. However, because Noise Marie, an Exorcist specialized in sound and vibrations was there, he was able to track the crying down to it's original source, which was of course, Timothy Hearst in the flesh.

Back at the Orphanage and unaware that he had been tracked, Timothy was giving Emilia a hard time who was trying to get him to study. He groped her chest then ran away, but Emilia caught him and kicked him through a door. Waiting on the other side of the door was Allen Walker who had already arrived. Wasting no time, Timothy possessed Allen before the rest of his team arrived, but when they got there, Allen's unusual behavior was a dead giveaway and Timothy was caught.

The Mother Superior at the Orphanage explained to the Exorcists the events of Timothy's past and it became clear that he was indeed an innocence user. But before the situation could be addressed, the Skulls arrive. The conjured a barrier around the orphanage and to the horror of those present, summoned a level 4 Akuma to the scene.

Timothy and Howard Link now fighting together.
Timothy and Howard Link now fighting together.

The stronger ones present, Allen, Kanda and Marie took on the level 4 Akuma, but the rest were not free of trouble either. 2 level 2 and 1 level 3 Akuma also arrived. Howard Link and Timothy were left to try and deal with them.

Third Exorcist Arc

Timothy is seen in Greece with his first team consisting of the leader, General Cloud Nine, Lenalee Lee and Koushi. They return to Headquarters and feast upon arrival, but shortly after he is assigned as part of the team to apprehend the now rouge Allen Walker. However, the whole team are prevented from doing so by Tewaku.

Powers & Abilities




Tsukikami is a parasitic-type of innocence in the form of a large blue gem in the center of Timothey's forehead. It allows Timothy the ability to possess other people and even Akuma.


Timothy projects his spirit from his own body, they approaches the Akuma and forces it's soul from it's body. Tsukikami will then consume the Akuma's soul and Timothy can remain inside the Akuma's body as long as he desires, using it's unique abilities as long as he continues to possess it. Upon leaving the Akuma body, Tsukikami renders the Akuma vessel to dust. Timothy currently can only possess up to level 2 Akuma however. The level 3 and 4 spirits are presumably too strong for him to remove.


Tsukikami's true form
Tsukikami's true form

Tsukikami is manifested from Timothy's innocence in a human form that only he is able to see and hear. It act's as a guide for him and when Timothy possesses the body of another, the Tsukikami will inhabit Timothy's body so that it is not defenseless.

General Information Edit
Name: Timothy Hearst
Name: ティモシー・ハースト
Romanji: Timoshii Haasuto
Gender: Male
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